The Best Floor Drill Press For 2020 – Top Models Compared

Drilling is not any easy job. You need the perfect drill machine for a flawless drill project, you need to invest huge time and effort as well. With so many categories and options available, it is quite hard to pick the right item for drilling.

You need to think about some important areas and features before buying the best floor drill press for you. I will discuss best five floor drill presses with describing some key characteristics and advantages of the product on this article.

Best Floor Drill Press - comparison

11 Best Floor DrillPress - Reviews

1. Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

This drill press is great for so many reasons. The PM2800B takes away the conventional hassles that come our way when operating one of these drill presses.

First of all, you can cycle through different levels of speed without actually changing the belt. Instead the speed is varied mechanically.

It comes with 7.5-amp motor that gives you speed range from 250 RPM to 3000 RPM. This is a huge power boost that comes handy when doing commercial drilling.

You can drill deep with this machine or polish intricate objects. One turn of the handle allows the spindle to travel 6 inches. Surely Quill stroke this deep should facilitate various types of drilling activities.

You have a fence system worktable that prevents the material from spewing out of the working area. The drill press tilts up to 90 degrees in relation to the table. It helps you to drill at various angles and achieve angled holes that provide you dimension in furniture making, drilling holes and other things.

If you want to drill repeatedly there is a material stop in place. This thing allows you to enhance your precision while drilling at the same spot. The material stop can be interpreted easily for a better understanding as well.

To ensure you are drilling with precision, you need to monitor the spindle speed and make fine adjustment to it. There’s a Digital RPM reader in place to help you do that.


  • I found this machine accurate while I was drilling with it.
  • Adjusting to different speed levels is easy compared to other floor drill presses.
  • Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press does precise and powerful repetitive drilling.
  • Comes with LED lights to help you aim better at your target.
  • You have 7.5-amp super powerful motor at your disposal.


  • I remember hearing a “Rattling” noise the first time I set it up and operated with it.
  • This is an “Expensive” drill press even for professionals.
  • I’ve had to adjust the quill a few times during its run.

2. WEN 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

WEN 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

Wen is one of the very few brands I trust to include on my list of Best Floor Drill Press for 2020. Whether construction or performance, WEN 4225 strikes homerun in each department.

8.6-AMP motor is the first thing that caught my eye and it is a blast to have. With a powerful motor like this and 15-inch swing, you can practically handle any material that is out there.

The lowest speed count is 280 Revolutions Per Minute (ideal for woodworking) and the highest is 3300 Revolutions Per Minute. That is staggeringly high!

As far as the spindle goes, it travels 4 inches deep into an object. Don’t worry, you can drill through 4X4 boards with ultimate ease! Plus, the 5/8-inch chuck can fit in most drill bits to give you a versatile performance.

Hey, don’t forget the bright light that tags along to help you drill in dimly lit environments. Plus, there is a laser in place too! Now you don’t have to worry about ensuring accuracy! The drill will do that for you! Just aim the laser at your target and drill away!

The work table measures up to be 12X12” and it IS spacious. You can put some large objects on it and just drill. The table is stable and doesn’t vibrate even when this thing is running at full speed. It tilts up to 45-degree angle on both sides to make your job easy, fun, and less time consuming.


  • Variable speed levels can be adjusted according to the material you are drilling.
  • The depth adjusting feature sets the material at the right height for you to drill through.
  • This thing comes with a spacious work table.
  • The built-in light gives you a bright view of your drilling material in dimly lit environment as well.
  • Laser aiming is really helpful when striving for precision.
  • Spindle travels deep and makes deep holes into pretty much every type of material.


  • As usual shifting belts requires some work.

3. Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press

Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press

This is one low-budget floor drill press you’ll be proud to own! While it doesn’t cost you a hefty sum of money, it gives you 5 levels of speed and stability both of which are perfect for woodworking.

You have a 6.2-amp motor to thank for 5 speed levels. The motor accounts for 2/3 HP and gives the drill press a swing of 10 inches.

However, the spindle has a travel distance of only two inches. So, it is not as impressive as the ones earlier on my list. The holes won’t reach too deep.

I could drill through wood, hard plastic, and even metal sheets. Of course, the metal sheets would have to be less than ½” thick.

This floor drill press comes with a work table that tilts to 45-degree angle both left and right. This makes your job a piece of cake since you can drill holes at an angle now.

Plus, due to the calibration of “Rock and Pinion” system, people can now adjust the height of their worktable. Drilling will be more convenient than ever!

For all you garage warriors out there, safety is a major concern. Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press takes care of this issue by installing a safety switch system that prevents you from accidentally kick-starting this thing and getting hurt in the process.


  • You don’t find many floor drill presses with safety switch system.
  • While the 45-degree tilt of this machine is not exceptional, it is good enough on my book.
  • It is a fantastic tool for you to try woodworking and light metal drilling with.
  • The cast iron construction is stable and doesn’t vibrate while on top speed.
  • You can even adjust the height of the work table with rock and pinion system.


