Best DA Sanders In 2020 – Top 5 Dual Action Sander Reviews

DA sanders, also known as “dual-action sanders” or “orbital sanders”, are power tools that help make surfaces smoother. DA sanders come in many different shapes and sizes and can work to polish wood, aluminum, and metal. They can be used to sand items on a tabletop or bench, or directly on an application such as a ceiling or floor.

These sanders are known to be portable, so you can use them to work in places like construction sites, workshops or even around the home. You can use these to sand floors, walls, ceilings, cars, furniture and much more. No matter if you want to use one for personal or commercial use, DA sanders are reliable and helpful in giving materials a smooth and jag-free finish every time.

Best DA Sanders – Comparison

PictureProduct NamePowerPrimary MaterialPrice
Gedu Professional Air RandomGedu Professional Air RandomAir-poweredStainless SteelCheck Latest Price
FIXKIT 6″ Air Random Orbital SanderFIXKIT 6″ Air Random Orbital Air-poweredAluminum AlloyCheck Latest Price
Hutchins 4500 6-Inch DAHutchins 4500 6-Inch DAAir-poweredCheck Latest Price
TCP Global Brand 6″ DualTCP Global Brand 6″ DualAir PoweredSteelCheck Latest Price
AIRCAT 6310 6″ DualAIRCAT 6310 6″ DualCompositeCheck Latest Price

Best DA Sanders – Review

In this review, we will be showing you to five of the most popular DA sanders on the market. These sanders come from brands such as AirCat, Gedu and Fixkit. We will point out their greatest strengths in addition to flaws that very well could make or break your shopping decision. At the end of our review, we will show you to the DA sander that is most recommended based on the benefits and quality of the product.

Without further ado, here are our 5 DA sanders:

1. Gedu Professional Air Random Palm Sander

Gedu Professional Air Random Palm Sander

This first DA sander is by Gedu. It is considered an affordable air sander that can get the job done well. This sander that we are reviewing is 5-inches in diameter and gives off an air pressure of 90 PSI.

Thanks to its feathery weight, it weighs less than two and a half pounds. While it might seem flimsy, the materials that this DA sander is made of are actually quite strong. Made of steel and composite plastic, it is very efficient without compromising on size or weight.

The DA sander is very comfortable to hold and use, as well. With support for your hand, as well as your wrist, you can always expect an enjoyable, smooth experience.

The motor inside this sander is a light rotary motor, making it acceptable for applications that need to be done overhead, such as a ceiling or very tall door. The motor is actually pretty quiet, and vibrations are also rather gentle.

As for performance, Guru’s sander actually works quite well. At 12,000 RPM, this can easily shave off some time from your DIY projects. If you prefer to work at a slower pace for better control, you can adjust the speed via a switch.

The caveat to this sander is that while the product is lightweight and it uses hard materials, there are parts that can occasionally fall off during use. You are required to constantly look over the sander so that you can observe when the parts come loose so that you can take necessary actions to rectify the situation.


  • Is lightweight.
  • Has a high RPM.
  • Is quiet.
  • This unit cozy.
  • Is affordable.
  • Can be used at any angle.


  • Parts are not thoroughly secured.

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2. FIXKIT 6″ Air Random Orbital Sander

FIXKIT 6 Air Random Orbital Sander

Fixkit’s DA sander is up next, and this is considered another budget-conscious alternative. This sander comes with seven sanding discs, a wrench, a hose and a dust bag, so you have everything that you need to get started. Its maximum pressure is 90 PSI.

This six-inch sander delivers performance at 10,000 RPM per minute. This sander can be used to sand various applications and bring a smooth, professional finish to various materials such as wood, metal, and aluminum.

Do not worry about messy sawdust as you are working with this DA sander. There is a handy vacuum that comes with this sander that will direct all your sawdust in one area. This makes your overall sanding experience cleaner, and you will end up doing significantly less post-project cleanups moving forward.

This is another DA sander that is designed with your hands in mind. It’s comfortable to hold, comfortable to operate, and the vibrations are not rough or aggressive by any stretch of the imagination.

You have required an air compressor in order to use this DA sander from Fixkit. Don’t buy a cheap one, however. You will need a good one that can handle any and all jobs of a sander, especially this one. With this in mind, there is more money that you have to put down than you would first expect.


  • Is lightweight.
  • Has a high RPM.
  • Is joyful.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with the vacuum port.
  • Comes with sander discs.


  • Air compressor required.

3. Hutchins 4500 6-Inch DA Super Sander

Hutchins 4500 6-Inch DA Super Sander

Hutchins’ “Super Sander” is a professionally-made sander that does not skimp on quality. It performs with 90 PSI and it is six inches in diameter. This is another sander that is professionally designed and constructed, making sure that it lasts for as long as possible.

This is an efficient DA sander that can generate more power in smaller amounts of air. It includes 4 unique bearings in order to do this. The highest speed that this sander delivers is 10000 RPM.

