7 Best Drill Press Table In 2020 (Expert Guide & Reviews)

Drill press tables are platforms which help to keep the material and the machine aligned while working. It also keeps the two stable for precise results. To find the Best Drill Press Table, one needs to assess his level of work. Then you need to choose a proper drill machine.

After that, comes the platform that you want. There are many top brands which produce these tables that are fit enough for a range of tools. This article will compare some of the top Drill Press Table Brands” in the market and analyze their benefits so that you can make the ideal choice for yourselves. Here is Best Drill Press Table-Guide and Review.

Best Drill Press Table - Comparison

Best Drill Press Table - Reviews

1. MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

If you want a lightweight Drill Press Table, MLCS 2326 is the “Go To Brand” for you. The table is made of melamine which guarantees there will be no extra weight of the table so you can maneuver it easily.

This table features two T-Tracks so that the users can hold an object down correctly and the adjustable fence allows them to adjust the holding power of the table for precise and forceful drilling. The table changes to most of the drill press out there.

But if by any chance, yours doesn’t fit with it, you can easily drill a hole in a convenient place to set it up and clamp it there. You can also use this tool like a router table and mount stop blocks on the T-Tracks as an added advantage.


  • The size for this drill press is perfect; you can drill with utmost comfort and ease using this table.
  • Thanks to various measures, you can drill with ample amount of precision as well.
  • You get to have a removable insert with this thing; the insert pairs well with various sanding drums.
  • I liked the fact that MLCS 2326 keeps the drilling materials in one place and they don’t slip at all.


  • Certain drill presses might not go too well with this table from MLCS.

2. Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

The best thing about this D2056 tool table from Shop Fox is that it is designed to reduce (or in some cases eliminate) the vibration a drill press may cause.

You can put weight up to 700 pounds on the table. The support braces in this case will provide a helping hand when you need precise drilling.

At the end of the table legs, there is rubber padding just to make sure the table doesn’t make noises while you concentrate on working on long projects.

It is a portable table and you can add another shelf right at the bottom of the table if necessary.


  • This thing comes at a huge capacity of 700 pounds. Yes, you can put 700lbs load on it.
  • The table itself is sturdy; it can withstand and reduce drill press vibrations to make the job easier.
  • Butcher block finish prevents you from slipping up and causing accidents while drilling.
  • The price makes it very much affordable compared to similar models.


  • The drill press table lacks wheels to the bottom that should help to move around.

3. Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70

The best thing about the table is that it is small in size. To add to that, the clamps and other tools that come with it, can also be paired with other machines and tables if the user feels the need.

With this Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound table, you can position the cross slider more accurately thanks to the ruler that comes with it.

You will also get a set of step clamps and a protector that hovers at the top of the spindle to save it from the dust. The table is most suitable for projects where you need precise work done on small objects.

Also, adjustments can be done with two handed wheels so that you don’t miss by a tiny bit. The wheels don’t come with any dial. Common problem of Backlash is negated by dovetails which again, can be adjusted.


  • This thing is made using surface-treated aluminum and metal combo for ensuring sturdiness.
  • Extremely lightweight when you compare it to other drill press tables.
  • You can expect to attach the accessories that come with it in a “Problem-Free” manner.
  • The ruler that comes with the “T-Track” can be easily interpreted and adjusted for better performance.
  • The 27100 is the most accurate among the Proxxon brand.


  • I can see that the KT 70 is well-made but it doesn’t match the qualities of an industrial drill press table.

4. HTC HTT-31 Tool Table

HTC HTT-31 Tool Table

The HTT-31 Tool table from HTC can be equally good for power drill machines and bench top ones. The table won’t skid anywhere thanks to the rubber padding at the bottom.

The steel frame of the HTC HTT-31 provides stable support if the user stocks up heavy objects at the top.

You will have 500 lbs. of capacity to work with. It has an additional shelf at the bottom, but the top shelf measuring 14X25 inches can be divided into two parts for flexibility and additional work space.

You can utilize 31-feet with this table which is the working height one can achieve with this.


  • Yup, this thing is expandable. The top splits into two pieces that have separate rulers too.
  • The legs are placed at a convenient distance from one another; this offers great balance.
  • Steel frame of the table allows you to use it for years due to its longevity and sturdiness.
  • You’ve got a lower shelf too that provides additional storage facility if you ever need it.


