The Best Expandable Hose For 2020 (Top 10 Models Review)

Garden hoses aren’t all that high tech… at least, they didn’t use to be all that high tech. That was before someone came up with the idea of making collapsible garden hoses. That one innovation changed garden hoses forever.

I first became aware of these collapsible garden hoses when I was living and traveling in a motorhome. As you can imagine, space is at a premium when your whole family is in a box that’s 8 feet wide and 33 feet long. Being able to save space on a simple hose may not seem like much in a large house, but it sure did in that motorhome.

Unlike standard garden hoses, these collapsible hoses are made of latex rubber, which expands longitudinally when water pressure is applied, making them as much as three times as long. The woven polyester shell limits the expansion so that the hose doesn’t get damaged. Once the water pressure is reduced, the hose shrinks back to its collapsed size, making storage easier.

To do this, and still have a strong hose, requires a multi-layer design. So the best hoses will have two, three, or even more layers in them. Yet these hoses are still lightweight and easy to work with. The design mitigates against the hose kinking, as well as tangling. It’s actually rather hard to tangle one, as that requires extra hose laying around, something that you don’t have with a collapsible hose. A high density knitted polyester cover protects the hose from abrasion.

Best Expandable Hose – Comparison

PictureNameMaterial TypeHose LengthPrice
Higen 100 ft UpgradedHigen 100 ft UpgradedLatex, Polyester100.1 feetCheck Latest Price
Monyar 100 ft. Expandable WaterMonyar 100 ft. Expandable WaterPlastic, Polyester, Latex100.1 feetCheck Latest Price
Aterod 50 ft. Expandable WaterAterod 50 ft. Expandable WaterLatex, Plastic, Polyester50 feetCheck Latest Price
Flexi Hose 100 FTFlexi Hose 100 FTDouble Latex100 feetCheck Latest Price
BKM Lawn 100 ft. Heavy DutyBKM Lawn 100 ft. Heavy DutyRubber, Polyester, Latex50 feetCheck Latest Price
Sanceon Expandable,Sanceon Expandable,Rubber, Polyester, Latex50 feetCheck Latest Price
NGreen Expandable GardenNGreen Expandable GardenLatex25 feetCheck Latest Price
GrowGreen Heavy Duty 50 footGrowGreen Heavy Duty 50 footBrass, Latex, Fabric,50 feetCheck Latest Price
Soled 25 foot Expanding GardenSoled 25 foot Expanding GardenPolyester, Latex25 feetCheck Latest Price
Lokman 50 foot ExpandableLokman 50 foot ExpandableRubber, Polyester50 feetCheck Latest Price

The biggest problems with most garden hoses are kinking, twisting and tangling. Many times, these kinks and twists become permanently formed into the hose material, reducing the horse’s flexibility. We’ve all been frustrated at one time or another by a hose that had a permanent kink in it, cutting off our water supply. With these hoses, that won’t happen.

These hoses must be stored out of the sunlight, as sunlight will gradually break down the latex rubber material used in the core of the hose, making it brittle and eventually causing it to break. Stored out of the heat and sunlight in its bag, the hose should last for many years.

Many of these hoses come with storage bags, nozzles, and shut-off valves, making them into a complete kit. That’s convenient if you are taking the hose with you or if you live in an apartment and have limited space to store it. The nozzles are quality ones too, with multiple spray patterns, allowing you to spray water more precisely where you need it, saving water.

Best Expandable Hose – Reviews

1. Higen 100 ft Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Higen 100 ft Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

We start our list off with a truly heavy-duty hose by Higen. This 100-foot hose has a triple-layer latex core, with a polyester fabric covering. That extra layer of latex helps ensure that the hose doesn’t crack and split on you, leaving you without a garden hose. It can handle a full 12 bar of pressure and temperatures from 41°F to 113°F. The 100-foot length gives you enough to get around all but the biggest back yards.

This hose comes complete with solid brass fittings, with the one on the user end containing a ball valve to give you better control over water flow. An ergonomic 9 function nozzle is packed in the kit, along with the storage bag, giving you versatility for a wide variety of uses.