  • This thing is not made for commercial-grade drilling.
  • Spindle doesn’t allow you to drill deep holes.

4. Klutch 13in. Floor Mount Drill Press - 3/4 HP

Klutch 13in. Floor Mount Drill Press - 34 HP

Want an optimized floor mount drill press for all your needs? That too within budget? Klutch 13-inch Floor Mount Drill Press is here to help.

It comes with a ¾ HP motor that is powerful enough to handle almost all drilling needs you may have. The manufacturers claim that this thing can go through metal and wood alike. It certainly is the case with its 13-inch swing.

The swing is able to penetrate metal or wood without too much of a difficulty. Plus, you have 16 levels of speed to work with. If I were you, I’d rub my hands right about now!

Thanks to the lowest speed being 260 RPM, you can tackle thin metal sheets quite easily. At its lowest, Klutch Floor Mount Drill Press doesn’t generate any heat. However, it gets up to 3410 RPM at its prime!

5/8” chuck can accommodate most bit sizes. What I like about this is that Klutch provides 360-degree head swivel to make drilling just that much more fun. Oh! There’s also a depth lock system in place. Just so you get repeated drilling with precise results, the lock is operated by a “Ball Knob Handle.”

The Quill stroke is 3-1/4-inch vertically. It makes for 1-inch drilling. That is, you can drill holes that are 1-inch deep. The worktable can tilt up-to 45-degree maximum on right and left. Combine these two factors and you will be able to dig angled holes if you need to.


  • 16-speed model from Klutch is very impressive that too at this price.
  • Klutch made the worktable tilt to get you better results.
  • The chuck can take in most bits provide versatile drilling experience to the customers.
  • The lowest speed of 260 Revolutions Per Minute Makes for a fine metal drilling tool.
  • This thing has a small footprint; it can fit in anywhere you put it.


  • The maximum depth spindle can reach is 1-inch. This is a bit of a letdown for me.

5. JET J-2500 Floor Model Drill Press

JET J-2500 Floor Model Drill Press

When it comes to Best Floor Drill Press Candidates, JET is miles ahead in features and reputation. The reason is quite simple.

It keeps bringing out tools like JET J-2500. This thing has an impressive 15-inch swing and runs on a modest 115V electricity. The J-2500 features a motor with ¾ HP that gives you 16 speeds in total. Pretty standard right?

Well, JET does it even better by providing users with lowest speed of 200 Revolutions Per Minute (which is sufficient for drilling through thin metal sheets) and high speed of 3620 Revolutions Per Minute which is staggering by any standard.

Best thing is, you get a head that swivels 360 degrees. You can do a lot of things with this flexible option up your sleeves. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget the worktable. It tilts to right and left by a margin of 45 degrees. Do I even need to say it out loud that you’ll be able to come up with angled holes where they are needed? I guess not!

To support the working table and the moving head, you have large ground column made of steel. It offers stability and prevents vibrations in case of high-speed levels.

The chuck is standard 5/8-inch in length. Plus, you have the spindle that travels deep with 3-1/4-inch Quill stroke. A true professional-grade tool for serious guys indeed! Add to this tool provides in case things go horrid.


  • The spindle comes with permanently lubricated balls and bearings for easy assembly.
  • It has a powerful motor that even goes in the realm of metal drilling.
  • The head of this machine can rotate a full 360 degrees to offer you convenience.
  • You won’t have vibration problems thanks to the support column.
  • The highest level of speed is pretty high even within the models on my list so far.


  • It might cause noises as you move up through the speed ranks.

6. WEN 4227 13 Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

WEN 4227 13 Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

As we move down to the last Best Floor Drill Press candidate on my list, it is WEN 4227 floor model with 17-inch swing. This is essentially an upgrade of the earlier WEN model I spoke on. Let us discuss what’s new in this model.

WEN 4227 delivers a high-end 13-Amp motor for the price. It is an induction motor that doesn’t pose a threat of combusting or suddenly stopping midway of your gig.

Plus, it has one-inch coolant channel for better performance. At a price under $1000, I couldn’t have asked for anything better really.

The spindle moves 4-3/4 inches deep to help you to deep holes. The act makes it perfect to go through 4X4 boards easily and even takes it up a notch by going through boards with bigger areas.

While it focuses on spindle length, the design of spindle or should I say spindles (because, there are three in total) vary too. Three designs are easily changeable. As a result of three designs, you get a total of 12 speed levels. The speeds range from 180 Revolutions Per Minute to 2940.

These speed levels help you to drill wood. I personally operated with hardwood too. At this point I should mention that metal and plastic drilling aren’t problems at all! In fact, it tackles softwood as well! How cool is that?

