Best 1/2 Corded Drill Machine in 2019 – Top 5 Selections!

Best 1/2 Corded Drill Machine in 2019 – Top 5 Selections!

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will have to have the right set of tools for your job. A perfect corded drill machine is not easy to find with so many of them around.

However, this article tries to compare few of the popular brands on the market and compile a list of best ½ corded drill machine for our readers.

5 Best 1/2 Corded Drill Machine - Comparison

5 Best 1/2 Corded Drill Machine - Reviews

1. Black & Decker DR560 7.0-Amp Drill

Black & Decker DR560 7.0-Amp 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver

Black & Decker DR560 7.0-Amp is one of the premiere companies when it comes to manufacturing corded drill machines. In addition to drilling holes in objects, you can insert fasteners using this device.

There is a cushioned handle for better gripping and an additional 360 degree handle to ensure comfort of the users.

The Keyed chuck makes it easy for people to retain their bits in case of long projects. It also facilitates quick bit changing.

There is a reversing brush equipped with this DR560 machine that provides full power even when you are driving this tool to the opposite direction. You can drill a ½ inch hole in steel thanks to this machine. In case of wood, you can go 1-1/2 inches deep.

Features at a Glance

  • Powerful Drilling Abilities
  • Corded power source
  • 1/2-inch Capacity in steel & Wood

2. DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill

DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

When it comes to powerful motors, DEWALT is the brand to turn to. DEWALT DWD210G machine has a powerful 10.0 amp motor that delivers the “Kick” necessary to drill deep holes.

The speed of this driller can vary from 0 to 1200 rpm so that you can apply this machine on various surfaces.

In addition to having an extra handle for enhanced gripping, you will also get a “Two Finger Trigger System” which is rear in corded drills.

This system allows you control over how fast you want to create a hole in surfaces you work with. You can store gears in the machine and carry the drill machine in a well-built case as well. It is suitable for your job-site drilling.

Features at a Glance

  • 50% Power Saver
  • Variable speed reversing switch
  • Metal gear housing for jobsite durability
  • Accurate Handling in Mind

3. DeWalt DW511 7.8 Amp VSR Hammerdrill

The next machine on our list of “Top ½ Corded Drill” is another model from DeWalt. This time it is DeWalt DW511 with VSR facility.

With this hammer-drill, you can do woodwork projects. There is another mode for masons and metal drillers.

The lightweight of the machine will cause you less fatigue and enable long working hours with this equipment.

The added bonus of this machine is that it is equipped with a rod alongside the 360-degree handle. This bar allows the user to be accurate while drilling.

It is sort of an aiming assistant. With this product from DeWalt, you will get standard warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • 10.0 Amp motor
  • All-metal single-sleeve ratcheting keyless chuck
  • Variable speed reversing switch

4. DEWALT DWD215G 10-AMP Mid-Handle Grip Drill

The DeWalt DWD215G drill machine is best when it comes to power delivery. It generates 50% more power than its competitors and on top of that, has overload protection.

The machine won’t electrify itself or burn out whenever electricity is on a high.

The chuck for this machine is keyless and there is a spindle lock system to keep your tiny bits in place. The lock prevents bits from spinning “Out of Control” while being used as a part of the drill.

The best thing is, you can run a 2-inch hole saw with this machine and drive a hole in steel comfortably. The side-lock handle of this drill press locks into different positions for your comfort. You can use it on wood, metal or even plastic thanks to the variable speed that it offers.

Features at a Glance

  • Keyless chuck
  • Automatic spindle Lock
  • Mid-handle grip
  • Greater control and versatility

5. Hitachi D13VF 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

Hitachi D13VF drill is a lesser known one but it does a fabulous job when it comes to delivering torque.

The torque is 416-inches per pound and the speed-torque combination works well in favor of the user.

It has double gear reduction feature which provides higher torque while putting less pressure on the gears.

That makes the machine last very long. You can also buy an angle attachment (which isn’t included in the package).

It will help the user to reach for difficult angles without straining the machine too much. Even with the cast-aluminum gear housing, the equipment is lighter than most of its competitions.

Features at a Glance

  • 9 Amp high-performance motor
  • Palm grip handle
  • Electronic variable speed control trigger
  • Plastic carrying case

Final Verdict

The list of best 1/2 corded drill machine has some of the big names in the industry. All these brands try to design the perfect driller for the hobbyists, professional masons and woodworkers.

This article will guide you in terms of where to look when you are comparing different features and deciding what to buy and at what price. You can read in-depth reviews of these products or just choose any one from the list which meets your demands.

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