Best Gas Water Heater For Instant Heating - 2020 Reviews

Best Gas Water Heater For Instant Heating – 2020 Reviews

Every home needs a heater. Even for those that have an existing heater, they can be inefficient and keep you waiting far too long to get that hot water. Old systems can also leave you paying a lot more for energy that you need to.

Thankfully there are a lot of gas heaters out there which are going to be able to give you an endless flow of heat. They are also very easy to use, easy to install and are going to be able to cut down on your costs with a much more modern system.

As with many great products on the market, it can be hard to work out which one will be the best for you. Here we review all of the top heaters to make sure you find the best gas water heater for your space.

Best Gas Water Heater – Comparison

Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor6.6 GPM120,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Happybuy 18L Propane Hot1.6 GPM36,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Rheem RTGH-95DVLN9.5 GPM199,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
 Camplux Pro 26L 6.86 GPM Outdoor Camplux Pro 26L Outdoor6.86 GPM180,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless3 GPM80,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Rinnai V65IN Indoor Low6.6 GPM150,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series9.8 GPM199,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless6.6 GPM140,000 BTUCheck Latest Price
MAREY Gas 10L Tankless Water3.1 GPM79,228 BTUCheck Latest Price


The 10 Best Gas Water Heaters To Instantly Heat Your Water

Here are our reviews of 10 best heaters to find the best gas water heater for you to safely heat your space.

1. Noritz NRC66DVNG Indoor Condensing Direct

    The first thing that you want to have with a water heater is a continuous flow of hot water. It’s exactly what you’ll get with this water heater as you won’t have to worry about ever getting sprayed with cold water when you’re having a wash.

    Despite having that great level of power, it is also able to give it to you with a high level of efficiency. It will make sure that your bills don’t skyrocket and get out of control. It’s also easy to vent too and adds to the overall ease of use that you have with this heater.

    A great aspect of this heater is that it can be remote controlled. You’ll be able to set it up from anywhere without having to get up and see to your heater. The heater has a small footprint, allowing you to place it easily in tight spaces.

    With high powered heaters, one downside that you can get is the noise output that they have. Thankfully Noritz has been able to make this brilliantly quiet. Added to the consistent output it has, it makes for a great heater.

    One negative that can happen is the so-called ‘sandwich effect’ where after a short amount of time there can be a burst of cold water. That can be a common problem with tankless water heaters and therefore it’s not much of an issue.

    What we liked:

    • Continuous hot water
    • Easy to vent
    • Impressive efficiency
    • Can be remote controlled
    • 5 GPM
    • Quiet operation
    • Consistent output temperature
    • Easy to understand instructions
    • Small footprint

    What we didn’t like:

    • Coldwater burst
    • Poor customer service

    2. Happybuy 18L Propane Hot Water Heater

      If you are looking for a certain size of water heater then there’s a good chance that Happybuy is able to offer you exactly what you need. Their top of the range model offers 4.8 GPM but there are also numerous other options available depending on your requirements.

      This is a tankless water heater which is going to be able to provide you with a low profile. It makes installation easy as you’ll be able to put the heater anywhere. Added to that, it also comes in a solid stainless-steel case.

      That case not only helps to give it a stylish design but it will also prevent any corrosion from occurring. To go with its good looks, there is also a very clear LED display to give you the information that you need straight away.

      As well as the great heating features it has, the heater is also very safe with numerous features to prevent overheating or any electrical problems. The lightweight design also helps to give you a wide range of places where you’re going to be able to place the heater.

      A negative of this model is that it can be quite difficult to install when compared to some of its rivals. That’s not helped by the poor instructions that come with it. Once you have it installed, however, you’re going to be left with a high-quality heater.

      What we liked:

      • Tankless heater
      • 8 GPM
      • Stainless steel case
      • Clear LED display
      • Easy to adjust
      • Numerous safety features
      • Lightweight design
      • Various buying options

      What we didn’t like:

      • Low-quality instructions
      • Can take time to install

      3. Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor

        In this modern-day, efficiency has never been so important. You want to make sure that you’re doing your bit for the planet but also that you’re saving yourself money. Despite its incredible output, this model is able to work at full capacity with minimal energy loss.

        Durability is also important with any heater as you want to ensure that it’s going to last for a good number of years. With the stainless steel shell that it has, together with its overall build quality, this heater is going to last for a very long time.

        The 9.5 GPM that it has is much higher than many of its rivals. That means there can be a number of different water appliances on at once and you’ll still be able to get that constant flow of hot water that everyone wants.

        Not only is the heat capacity high but it will also come through the system very consistently. For those looking for constant hot water, you’re not going to go wrong with this model. The easy controls also give it a very high level of usability.

