Best Garage Storage System For A Cluttered Garage In 2020

Whether you’re caught up in spring cleaning or have simply caught a cleaning bug, one of the most difficult places in the home to thoroughly clean is the garage. Because the garage becomes an easy dumping ground for large quantities of personal possessions, you’ll likely need to implement some type of garage storage system in order to get this part of your home in order.

There are a wide variety of garage storage system solutions available today, so there’s an excellent probability that there will be one available to fit your needs and your budget. To make your search for the right garage storage solution easier, this list of the top 10 best garage storage systems for 2020 provides an assortment of easy-to-compare specifications and key details.

Each garage storage system is designed to optimize your limited garage space by organizing either a broad assortment of loose parts or a very specific piece of large-scale equipment. In either case, you’ll find that there is a storage system available that will finally help you bring order to your cluttered garage.

Best Garage Storage System – Comparison

PictureBike NameColorMaterialPrice
NewAge 50421 7-Piece GarageNewAge 50421 7-Piece GarageGraySteelCheck Latest Price
Fleximounts 4×8 Heavy-Duty OverheadFleximounts 4×8 Heavy-Duty OverheadBlackMetalCheck Latest Price
Racor PHL-1R Heavy Lift CeilingRacor PHL-1R Heavy Lift CeilingBlackSteelCheck Latest Price
Seville Classics Commercial 7-TierSeville Classics Commercial 7-TierGrayPlasticCheck Latest Price
Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW-12TC 12Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW-12TC 12WhitePlasticCheck Latest Price
Omni Tool Wall Mount Tool StorageOmni Tool Wall Mount Tool StorageSteelCheck Latest Price
Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVBWall Control 30-WGL-200GVBGalv/Black20 Gauge SteelCheck Latest Price
UltraHD Stainless Steel Tall StorageUltraHD Stainless Steel Tall StorageWhiteStainless SteelCheck Latest Price
PortaMate PBR-001 Wood OrganizerPortaMate PBR-001 Wood OrganizerBlack/YellowMetalCheck Latest Price
RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak HoistRAD Sportz 1004 Kayak HoistBlackCheck Latest Price


10 Best Garage Storage System – Reviews

Based upon a wealth of market research from consumers, here are 10 of the most popular and best-performing garage storage systems available from retailers in 2020. Each listing includes a detailed review that highlights the product’s unique features, as well as specifications that allow the product to remain useful as a long-term storage solution.

1. NewAge 50421 7-Piece Garage Cabinets

NewAge 50421 7-Piece Garage Cabinets

The NewAge 50421 7-Piece Garage Cabinets have become a quick favorite among those looking for a holistic solution to garage storage. With seven storage cabinets of varying sizes and shapes, this storage system will almost certainly have space to storage many of your garage essentials with room to spare.

This storage solution has been optimized for the craftsman or craftswoman’s garage, providing an exceptional amount of storage space for everything from the smallest screw to the largest gardening tool. This optimization focuses around the central worktop, which comes in either bamboo or stainless steel. You’ll be able to work at this worktop even at night with the LED light fixture that comes standard with this model, as well.

Craftsmen and women will additionally appreciate two of this garage storage system’s key features – twin 48”x 77” cabinets. These tall storage cabinets can be outfitted with shelves to hold boxes, crates, and more. If you have a need for more open interior space, though, you can leave out the shelves and create a space ideal for everything from shovels and rakes to hoes and hoses.

The NewAge 50421 is also exceptionally durable. Built with heavy-duty 24-gauge steel, every inch of this garage storage system is designed to remain sturdy for years and years of effective storage. With this quality and construction, it’s no wonder that the NewAge 50421 is among the priciest garage storage solutions on the market.

But based on the reactions of NewAge 50421 owners, the cost is hardly a barrier to acquiring a top-quality storage solution. These owners rave that this model represents the exact garage storage system they had long searched for, one that imitates the space and quality of auto mechanic shop storage. Once you assemble the NewAge 50421, you too will be able to appreciate its exceptional capacity for storage in your cluttered garage.

What We Like:

  • Built with durable 24-gauge steel
  • Centered on worktop surface, with customizable Slatwall backsplash
  • Features twin 48”x 77” cabinets (among other lockable options)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Full assembly required

2. Fleximounts 4×8 Heavy-Duty Overhead Garage

Fleximounts 4x8 Heavy-Duty Overhead Garage

Fleximounts has endeavored to create a unique garage storage system that takes advantage of previously unutilized space. The Fleximounts 4×8 Heavy-Duty Overhead Garage Storage Rack meets this need and more, providing not only a modular, ceiling-mounted storage system but also an exceptional degree of durability to keep your personal possessions safe.