I must admit, we are low on speed count with WEN. But hey, it comes with 14X14-inch worktable. It is a large surface to operate with. Plus, this thing tilts up to 45-degree angle on the right and the left side effortlessly. So, that is a definite plus.

Like all the high-end models, it comes with 5/8-inch chuck that holds any bit you come across. You can keep your bits on board in a storage. You have light included with the package that aids your job in dim light as well. And there’s the precision laser guaranteeing you hit the mark every time you drill.


  • I love the “Depth Stop” adjustment feature that lets me drill deep, repeatedly, and flawlessly.
  • You have an induction motor of 13-Amp power at your disposal.
  • I could drill through wood, softwood, hard plastic, metal, and virtually anything coming my way.
  • 17-inch swing really packs a punch when it comes to drilling holes fast.
  • The depth gauge locks perfectly in place to facilitate deep drilling.


  • Any mistake in assembling this thing is irreversible. You need to be super careful.
  • Using drill bits too small for the chuck, can be tricky.

7. JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press

JET JDP-17MF354169 Drill Press

The JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press comes with some quality features for maximum performance in speed drill press. The functional speed settings let you choose the perfect speed for the work by giving 16-speed setting from 200 to 3630 rpm.

The induction motor of this drill works with ¾ HP (Horsepower) to give you an excellent drill press experience. The powerful motor of the drill press can bits up to 5/8 of an inch, with normal capacity.

The machine can work with large 13-3/4-inch worktable. The table can tilt up to 45 degrees according to your needs. You can use the rack-and-pinion adjustment to glide the worktable easily. The drill works perfectly with some advanced features like the adjust-ability of the spindle return spring to adjust the tension.

Features at a Glance

  • 16-1/2-Inch drill press; 13-3/4-Inch table tilts 45-Degree left and right
  • 16 speeds from 200 to 3,630 rpm; 3/4-horsepower motor
  • Cast-iron construction with heavy-steel components
  • Includes drill press, drill chuck and key
  • 200 Pounds


  • JET JDP-17MF/354169 Comes with a powerful motor that delivers ample legs for many tasks.
  • Despite having a powerful motor, it is a quiet drill machine.
  • You have Large On/Off buttons to operate this machine easily.
  • Despite being a large unit, this thing assembles quickly.
  • People can read the depth-stop quick and easy without problems.


  • I could feel the machine vibrate at different speed levels.
  • The table lifting rack doesn’t have any support in the middle.

8. JET 354170/JDP-20MF Floor Drill Press

JET 354170JDP-20MF Floor Drill Press

The JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press is great for professional and home woodworking. The floor drill press can spin bits to 2/4 of an inch normally.

The powerful motor works with 1-1/2 horsepower to give you the maximum drilling capacity of 1-inch cast iron.

The drill comes with spindle return spring for adjusting the tension. You can work with 12 drill speeds, which cover 1250 to 4200 rpm for any kind of floor drilling works.

You just need to open the metal lid, disengage the motor and slip the belt on the pulley to change the spin speed. There is a three-nut locking feature for adjusting the drill quickly. The on/off switch is on the front side of the drill.

Features at a Glance

  • 20-inch floor drill press with a powerful 1.5 hp motor
  • Smooth-traveling table raises and lowers at the turn of a crank to exactly where you need it
  • 12 spindle speeds ranging from 150-4200 rpm; 3/4-inch chuck
  • Built-in work light; drill chuck and key included
  • Weighs 288 pounds;


  • This thing can take on some tough materials and drill relentlessly without giving in.
  • This drilling machine is stable in all conditions.
  • You can adjust the height of this drill press as per your needs.
  • The worktable that comes with it, has silts.
  • I like the price tag the manufacturers put to it and the performance ratio it has.


  • The speed adjustment belt is hard to reposition each time.
  • It’d be nice if the working table tilted forward and backwards too.

9. Jet 354166 JDP-15MF 3/4-HP Floor Drill Press

Jet 354166 JDP-15MF 34-HP Floor Drill Press

The Jet 354166 JDP-15MF 3/4-Horsepower 15-Inch Floor Model Drill Press is the third in our best floor drill presses review list. The drill is designed for a variety of works with its powerful .75 horsepower motor and multiple speed spinning capacity.

The different 16-speed options let you work with 200 to 3630 rpm spin speed according to your needs. The Jet 354166 comes with adjustable drill height and worktable. You can raise the table or lower it for accurate drilling.

You can also rotate it to 360 degrees for doing a compatible job. The speed options and adjusting feature make your work easier and comfortable with this excellent floor drill press.