  • Multiple reviewers reported it to be a bit flimsier than the others available for purchase.

5. DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand

DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand

If you work on substantial projects, this is the table for you. This DEWALT DW7350 Drill Press Table can take up heavy capacity load but still support it well thanks to the steel foundation of the product.

It can remain stable but if you want to move it, you cannot carry this 57-pound table.

The solution is to have wheels at the bottom (which it has!) to make it mobile. The top of the table is made of fiber and is drilled beforehand so that the customers don’t have any troubles installing it.

The safety is a significant issue addressed very well by DeWalt. Many would question the stability of the wheels. Well, they can be set with the table and taken away by the help of a foot-pedal. So, you can enjoy portability and stable working condition whenever you need.


  • THIS ONE you can move easily with wheels placed underneath.
  • 59 pounds of weight makes it a stable platform for your drill press.
  • The top shelf is made out of MDF; it provides a nice surface for you to work on.
  • Besides using for drill presses, you can use it for a wide range of purposes due to the versatility.


  • Assembling this thing can turn out to be a bit tricky.

6. Woodpeckers Precision WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table

Woodpeckers Precision WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table

If you are into woodworking and drilling holes onto wooden planks, you’ll love Woodpeckers Precision Wood Working Table Model number WPDPPACK1.

The generous room you get to work with on the table makes it one of a kind. I am talking about 16-inch by 23-inch surface with 1-inch thickness here.

Just to ensure you don’t slip-up while working, you’ve got a textured surface that gives you superlative grip and amazing precision. I speaking about MDF Formica Micro Dot Laminate. These things come with “Dimple-like Shapes” that collect sore dust and keep the surface eligible for drilling.

When we drill through stuff, we often get carried away and drill too much into the table. You can insert a board-like backup that prevents you to drill too deep. The handymen can even remove the default insert and place ½-inch thick metal sheet in there for better results.

To make sure you drill accurately, there are two “T-Tracks” bolted in place. You have two measurement scales as well that you can use to measure the distance between two holes and even depth of a screw you are going to hammer in.

These “T-Tracks” are bolted into the drill press table. The act prevents you from pulling them with you while the table shakes or during pressure drilling. I said precision drilling because laser is engraved to grant you a clear visibility of the fence position.


  • I quite liked the space I got to work with using this table. The drilling experience wasn’t tiring.
  • I could measure the perfect distance between holes; it is important in woodworking.
  • You get laser engraved scales to make sure you can work under all conditions.
  • The texture of the table helps people to keep workspace clean and provides good grip as well.
  • Price is definitely a dealmaker for this product as you can get this under $200.


  • The fence quality could have been improved by a notch or two.
  • If your drill press is shorter than 12 inches, this one is not for you.

7. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

If you are looking for a drill press table that comes at a sweet price and offers you all the perks of a top-notch drill press table, Try the MLCS 9765. Everything from the sleek looks and the performance is top grade without shedding much of a skin from your wallet.

You get to have the melamine surface to work on. The table surface is measured at 12-inch by 24-inch.

This is a moderate room for people to work with. The MDF Melamine surface is robust and thick to avoid drilling bits penetrating all the way through to the bottom.

You have “T-Tracks” to hold down objects along the fence of MLCS 9765. As a result, you can drill heavy objects with it without any problems so to speak. You can position the rails wherever you want on the table.

Just to make sure you don’t drill too deep, there is an insert that you can position on the table. You can even remove it when you are done. People can use all sorts of benchtop drill press types with this table. It is basically “One size fits all.”


  • Assembly process of this drill press table can be completed in a jiffy.
  • Comes with a “Clamp system” that allows you to hold down tricky pieces to drill properly.
  • The T-Tracks come with measurement scales to make sure you are drilling things accurately.
  • Price of MLC5 9765 Drill Press Table is set at a nice level so that anyone can afford it.


  • You might need frequent adjusting of the table to carry out drilling tasks.

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Final Verdict:

Besides a handy drill press, the perfect table for the drill press is also needed to stabilize it and work with it. But selecting the Best Drill Press Table is tricky as they come in different sizes and are fit for different types of work. Thorough research is necessary before you get a fix on anything.

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