Many would-be garage cleaners worry about placing all of their crates and totes on the floor, where they are susceptible to damage from impacts and water. The Fleximounts 4×8 waylays this concern by taking every last tote off of the floor and storing it high above, where water and grim cannot reach it. In many ways, this storage system can act as a second attic for storing seasonal and unused items.

Of course, the Fleximounts 4×8 provides plenty of storage space and capacity. Each module provides 105 cu. ft. of flat storage space, ideal for crates and totes. Each storage palette can be hung from double-braced ceiling brackets at between 22” and 40”, allowing for flexibility in a vertical placement. The use of double bracing in this system sets it apart from other similar storage solutions by providing twice as many ceiling-mounted connections.

Every inch of the Fleximounts 4×8 is built to last as well, with all supports, palettes, and fixtures created from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel. As a result of this firm construction, this storage solution is capable of holding up to 600 pounds safely.

Fleximounts 4×8 owners are more than satisfied with their purchase. Some have even found additional functionality for their new garage storage system by hanging bikes from the integrated wire rack palettes. At such an affordable price, there’s simply no reason to pass on this storage solution and miss out on optimizing unused space in your garage.

What We Like:

  • 105 cu. ft. of ceiling-mounted storage space
  • Durable cold-rolled steel construction
  • Adjustable double-braced ceiling brackets

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Difficult to add and remove crates from shelf once installed

3. Racor PHL-1R Heavy Lift Ceiling Storage

Racor PHL-1R Heavy Lift Ceiling Storage

Cable-lifted platforms represent another excellent method for taking advantage of otherwise unused lateral space in your garage. The Racor PHL-1R Heavy Lift Ceiling Storage system is among the best in this category, as it provides both safeties for your possessions and simple lifting technology for easy access.

Traditional ceiling-mounted garage storage systems are difficult to access without a ladder and some considerable upper body strength. The Racor PHL-1R eliminates this inconvenience with its easy lifting technology. Equipped with a manual-powered crank, this model’s built-in steel cable system allows you to easily raise and lower the central palette for stress-free access.

With a compact 4”x4” design, The Racor PHL-1R provides 16 cu. ft. of flat storage space for everything from totes to sizable appliances. While this is less overall space than some traditional ceiling mounted storage systems, this model makes up for this decrease in space with the aforementioned increase in convenience.

One foreseeable drawback of a cable-mounted storage system is simple instability. The Racor PHL-1R mitigates this concern through its use of vinyl-coated steel cable. This model provides additional safety through a series of built in safety catches, which prevent sudden releases caused by instability. That degree of safety is sure to keep your 250 pounds of possessions secure for the long-term.

Owners have found the Racor PHL-1R to their liking, especially with regards to convenience and ease of use. One owner has even applied some creativity to his garage storage system, using the Racor PHL-1R to hold is jeep back and lower it into place for convenient reinstallation. The Racor PHL-1R, in total, is a great ceiling-mounted garage storage option, especially if you are looking for vertical storage combined with easy access.

What We Like:

  • The easy-to-operate crank-powered lift system
  • Built-in safety mechanisms
  • Holds up to 250 pounds

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lower-than-average storage space


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4. Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 22-Bin

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 22-Bin

When you have a wide variety of small parts in need of organization, you need a multi-bin garage storage solution like the Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System. This model is built with an easy organization in mind, providing you with several shelves and a multitude of bins that are both durable and easy to label.

Perhaps the Seville Classics’ greatest asset is its exceptional storage capacity. With seven steel wire shelves, this garage storage system provides plenty of space without becoming too bulky. These steel wires are protected with a kind of platinum epoxy, increasing their overall strength and resilience

Though these shelves function well alone, they can be made even more functional with the 22 sliding and locking polypropylene bins that come standard with the Seville Classics. These bins can be used for a variety of purposes, including holding assorted assembly materials like screws and wing nuts. The bins come in several different sizes as well, allowing even a pair of wrapped extension cords to rest in the largest bins.

All of the Seville Classics’ storage capacity isn’t stationary, either. In fact, it’s fairly portable thanks to the four easy-roll wheels attached at the base. With this added functionality, you may even find a use for this storage system beyond the garage. Because the bins are NSF/ANSI Standard 2 certified, they can even be used to organize and store food equipment.