What we Liked:

  • Three-layer construction
  • The polyester fabric covering for protection
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Ball valve
  • 100 ft length
  • Comes with a 9 function spray nozzle and storage bag
  • 365 day, 100% money-back guarantee

What we Didn’t Like:

  • This is about the most expensive hose on the list

2. Monyar 100 ft. Expandable Water Hose

Monyar 100 ft. Expandable Water Hose

This 100 ft. flexible hose is no-kink, lightweight and durable, with a woven polymer casing to protect the hose from abrasion damage. Solid brass fittings are supplied at both ends, with a ball valve in the user end of the hose. Designed for durability and long life, this expandable hose can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from washing your car to watering the garden.

A matching 10 function spray nozzle is provided, not the 9 patterns one with most hoses. The nozzle is made of cast zinc alloy for durability, with a rubberized non-slip coating for your comfort. A simple twist of the bezel selects any of the 10 spray patterns. The hose comes with a storage bag, as well as a hook that will hang over the faucet, to keep the hose where it is easy to find the next time you need it.

What we Liked:

  • Zinc nozzle with 10 spray patterns
  • Durable no-kink hose design
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Ball valve for greater control
  • Comes with storage bag and hook to make storage easier
  • 100 ft length

What we Didn’t Like:

  • Some users have had leak problems at the connectors

3. Aterod 50 ft. Expandable Water Hose

Aterod 50 ft. Expandable Water Hose

If you don’t need a 100 foot hose, then perhaps you’d be interested in this 50 foot one form Aterod. Like the others we’ve looked at, it expands to three times its original length; so this hose is only 17 feet long when collapsed. But once you add water pressure, you’ve got a 50 foot hose to use. The hose is made of two layers of latex, with a woven polyester casing.

Solid brass fittings are provided, but with a plastic sleeve or grip ring, making it easier to tighten and loosen onto the valves. This helps prevent leaking, as it is easier to get the fitting tight enough to fully compress the rubber seal. There’s no ball valve, but the 9 function spray nozzle provides shutoff capability.

This hose comes with both a storage bag and a hook. The hook is designed so that it can be hung over a nail or screw in your garage, storage room or garden shed.

What we Liked:

  • 9 function spray nozzle
  • Plastic sleeves over the brass fittings make it easier to tighten the hose fittings
  • Expands to 50 feet
  • Comes with storage bag and hook for hanging
  • Woven polyester casing for protection

What we Didn’t Like:

  • It takes quite a bit of pressure to get it to expand out to the full 50 feet


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4. FlexiHose 100 ft. Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

FlexiHose 100 ft. Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

This flexible hose is a bit unique in that it doesn’t come with any accessories. Yet it still sells for as high a price as the first one on the list, making this one work out to be more expensive. But there’s a good reason for that. The hose has two, 2mm thick layers of latex, the thickest layers of any expandable hose on the market. So this is a much more durable hose than any other you’ll find. The manufacturer obviously thinks so as well, as they provide a lifetime replacement guarantee.

As with the other hoses we’ve looked at, this one also has solid brass fittings and a polyester casing. The business end of the hose has a ball valve built into the connector, providing you with a means of controlling water flow. Of course, since it is has standard ¾” fittings, you can add a nozzle or whatever else you would like.

What we Liked:

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee!
  • Thick double latex walls, each layer 2mm thick
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Brass ball valve for control
  • Rot, crack and leak resistant
  • Woven polyester sleeve

What we Didn’t Like:

  • High price

5. BKM Lawn 100 ft. Heavy Duty Expandable Water Hose

BKM Lawn 100 ft. Heavy Duty Expandable Water Hose

This is clearly a heavy-duty hose, as it is one of the few on this list which has a triple-layer core. That may not seem like much, but when you consider that the others have a two-layer core, we’re talking about a 50% increase. Even if it’s not 50% thicker, the fact that there are three separate layers means that each layer has to be broken through, before a crack goes all the way through the hose. So any triple-layer hose is clearly likely to last longer than a double-layer one.