        With that power does come with a higher level of noise. This will only be an issue if you’re going to place it in a position where this would be an annoyance. There is also a temperature limit of 120 degrees which might not be ideal for those who want the very hottest of showers.

        What we liked:

        • Great energy efficiency
        • Made from stainless steel
        • Easy controls
        • 5 GPM
        • High capacity
        • High build quality
        • Unlimited hot water
        • Consistent temperature

        What we didn’t like:

        • Can be a little noisy
        • Low hot water ceiling

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        4. Camplux Pro 26L 6.86 GPM Outdoor Natural

          Camplux Pro is another company who have been able to create a heater which is tankless and isn’t going to take up a lot of space wherever you place it. It works perfectly outdoors without being much of an eyesore.

          As well as having an impressive level of efficiency, the heater also has very low emission levels and you don’t have to worry about damaging the environment. Even with those low emissions, you still get all of the power that you need.

          Whether you are having a shower or washing the dishes, you’re going to be able to get an endless supply of hot water for all the family. It’s also reliable and you won’t have to worry about having any cold spots coming through.

          Installation can take a while if you are doing it yourself but it’s a fairly straightforward process. Once it’s installed, the heater is going to be very easy to use. That’s helped by the remote control to give you easy operation wherever you are in the home.

          Some users have reported some issues with the ignition but it’s a rare issue. Overall, this gas heater ticks all of the right boxes and added to the high capacity it has, there is also a wide range of great safety features to give you the ultimate protection.

          What we liked:

          • 86 GPM
          • Tankless water heater
          • Low emission levels
          • Endless hot water
          • Great protection features
          • Easy to install
          • Simple to use
          • LED remote control

          What we didn’t like:

          • Can have issues with the ignition
          • Can take time to install

          5. Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Water Heater

            As you can probably guess from the name of the company, Eccotemp is determined to make heaters that are going to be environmentally friendly and highly efficient. This is a model which more than ticks those boxes.

            The downsides of this heater are that it doesn’t quite have the power that other models are able to produce. The 3 GPM is down on others which means that multi-room operation is generally not advisable without the water cooling.

            No pilot light is required which makes the operation of the water heater very easy. It is able to activate as soon as you need water meaning there is no wasted heat. The LED controls it has also make the gas water heater extremely easy to use.

            That efficiency is added to be the automatic temperature controls that it has. Those controls can cause an issue for those who live in hot climates. The reason for that is due to the fact that the system might not register that the water needs heating up if lukewarm water is coming into the system.

            Conversely, if you live in a very cold environment, you might get some issues too. The heater can stop working if it gets below freezing making it susceptible to those who live in colder areas and want a water heater that they wish to place outside.

            What we liked:

            • No pilot light required
            • 3 GPM
            • Activates on demand
            • Modern design
            • Easy to use
            • LED controls
            • Automatic temperature controls
            • Very safe
            • Tankless water heater

            What we didn’t like:

            • Can freeze
            • Also has problems in hot climates

            6. Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless


              Rinnai is experts in making high-quality heaters and this is another great product from them. With the 6.6 GPM it has, it should be able to give you that constant flow of hot water that everyone wants to have in their home.

              Despite that great power level, only low emissions are given off by the water heater. It’s a water heater that you are going to be able to place indoors and with it being a tankless heater, it’s going to be able to easily fit into any space.

              That small footprint will make it a perfect choice for those who are worried about having a bulky water heater. You don’t have to worry about noise either as it’s a model which is going to be able to quietly work away in the background.

              Installation of the heater can take a long time, especially if you don’t have any expertise in the area. Once it’s installed you will have a gas water heater that you are going to be able to depend on whatever the outdoor temperature is.

              Sometimes the heater can stop running hot and instead you will get warm water running through the system. It can be an issue for those who have very high capacity needs but for most people, it’s not going to be much of an issue. It’s a great water heater with a good level of reliability.

              What we liked:

              • 6 GPM
              • Low emissions
              • Great for indoors
              • Tankless heater
              • Lightweight design
              • Small footprint
              • High dependability

              What we didn’t like:

              • Long installation
              • Water can lose heat

              7. Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural

                Rinnai has also been able to produce this gas water heater which is in line with the general quality of all their products. It won’t let you down and with the durability that it has, it should be able to give you many years of high-quality use.

                The tankless heater doesn’t take up a lot of space which makes it ideal for indoors. It’s also perfect for indoors as it’s not going to make a lot of noise and will quietly work in the background as it delivers you plenty of hot water.

                Like all new high-quality models, it is low on emissions which is not only great for the environment but it’s also a lot better for your pocket too. It will save you money while you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water.