For a wide variety of storage needs, the Seville Classics is among the best. But there’s frankly no better place to use this model than in your garage, as you work to organize every last ounce of clutter.

What We Like:

  • 7-tiered shelves designed for bins
  • Ships with 22 durable, NSF/ANSI Standard 2 certified bins
  • Enhanced portability with base wheels

What W e Didn’t Like:

  • Tall construction may cause this model to become top heavy

5. Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW-12TC 12 Compact

Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW-12TC 12 Compact

For a value-conscious garage storing system, turn to the Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW-12TC 12 Compact Shelving System. With simple assembly and a considerable weight capacity, this garage storage solution remains considerably useful without breaking the bank.

With a 4×3 grid pattern layout, the Bin Warehouse’s layout is designed to hold up to 12 large-sized storage totes. In fact, this model’s production company even offers a special deal wherein a purchaser of the Bin Warehouse can also purchase space-optimized totes at a far lower price tag. This can help to save even more money on top of the Bin Warehouse’s already affordable price tag.

The Bin Warehouse’s sturdy structure is certified to hold up 600 pounds. Often value-conscious garage storage systems are prone to weak construction and low carrying capacities, but not so with the Bin Warehouse. While this model is designed to rest on the floor, it can also be mounted to the wall for added space optimization.

While some customers voiced minor inconveniences related to ill-fitting, generic brand totes, most were overall pleased to have finally found an affordable garage storage system. Mixed reviews aside, this storage system is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a simple shelving unit that won’t break your budget.

What We Like:

  • Value-conscious price tag
  • Holds up to 600 pounds
  • Holds up to 12 large-sized totes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May not fit all 18- and 22-gallon totes

6. Omni Tool Wall Mount Tool Storage System

Omni Tool Wall Mount Tool Storage System

It’s difficult to argue with an old-fashioned garage storage system, especially one that has been proven to be effective for so many homeowners over the decades. The Omni Tool Wall Mount Tool Storage System is a modern iteration of a time-honored storage solution, one that keeps large-scale tools in plain view for easy access.

Unlike old-fashioned peg tool racks, though, the Omni Tool Wall Mount provides more customizability to fit your specific tool storage needs. The 46-inch main track is dotted with inlets, each 1 inch apart, into which each holder attachment can be placed. The Omni Tool Wall Mount ships six attachments in total – four long (6 inches) and two short (4 inches) – to provide you with several different options for mounting your large tools.

Worth noting, this storage system isn’t limited to holding only six tools. In fact, the long attachments are designed to hold the weight of multiple tools, including brooms, racks, snow shovels, weed whackers and more. The entire system is built to hold its 200-pound capacity using heavy-duty steel construction.

Omni Tool Wall Mount owners are glad to have picked it as their first garage storage system. Many note how their lawn tools were clogging up their small capacity garage until they implemented this garage storage system. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That mantra is embodied in the Omni Tool Wall Mount, making it a great storage system for a garage cluttered by lawn and garden tools.

What We Like:

  • Holds up to 200 pounds of lawn and garden gear
  • Four long and two short interchangeable holder attachments
  • Heavy duty steel construction

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only ideal for tools, not boxes or totes

7. Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel

Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel

When it comes to finding the garage storage system that is right for you, sometimes the conventional path is the most productive. Though traditionally geared at handymen and women, the Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer remains one of the sturdiest, most versatile solutions when it comes to cleaning up an abundance of tool clutter.

The central pegboard itself is constructed from cut galvanized steel, an industrial grade metal that is designed to remain sturdy for years and years after installation. With both circular and long slots, you’ll be able to secure ¼ inch hooks, brackets, and shelves onto the Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB. In fact, this model even comes standard with several shelves of its own, allowing you to begin the clean up as soon as you finish the installation.

The Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB also includes several magnetic panels, allowing you to take advantage of many tools’ naturally magnetic properties to make storage and access a snap. Even installation takes only minutes, as it can be mounted onto nearly any type of secure garage wall. Should you need even more storage space, the Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB’s modular construction makes adding additional panels a quick job.

Overall, this versatile garage storage solution is a worthwhile choice for those looking to bring order to their toolbox or work surface. With fewer tools lying about, you’ll finally be able to rearrange your garage with easy access in mind.