Features at a Glance

  • Powerful 15-Inch floor model drill press ideal for home or professional use
  • 3/4-Horsepower motor
  • 16-Speeds ensure proper application for a variety of different jobs
  • Includes built-in work lamp
  • Weighs 180-Pounds


  • Assembly of this drill press was quicker than its competitors.
  • I loved the built-in lamp that helped me drill late at night with dimly lit conditions.
  • You can change the angle of the table but the JET 354166 drills all the materials perfectly.
  • The motor is powerful enough to deliver you 16 levels of speed.
  • The 15-inch floor base is stable enough to take on some heavy drilling activity.


  • At 180 pounds of weight, it is a bit on the heavier side of things.
  • You cannot move it from one place to another that easily.
  • Reviewers mentioned about issues with the “Chuck”.

10. Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

The Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press is made for professional usage with its strong motor and robust performance. The engine works with ¾ horsepower, giving you the maximum performance and capacity of 6-inch quill stroke.

It comes with 16 different speeds for more accurate and ideal drilling with different materials. The oversized wood work table is can be lower or raised to the needed height. It can go left or right from 0 to 90 degrees, and come forward from 0 to 48 degrees.

The Delta 18-900L is made with a user-friendly and precise design. It offers a micro adjustment in the depth stop. It allows zeroing the scale and quickly setting it up within a second.

Features at a Glance

  • Auto-tensioning belt drive system allows for fast and easy speed changes while maximizing transmission efficiency
  • Micro-adjustable depth stops and independent depth scale allows the user to zero the scale and set up for repetitive drilling quickly and easily
  • Fully adjustable TWINLASER projects a bright red crosshair on the work piece at the point of bit contact
  • Full 6-inch quill stroke for deeper drilling applications and best-in-class capacity

11. SHOP FOX W1680 1-HP Floor Drill Press

SHOP FOX W1680 1-HP Floor Drill Press

The SHOP FOX W1680 1-Horsepower 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press is specially designed for standard cabinet shop to a small workshop. The cool running motor takes one horsepower with 110v.

The speed setting of 150 rpm is suitable for working with large bits.

The drill comes with 14 inches work table that can tilt from zero to ninety degrees. You can also adjust the height of the table and rotate it for different applications.

The drill gives importance to the safety features. The chuck guard will shield the operator from unwanted contact with other moving parts. The cover guards can be flipped away easily when you open it for tool changes. The oversized paddle key gives you extra protection over the on/off switches.

Features at a Glance

  • Motor size: 1 HP, 1,720 RPM
  • Switch: Toggle type
  • Spindle travel: 3-1/4-inch
  • Accepts 5/8-inch drill chuck
  • Built-in 110V light socket


  • You can use it in your house and your workshop alike thanks to the 17-inch swing.
  • 1 HP motor is what I call a “Moderately Powerful” one. In other words, it becomes 1720 RPM.
  • The lowest speed is 140rpm which is perfect for woodworking and wood carving.
  • You can drill reasonably deep with the 3-1/4-inch spindle.
  • The cast Iron Table comes with a precision control to help you drill accurately.


  • The adjustment belt is difficult to handle.

Advantages of the Top Floor Drill Presses in 2020

While Benchtop Drill Presses are newer additions to your arsenal, floor drill presses have some perks that these newbies can’t and simply can’t replace. What are these? Let’s find out.

First advantage a floor model has over its benchtop counterpart is that its steady. Even if it provides super high speed level, it remains steady throughout your drilling session. That means, no vibrations. Of course, the old models will vibrate a little but that’s nowhere close to how much your benchtop usually vibrates when you yank up the speeds.

The next thing I found great about these tools is the range of speed. Benchtop models generally come with five to eight levels of speed. Rarely you see 10 or more. But hey, floor drill presses yank up the speed level to 16 regularly. The highest speed they can pull off often goes past the 2500 RPM mark. Some models take it beyond 3500 RPM at their highest.

I found “End to End” drilling of a large object quite helpful with the floor models. With the benchtops, you need to reposition your drill a lot for these tasks. But floor models are already big. They require seldom to no tweaking at all. Just move the piece you are drilling and that is it!

Mortising is a big part of drilling. You can do it with the floor or stationary models better than the benchtops. While we are comparing the two, I must say, benchtop models of the same brand do support mortising elements of their floor counterparts these days. But if you want only one type of drill press, I’d vote for the stationary one for better mortising.

Another perk of owning a floor model is that you can turn the head to a 360-degree angle. While benchtops do have this feature, you don’t get to turn the head all the way around for a better result.

If you are looking for a machine for commercial purposes, my vote goes in favor of the stationary drill presses hands down! These things pack bigger punches, have more power in them, can drill deeper than the benchtops, and can take the load of constant drilling like you

Final Verdict

These are the best 5-floor drill presses with featuring some important options and quality for the different kind of drilling projects. If you are looking for the best floor drill press in the “Floor Drilling Category”, this is the perfect article to kick-off your research.

You can do an in-depth research of your own or consider the features of these floor drills before buying the best-fitted one for you.

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