This expandable hose has solid brass fittings, like the others we’ve looked at. They happen to be exceptionally nicely machined, which says a lot about the care this company puts into providing a quality product. Generally speaking, the finish is the last concern when it comes to quality.

This is a complete kit, with the ball valve integral to the hose outlet fitting and a 9 pattern spray nozzle. It also comes with a rather nice storage bag, nicer than usual, one more point showing how this company pays attention to the quality of their products.

What we Liked:

  • Very reasonable price
  • Looks to be very high quality
  • Triple-layer core for longer life
  • 100 foot long hose
  • Comes with nozzle
  • Shutoff valve on the hose

What we Didn’t Like:

  • Only has a 1 year money back guarantee, which actually surprises me

6. Sanceon Expandable, Durable, Flexible Garden Hose

Sanceon Expandable, Durable, Flexible Garden Hose

Sanceon is apparently all about the details. This hose and nozzle combination is designed and built to make sure you have a quality hose to use, which will be easy to work with, durable and convenient. The 17-foot hose expands out to 50 feet, which is really enough for most people’s needs.

The nozzle that comes with this hose only has 8 settings, but don’t think they’re skimping on anything. the zinc casting is overmolded with an anti-skid and anti-freeze rubber grip, making it comfortable to use in hot or cold weather. The nozzle includes a water pressure controller and a lock for the lever, so you don’t have to hold it down all the time. Clear indication of the nozzle functions eliminates confusion.

The hose itself has hardened brass fittings, with the business end including a ¼ turn ball valve for convenience. Expansion of the hose is quick and easy and the polymer sleeve protects the flexible latex inside, keeping it from overexpanding and rupturing. Comes with a storage bag and hanger for your convenience.

What we Liked:

  • Well-machined, hardened brass fittings
  • Integral ball valve for shutoff
  • Overmolded zinc sprayer nozzle with built-in pressure control and latch
  • Expands easily to 50 feet
  • Durable polymer knitted sleeve

What we Didn’t Like:

  • It’s only 50 feet long; although that is probably enough for most people

7. NGreen Expandable Garden Hose

NGreen Expandable Garden Hose

For those who only need a short hose, this one from NGreen is as good as they come. Triple-Layer design for the inner latex hose guarantees a longer life, and greater durability. A new formulation for the outer braided sleeve is stronger than ever before, helping protect the inner latex hose, while also remaining flexible for ease of use. The outer sleeve withstands water pressures up to 145 PSI; much higher than most.

The solid brass fittings on this hose are nicely knurled, making it easier to tighten them. A shut-off valve is provided on the outlet side, in addition to the grip valve on the nozzle. A water flow controller on the spray valve allows precise control of the pattern you are receiving.

Add a quick coupling to the package for even more convenience, preventing the need to thread the hose onto the faucet or the nozzle onto the hose. Quick couplings are available, providing a one-step snap on, snap off function, saving time and reducing the chance for a leaking connection.

What we Liked:

  • Quick expansion and contraction of the hose
  • Short length may be inconvenient for some; but if that’s all you need, it’s ideal.
  • I really like the idea of the optional quick connector, making the job easier
  • Three latex layers for maximum strength
  • New formulation braided sleeve is stronger than ever before

What we Didn’t Like:

  • Personally, I’d rather buy a longer hose
  • The green color can be difficult to see in the grass, causing a trip hazard


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8. GrowGreen Heavy Duty 50 foot Expandable Hose Set

GrowGreen Heavy Duty 50 foot Expandable Hose Set

GrowGreen claims that their hose is the only expanding hose on the market to give you the full length. This claim is based upon the rapid expansion of the hose, when water pressure is applied, allowing it to expand out to the full length. Some hoses don’t expand as rapidly or need more water pressure to reach their full potential. Not this one.

The hose is designed to reduce problems with twisting and kinking, a real concern with garden hoses. But the braided exterior layer resists twisting and knotting, which is always the precursor to any kinking. So the hose stays good, allowing full water flow at all times, without any problem.

This hose also returns back to its original 17 foot length very quickly when water pressure is removed, making it quick and easy to store away in its included, breathable storage bag. A shut-off ball-valve integral to the downstream connector gives you positive control over water flow.

