Best Cobalt Drill Bits For Heavy-Duty Drilling In 2020

Best Cobalt Drill Bits For Heavy-Duty Drilling In 2020

Having to constantly replace dull drill bits can be very frustrating. That’s why cobalt tools are very popular as they will have an extended life with much higher durability. It not only means replacing bits but less often also allows you to get jobs completed more easily.

While they may be a great material, not all cobalt drill bits are made equally. There are different grades of the metal as well as having different sizes, tips, and features. It’s important to get the right one for you.

10 Best Cobalt Drill Bits – Comparison

PictureProduct NameSizeMaterial TypePrice
IRWIN Industrial Tools 31601515-PieceCobaltCheck Latest Price
Migiwata Metric M3513- PieceM35 CobaltCheck Latest Price
DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set14-PieceCobaltCheck Latest Price
Drill America 29 Piece M3529-PieceM35 CobaltCheck Latest Price
Bovidix 2883203623 Drill Bit Set31-PieceCobalt AlloyCheck Latest Price
Chicago Latrobe 55029-pieceCobalt SteelCheck Latest Price
Wrightus Metric M3513- PieceM35 CobaltCheck Latest Price
COMOWARE Cobalt21-PieceM35 CobaltCheck Latest Price
Craftsman 9-6408521-PieceCobaltCheck Latest Price
Drill Hog 29GMC29-PieceCobalt M42Check Latest Price

That’s where we come in. Here we show you the best cobalt drills available to make sure you’re getting the quality you’re looking for. Once you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know how to get the best cobalt drill bits for you thanks to our extensive research.

The 10 Best Cobalt Drill Bits On the Market Today

Here are our reviews of 10 of the best cobalt drill bits to complete your tool kit.

1. IRWIN Industrial Tools 316015 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

    Cobalt drills are going to be able to give you a much harder drill bit for all your drilling needs. At an 8% cobalt level, these are one of the strongest drill bits available. They will be able to make light work of most materials, including metal.

    One underrated aspect of drill bits is the case that they come in. It needs to be durable and well organized to help you easily pick the bits you need but also to prevent you from losing them. Irwin has produced a tough case to go with these bits but it can be difficult to open and quite heavy.

    With the 135-degree split point tip that they have, the drill will be able to start on contact. Once it has started cutting, not a lot of force is going to be required. They cut very easily and the chips will be taken away clearly too.

    There are very few complaints that you could have with their performance. Where a lot of drill bits can be brittle, these perform to a very high standard. They are very tough and don’t break easily at all, while also staying sharp for longer than other models.

    Their size means that you can use larger drill bits than you’d usually be able to with your chuck. They are great for a drill press as well as any other standard machines. Overall these drill bits have an impressive level of performance with a high percentage of cobalt.

    What we liked:

    • Durable case
    • 8% cobalt
    • 135-degree split point tip
    • Starts on contact
    • Cuts with less force
    • Allows the use of larger drill bits
    • Heat resistance
    • Cuts very easily
    • Great for a drill press

    What we didn’t like:

    • Case is heavy
    • The case can be difficult to open

    2. Migiwata Metric M35 Cobalt Set

      One of the biggest advantages of a cobalt drill bit is the heat resistance that they have. Some do it better than others, however, with these drill bits from Migiwata being able to drill at a lower temperature meaning you can drill for longer.

      The M35 grade bits don’t have the highest percentage of cobalt on the market but they are still going to be able to give you an excellent level of quality. They contain 5% to give you that durability that you’re going to be looking for.

      The long flute makes the removal of chips very easy. That will give you a constant clear view of your drilling area but also prevent any clogging. This will help to take away any frustration and allow you to drill for longer than you otherwise could.

      The 135-degree points on the drill allow you to start drilling on contact. One of the best aspects of these cobalt drill bits is that they are going to reduce the amount of time that you’re drilling for. They can break when too much pressure is applied but are generally quite tough.

      One negative of these drill bits is that they can sometimes find thicker metals tough to get through. It can be done if enough pressure is applied but then you risk breaking the bits. That can happen with most drill bits though as it’s an occupational hazard with drilling through hard materials.

      What we liked:

      • M35 cobalt steel
      • Heat resistant
      • 135-degree points
      • Great for hard metals
      • Long flute
      • Fast removal
      • Round shank
      • 5% cobalt

      What we didn’t like:

      • Finds stainless steel tough
      • Can be brittle

      3. DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set

        DeWalt is known for producing quality tools and these drill bits are another good example. They are not without their downsides as these are another set of bits which can struggle when it comes to trying to get through the toughest metals.

        They will get through with the right level of force but then they can also dull fairly quickly. That is only at the most extreme level of toughness. With most materials, the drill bits are going to be able to easily get through them quickly and efficiently.

        The pilot point and the split tip design that they feature will cut down the need for any pre-drilling. There is no bit walking either which helps to make them rank highly in terms of usability. They will help to make your life as easy as possible.