Hutchins’ DA sander also includes a pad that is six inches in diameter. It also works with pads as small as five inches and as large as eight, making for a very versatile product you can use for all kinds of scenarios.

This is another sander that is comfortable to use. You can get a great grip no matter what kind of angle you are using it for. Your hands and fingers will not get still by using it, and there is little to no vibration coming from the motor, making for a very smooth and refined performance every time. The head of this sander is also oversized, which prevents it from constantly wobbling.

If ever this product were to fail on its own within the first year that you own it, you could get a new one delivered to you, free of charge.

The bad news is that this is a rather big and bulky sander that weighs a little more than what most scrawnier workers desire. With the smooth and streamlined performance, however, this jump in weight is to be expected.


  • Has a high RPM.
  • More comfortable.
  • Comes with a sander pad.
  • Can be used at any angle.


  • Is somewhat heavy.

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4. TCP Global Brand 6″ Dual Action D.A. Sander

TCP Global Brand 6 Dual Action D.A. Sander

This next sander is from TCP, which is another inexpensive model for the individual that doesn’t want to spend too much. This is a six-inch DA sander with 90 PSI of performance.

TCP’s sander is made of heat-treated steel. This ensures that the sanders have as long of a life as possible. This sander also includes lubricating oil and a wrench, so you have some tools you need in order to get to work.

The maximum RPM is 10,000, which is par for the course in these DA sanders thus far. You can also control the speed thanks to its built-in regulator, in case you prefer to have a more controlled and less aggressive sanding experience.

Don’t expect any swirl marks from this DA sander; it leaves behind a professionally smooth finish that looks as though the application had just been from the day that you bought it.

This DA sander from TCP comes with an ergonomic design that allows you to work in comfort up hours. It weighs only 2.75 pounds, and that makes it light and easy to move around where you need to use it.

The one nitpicks about this DA sander is that the adjustable knob can easily get in the way. Your thumb is fingertips away from it, and if you’re not careful, you can unexpectedly get an increase of speed if you are not paying attention to where your thumb is placed. I am guessing that they make it so that you could change the speed as you were sanding, but we are not really in favor of this decision. Our one wish is that the knob was to be located in a place that would not be that easy to change.


  • Has a high RPM.
  • Is easeful.
  • Comes with sander pad.
  • Can be used at any angle.
  • Is lightweight.
  • Is low-cost.


  • Adjustment knob poorly located.

5. AIRCAT 6310 6″ Dual Action Sander

AIRCAT 6310 6 Dual Action Sander

This last DA sander that we will be reviewing is brought to us by Aircat. It is in a matte red body with black accents. This is not like the other sanders, as this one has a long handle attached to the head as if we were to hold this sander like a hammer or a toothbrush. The diameter of this sander is six inches.

What is nice about this DA sander is that you are not required to lubricate the motor with oil. It works fine without the need of any kind of oil or other liquid, and there is no risk of any dust or other contaminants from getting inside.

The handle is ergonomic, and offer some unique benefits. From having the long handle, your reach is slightly extended. Also, you won’t be able to receive the brunt of any vibrations. Albeit, this is a sander that does not vibrate greatly. The only problem that you would face, thanks to the handle, is if you need to sand a ceiling straightly upwards. You will need to get higher on the ladder in order for the saner to work, in that case.

When sanding, debris will be directed away from your direction, thanks to the rear exhaust. Not only will sawdust stay out of your way, but cleanup will be much easier afterward.

The RPM on this DA sander is 11,000. It is relatively fast, and you can adjust it to a slower speed if need be. Just simply flick the throttle control with your thumb as you are using it.

You can own this sander, and if it were to act up within 24 months of owning it, you could be eligible for a free replacement at no cost to you.

The problem with this DA sander, however, is that it is very loud. At 82 decibels, this is one of the loudest sanders in this review. While Sanders are all generally loud, this one is even more so. If you can take all the noise, then it might not be a problem for you, but there are ways in which this product could have been muffled for a slightly quieter noise.


  • Has a long handle.
  • Is comfortable.
  • Has a high RPM.
  • Comes with the vacuum port.


  • Is very noisy.

Final Verdict:

We declare the best DA sander of 2020 to be the AIRCAT 6310 6″ Dual Action Sander.

This is a professionally built sander that feels like a masterfully engineered product; not shoddily made or anything of that nature. AirCat is a brand that is popular among power tool experts, and many of them give their seal of approval to their products.

There are detriments to be had with the handle, but there are also benefits. You get a non-vibrating grip for one, where your hand will not take the brunt of the impact.

The exhaust allows you to work cleanly without having to deal with any sawdust or other debris until the very end. It’s not dirty, and you are sure to enjoy a mess-free experience.

Additionally, the warranty is just a bonus that is hard to resist, especially when it comes to power tools with motors. The warranty makes sure that you end up with a product that works completely fine. This was the decisive factor in our decision to go with Aircat’s DA sander.

If you are not a fan of handled tools, the next best thing would be the FixKit, where there is also an exhaust. However, you are required to buy a quality air compressor along with it.

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