One thing that is notoriously absent from this hose package is the nozzle. That might seem odd, especially compared to other similar hoses. But considering that you get what you pay for, the fact that the nozzle is missing, helps show that the quality of the hose is greater.

What we Liked:

  • Fast and easy expansion and contraction of the hose length
  • You get full length out of the hose when expanded
  • No-tangle design to help protect the hose and always ensure good water flow
  • Integral shut-off valve integral to the outlet connector
  • Solid brass connectors
  • Comes with storage bag

What we Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with spray nozzle

9. Soled 25 foot Expanding Garden Hose

Soled 25 foot Expanding Garden Hose

This hose, from Soled, takes the design of the expanding garden hose in a new direction, with a new outer casing weave. When collapsed, it looks like crinkled streamers, but the thin, flexible outer covering is lighter than others, while still staying just as strong. The dual-layered latex hose core fits tightly inside this casing, when filled, giving you a solid hose that won’t kink or twist.

What makes this hose so unique is its price. This is probably the least expensive expanding garden hose on the market, which is great for those of us who don’t want to spend a lot of money. Part of that apparently comes from the use of this new casing design, while another part is that they use aluminum connectors, rather than solid brass. Granted, the brass connectors are nice, but the aluminum works just as well.

As with other hoses we’ve looked at, this one has a ball valve for shut-off in the exit end of the hose, but it does not come with a nozzle. That may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on what you personally like. While I like working with a quality nozzle, I’ve actually spent most of my life without one.

What we Liked:

  • Great price!
  • New design outer shroud is lightweight an compact
  • Rubber gaskets sealing hose to fittings
  • Aluminum fittings are lightweight
  • Integral ball shutoff-valve
  • Double-layer latex core

What we Didn’t Like:

  • Aluminum fittings may not last as long as brass ones
  • Green color can be hard to see in the grass
  • No nozzle.

10. Lokman 50 foot Expandable Garden Hose

Lokman 50 foot Expandable Garden Hose

Like the Soled hose above, this hose from Lokman uses the newer style weave for the outer covering, keeping the hose lightweight and flexible. Additional weight is saved with plastic fittings and nozzle. While some might not like this, concerned about it not lasting as long, it’s great if your kids are going to be using the hose, as it provides lighter weight for them to work with. It’s also less expensive.

This hose expands to its full length quickly when pressure is applied and contracts just as quickly when pressure is removed. The 50-foot length is enough for most household tasks where a hose is needed. The collapsed hose can be stored in the included drawstring bag.

As we’ve seen with other collapsible hoses, these resist twisting and kinking extremely well, the bane of “normal” non-expandable garden hoses. You should get a long life out of your expandable hose, without a worry that kinking will impede water flow. Each time you use it, the inner latex core expands to the full dimension, providing complete water flow, without impediment.

What we Liked:

  • Great, low price
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Expands and contracts quickly and easily
  • Carry and storage bag for when it’s not in use
  • Hose doesn’t kink or twist

What we Didn’t Like:

  • The plastic nozzle can break easier, especially if you run over it with the car
  • No shut-off valve


In reality, any of these collapsible garden hoses will serve you well. Their design and operation make them ideal for places where you don’t have a lot of room for storing a garden hose. The kink-free design helps ensure that your hose will stay working fine, no matter how long you have it. Latex cores are highly flexible while being highly kink resistant. There’s no chance that the water flow will be impeded with one of these hoses.

Your biggest decision to make is how long a hose you need and whether or not you want to buy it with the nozzle and shut-off valve. Those can be purchased separately, for hoses that don’t come with them, giving you the same setup either way.

I would recommend going with a three-layer latex core design if you can afford it, just because it will be more resistant to breakage. While all hoses can break at times, especially when mishandled and abused, the triple layer design means that each layer has to be broken through, before the hose will start leaking. Logically, three layers will take longer to break than two will.

Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that these hoses will provide your family with convenience and ease of use, in a unit that won’t take a lot of room to store and will be there when you need it.

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