        Despite dulling when under stress from the very hardest materials, the overall durability of the drill bits is very high. They aren’t brittle and will be able to quickly get through a lot of work. The 5% cobalt they have is going to be able to give you a high level of performance.

        Another great bonus of these drill bits is that they come in a great case. It is very easy to open and all of the drill bits are going to be easily presented to you. While not being free from any issues, the drill bits are a quality product from DeWalt.

        What we liked:

        • Pilot point
        • Split tip design
        • No bit walking
        • Can be used on hard metals
        • M35 grade
        • 5% cobalt
        • Quality case
        • Highly durable
        • Very sharp

        What we didn’t like:

        • Can be difficult with stainless steel
        • Dull fairly quickly

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        4. Drill America 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

          The 29 pieces of this drill set is going to be able to give you all of the sizes you could possibly need. The M35 grade alloy gives you a 5% level of cobalt. It allows the drill bits to have a high level of performance with a good level of toughness.

          The round case that it has presents the drill bits well and you can also clip it to your belt if you needed to have a high level of portability. That is a little bit of a gimmick as most people would probably find it too much of a nuisance to carry on their belt.

          The case has the potential to be a really big selling point of this drill set but it’s let down by the low-quality plastic it’s made out of. If you happen to drop your drill set then there’s a good chance you’ll find that the case has cracked.

          As for the actual drill bits, they have a good level of quality. They can cut a little slowly at times but will be able to get through hard materials with a decent level of pressure. They are self-centering and produce very small chips and are therefore are easy to use.

          The durability that they have is excellent and you will most likely use them for a long time without them dulling. The gold oxide finish on the drill bits will help to reduce heat and also means that you don’t have to use as much if any, drilling oil.

          What we liked:

          • M35 grade
          • Round case
          • Long tool life
          • Gold oxide finish
          • 135-degree split point
          • Self-centering
          • Penetrates hard material
          • Produces small chips

          What we didn’t like:

          • Cut slow
          • Low-quality case

          5. Bovidix Drill Bit Set

            While many drill sets will say that they don’t require a center punch, you can sometimes find yourself needing one. This set from Bovidix comes with a great center punch to ensure that it’s there for whenever you might need it.

            Most of the times you’re not going to need it as this is an impressive set of drill bits which are going to allow you to quickly drill through any material. The metal case that it comes with is very solid and will help to protect the drill bits inside.

            The durability of that case comes with the downside of it being quite heavy and therefore not being as portable as other models. That will only bother a few people and some may prefer to have a more durable case rather than other lightweight plastic ones.

            The cobalt bits themselves are M35 grade alloy which means that they have 5% cobalt inside of them. The performance level is quite high and these are drill bits that you should be able to use for a long time. The performance doesn’t just come from their durability.

            They are dead straight and very sharp to enable you to cut easily through any material that you might be using. The heat resistance means you will be able to work harder for longer while having very minimal downtime.

            What we liked:

            • Has a center punch
            • Metal case
            • M35 grade
            • 5% cobalt
            • High heat resistance
            • Dead straight
            • Highly sharp
            • Fast cutting
            • No clogging

            What we didn’t like:

            • Case is heavy
            • Low portability

            6. Chicago Latrobe 550 Series Cobalt Drill Set

              The 29-piece set of these drill bits gives you a very wide selection of different pieces to choose from. They come in a durable case that isn’t going to be too heavy. It can be a little hard to open and close but that isn’t going to be a very big issue at all.

              Tips are always a vital part of a high-quality drill and the 135-degree split points featured there will be able to easily make the holes that you need without any pre-drilling. They will make light work of any material that you need to get through.

              Having a gold oxide finish is a plus for a couple of different reasons. It will help to reduce any heat coming off the drill whilst also providing lubrication. This cuts down the need for any drilling oil, making them easier to use than other drill sets.

              These drill bits are also M42 grade which is the highest level that you are going to see here. That means they have 8% cobalt to give them a great level of durability. They can dull under the highest stresses but this is an issue that all drill sets will face.

              The lack of pilot hole required and the fact they can be used without oil gives these cobalt drill bits a very high level of usability. They are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-quality drill bit which will easily get through dense materials.

              What we liked:

              • 135-degree split point
              • 29-piece set
              • Thick web
              • Durable case
              • Gold oxide finish
              • No pilot hole required
              • 8% cobalt
              • M42 grade
              • Can be used without oil

              What we didn’t like:

              • The case can be tricky to open
              • Can dull quickly

              7. Wrightus Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Twist Drill Bit Set

                If it’s fast cutting action that you’re looking for, then these drill bits from Wrightus could be the perfect drill bits for you. These can easily slice through thick materials to leave you finishing your job in a very short amount of time.

                The M35 grade of the alloy isn’t the strongest out there but it still contains 5% cobalt to make light work of most tasks. It gives it a very long lifespan and these are drill bits that you’re going to end up using for a very long period of time.