What We Like:

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Can accept ¼ inch hooks, brackets, and shelves
  • Modular design for quick expansion

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hooks and brackets add to the overall cost


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8. UltraHD Stainless Steel Tall Storage Cabinet

UltraHD Stainless Steel Tall Storage Cabinet

The practical-minded cleaner knows that your garage storage need not be fancy. But if it isn’t fancy, it should at least be sturdy, and purpose-built. Enter, the UltraHD Stainless Steel Tall Storage Cabinet. This cabinet-style storage solution optimizes its internal space without wasting effort on added frills. This cabinet gets the job done when it comes to organizing your garage.

Each shelf in the UltraHD can hold up to 150 pounds by itself. With four shelves in total, this model can easily hold up to 600 pounds of gear, tools, and other outdoor equipment. The two mounted doors add an additional degree of storage, as their slotted design allows hooks and hanging shelves to easily attach to their interior.

The UltraHD is also a great storage solution if you are trying to make your garage more user-friendly for your kids. For example, side-by-side UltraHD cabinets can be labeled for storage of one child’s soccer equipment, while another is set aside for another child’s lacrosse gear. With industrial grade base-mounted wheels, these shelves can easily be moved about while you sweep and mop the garage.

With a solid, stainless-steel body, there’s no doubt that this garage storage system will stand up to exterior wear and tear. Owners of the UltraHD generally agree, with many saying that they have never used such a sturdy and mobile shelving unit before. Because of its strength, size, and capacity, the UltraHD comes in on the pricy side. But this cost factor can be rationalized when considering the considerable quality you’ll get with this product.

What We Like:

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Holds up to 600 pounds over four 150-pound shelves
  • Cabinet-style with enhanced portability

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Bulky construction may not be optimal for small garages

9. PortaMate PBR-001 Wood Organizer

Some garages become cluttered with an assortment of building material that is being saved for a future project. Rather than allow that lumber and metal to hog up valuable floor space, consider installing the PortaMate PBR-001 Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Rack as your next garage storage system. With a simple vertical peg storage system, you’ll have all of your scrap materials in line in short order.

Part of what makes the PortaMate PBR-001 such a useful garage storage system is its surprising versatility. With 12 total pegs in a standard installation, you potentially have room to hang up to 12 different bags, chains, or rope coils. When using the peg sets in parallel, you’ll able store a variety of lengthy raw materials, including lumber, firewood, gutters, sheet metal, PVC, and metal pipes.

In fact, you can even place boards across the pegs in order to make simple shelves for holding bags of salt and mulch. All of this storage capacity is supported by a durable structure, made entirely from powder-coated 1-inch steel tubes

Some owners of the PortaMate PBR-001 have even found creative uses for it beyond storing building material. One owner has hung several weighty golf bags from the bottom pegs, while hockey sticks and skateboards have been stacked up on each of the top-most pegs. Taken together, the PortaMate PBR-001 is perhaps one of the most versatile garage storage systems available today.

What We Like:

  • Simple design for easy use
  • Affordably priced
  • Holds up to 600 pounds across six 100-pound shelves

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot hold totes or crates

10. RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist

RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist

Sometimes, the heart of the clutter in your garage can be owed to a single, large piece of recreational equipment. Wherever it lays, extra clutter tends to build up. To get such a space-hogging implement out of your valuable floor space, suspend it in your unused vertical space using the RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist.

Despite its name, the RAD Sportz 1004 is capable of holding more than just kayaks. Canoes and mountain bikes can also be mounted and suspended using this garage storage system. Even a large, industrial ladder can be stored away using this suspension system.

When lifting up to its 12 ft. maximum height, you can be sure that the RAD Sportz 1004 won’t damage your favorite recreation equipment. With its unique rubber-coated hooks, your equipment up to 125 pounds won’t come down covered in scrapes and gouges. A set of specialized safety catches also help this storage system remain safe, preventing damages caused by the accidental release.

Though it is not the most versatile garage storage system, the RAD Sportz 1004 is able to accomplish its main job with unmatched ability. If you need to get your sizable recreational equipment off of your garage floor, no other storage system will be able to do it better.

What We Like:

  • Ideal for holding extra-large recreational equipment
  • Includes safety locks
  • Holds up to 125 pounds

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Straps are known to wear through quickly


In review, you have a wide selection of options available to you when it comes time to cut the clutter and invest in a garage storage system. Whether your needs are precise or broad, this list surely includes an option that will find a comfortable place in your garage. When you get down to it, you’ll find that the best garage storage system for 2020 is the one that helps you to de-clutter your garage and preserve your hard-earned open space.

Once you implement your new garage storage system, be sure to look into more tips and tricks for organizing your personal belongings, both in the home and in the garage.

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