                The wide temperature range will be ideal for those who have a large family with people who like to have their water at different temperatures. These great features come of the cost of being difficult to install and therefore you might need some experts to get it done.

                The hot water can take a little bit of time to come through but this is a very minor issue. Once the hot water is flowing then you are going to be able to trust that it will then come through at a consistent rate without any variation.

                What we liked:

                • Tankless heater
                • Stylish design
                • Space-saving design
                • Great for indoors
                • Low emissions
                • High efficiency
                • Wide temperature range

                What we didn’t like:

                • Can be difficult to install
                • Hot water can take time

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                8. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater

                  The 6.6 GPM on this water heater ranks alongside most domestic models which are going to be able to give you a great flow of water. That hot water will come to you in a continuous flow, meaning you never have to worry about being in the shower for too long.

                  Even with that high level of power, the water heater has a small footprint which allows it to easily be placed anywhere indoors. You don’t have to worry about it being too noisy either as it will easily tick over quietly in the background.

                  Whereas others can be difficult to install, this water heater can be easy to place into your home and replace your old inefficient model. Added to that simple operation is the fact that the water heater is also very easy to use to get exactly what you want.

                  There is a short hot water delay for the water to come through but this is only a minimal amount of time. It’s on par with most other models and therefore it’s not something that you are going to need to worry about.

                  You might need to descale the water heater every now and again but that is only going to be a small job. Apart from those minor issues, this is a water heater which is hugely impressive. It will give you warm water time and time again.

                  What we liked:

                  • 6 GPM max flow rate
                  • Small footprint
                  • Easy to install
                  • Simple to use
                  • Quiet operation
                  • Continuous hot water
                  • High capacity

                  What we didn’t like:

                  • Requires frequent descaling
                  • Short hot water delay

                  9. MAREY Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater

                    This is one of the most compact designs that are available making it ideal for those who have to work in tighter spaces than others. That compact size does come with a slight loss of power but that is to be expected with the smaller capacity it has.

                    The heater can work in low pressure making it ideal for those households who can often suffer from that problem. The temperature can be a little inconsistent at times but will be able to stay at a comfortable level for whenever you need it.

                    It is able to give you the hot water that you need instantly with very little delay. You also get the temperature control that you need in order to get the right heat for you. Sometimes the water can come through a little too hot and that’s something that you should be aware of.

                    The overall design of this gas water heater makes it very cost-effective and you won’t have to worry about your bills getting out of control. It is able to give you that efficiency to enable you to have even more money in the long run.

                    No electric connection is going to be required and that makes set-up very easy. It makes this water heater ideal for those who live in smaller accommodation and don’t require quite the same level of capacity that others will need.

                    What we liked:

                    • Compact design
                    • Can work with low pressure
                    • Great efficiency
                    • Hot water on demand
                    • No electric connection required
                    • Easy temperature control
                    • Cost-effective
                    • Nice design

                    What we didn’t like:

                    • Can be too hot
                    • Inconsistent temperature

                    10. Tengchang 18L 4.8 GPM Tankless Hot Water Heater

                      At 4.8 GPM this model doesn’t quite have the flow rate of others but what does have is an 18-liter capacity. It’ll give you a good amount of heat flow as long as you don’t have too many applications running at the same time.

                      For those looking for a highly efficient model, this could be ideal for you was there is going to be a very minimal amount of heat waste. That will help to keep your bills down but also do your own little bit for the environment as well.

                      In terms of safety, this is another gas water heater which is able to excel. There are many fail-safes to give you that peace of mind in terms of this being a water heater that you can trust and one that is going to last for many years.

                      For those with large families, they may see the GPM of this model as a bit more of an issue. For most users, it’s not going to be a problem and you’ll be able to use this gas water heater a lot without ever running out of that water.

                      The instructions that come with it could do with being a little clearer but once you get used to it the heater is going to be quite easy to use. Overall it’s a good model and deserves its place with all the other great water heaters in this list.

                      What we liked:

                      • 8 GPM
                      • Highly efficient
                      • Low-pressure startup
                      • Great safety features
                      • Easy to control
                      • Thin profile

                      What we didn’t like:

                      • Lower heat capacity
                      • Poor instructions

                      Wrap up

                      If you want to be able to heat up your space safely and quickly, then all of the gas water heaters in this list are going to be able to do a fantastic job. It’s important to choose the best gas water heater for you and that will come down to the space that you have and the overall capacity that you need.

                      All these have a great level of quality and reliability but all come with their own different levels of capacity, as well as profile and gallons per minute flow rate. As soon as you’ve chosen the perfect heater for you, you’ll be able to enjoy that constant flow of hot water and a much more efficient system.

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