                The drill bits are efficient enough to mean that no center punch is going to be required for your drilling. There will be no walking with the drill either can you’re not going to have to worry about it being straight or not. The flute will easily get rid of the chips, allowing you to have a very clear view of what you’re doing.

                Issues are few and far between with this drill set but one problem can actually be found in delivery. Many users have reported bits missing when they initially received the product. Even though this problem is easily rectified, it will be seen as a large nuisance.

                The case isn’t of the highest quality either but it’s not as bad as some other models. These are ideal drill bits for those looking to get through metal and their fast cutting time means that you’re not going to take longer getting through your work.

                What we liked:

                • M35 grade
                • Fast cutting
                • Long lifespan
                • No center punch required
                • 135-degree points
                • No walking
                • Cuts easily through metal
                • Double edge
                • 5% cobalt

                What we didn’t like:

                • Not a great case
                • Can have items missing

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                8. COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set

                  While some people will want an elaborate case with a very high level of durability, others will prefer to have a simpler case which is easier to carry. The case with this drill set is one of the simpler models out there which some people might prefer.

                  In terms of performance, these drills are able to compete with any model out there. The 135-degree split point tips will give you a very high level of penetration. There is no walking either to ensure that these drill bits make light work of tough materials.

                  The bits themselves are made from M35 grade alloy which contains 5% cobalt. It doesn’t give it the greatest level of durability and the bits can dull quite quickly. They are excellent for wood but can wear quite quickly with other materials.

                  What you do get with these drill bits is the clearing of chips very quickly. It allows you to have a very clear view of what you are drilling whilst also preventing any clogging. It makes drilling very easy and cuts down on any frustration you might have.

                  There are a few other features which are great on these drill bits too as they have a very straight shank and they will have no walking. For most materials, the performance is very high and you’re not going to be disappointed at all.

                  What we liked:

                  • M35 grade
                  • 5% cobalt
                  • High heat resistance
                  • 135-degree split point
                  • No walking
                  • Simple case
                  • Clears chips easily
                  • Spiral flute
                  • Straight shank

                  What we didn’t like:

                  • Can dull quickly
                  • Low durability

                  9. Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set

                    The 21 pieces that you get within this set are going to be able to give you a good range of drill bits. It doesn’t contain as much as others but this is going to be a personal preference in terms of how many drill bits you want in your set.

                    The plastic case that it comes in won’t be the most durable case that you can find. Instead, it does rank highly in usability as it’s easy to close and sets out the drill bits in an organized manner. It makes it very easy to place your drill bits and put them back.

                    Brittle isn’t a word that you ever want to associate with drill bits but these can struggle at the highest pressures. They are able to get through tough materials but you just need to double-check that your drilling angles are going to be high enough quality.

                    These drill bits are going to be ideal for both drill presses and other stationary machines. They don’t have any drill walking and therefore are going to be able to cut straight and true into whatever material you might be working with.

                    While the drill bits themselves can be a little brittle, the tips are durable and are going to be able to last for a good period of time. These aren’t the highest quality drill bits that you’re ever going to find but will be able to do a good job with most materials.

                    What we liked:

                    • Plastic carry case
                    • Heavy-duty use
                    • No drill walking
                    • Perfect for drill presses
                    • 21 pieces
                    • Long life
                    • Versatile bits

                    What we didn’t like:

                    • Can be brittle
                    • Not great under pressure

                    10. Drill Hog 29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set

                      M42 grade alloy is the highest level that you are going to find when it comes to cobalt drills. The 8% cobalt is very tough to be able to get through all manner of different jobs. They have excellent quality and are impressive to use.

                      The 29 pieces of the set give you a great range of different drill bits to enable you to easily grab what you need. They are heat treated to give them a great level of resistance, even when you’re going to be working with the toughest of materials.

                      The 135-degree split point that they have will be able to get through a lot of work without having to make a pilot hole. There will be no chuck spinning and no walking either. It makes these drill bits very easy to use and work with.

                      The case that they come with is sturdy and it is part of the high-quality that we have seen throughout this drill set. Everything has a great level of toughness and this is a set that should last you for a very long time.

                      One issue that long-time users of the drill bits have found is that the customer service level isn’t great and the warranty often doesn’t cover that you’d expect. These are issues unrelated to the quality of the drill but something to look out for.

                      What we liked:

                      • M42 grade
                      • 29 pieces
                      • Heat treated
                      • 135-degree split point
                      • No chuck spinning
                      • 8% cobalt
                      • Don’t dull quickly
                      • Sturdy box

                      What we didn’t like:

                      • Poor warranty
                      • Poor customer service

                      Wrap up

                      Despite being made out of similar materials, there can be quite a difference between the qualities of cobalt drill bits. It’s important to know what your demands are going to be and exactly what you need.

                      That could be a durable case, a bit that clears chips quickly or one that can cut easily through stainless steel. We’ve provided all the information that you need and all that’s left to do is pick the best cobalt drill bit set for you.

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