Best Heated Jacket Out There 2020 (Reviews & Comparison)

Whether it’s to ward off the cooling weather or just the harsh rains, having a heated jacket can make staying outside a whole lot easier. Here’s a brief look at some of the best out there.

People like to be warm. This is why people have high heating bills during cold weather. However, we can’t always stay inside. Sometimes, people have to go out and this is where heated jackets come in. If you’re someone who stays outside in the cold a lot then buying the best jacket possible is a good investment for you.

The problem is that there’s a lot of competition in the market right now. There are hundreds of possible purchases out there and you’ll want to be selective about your purchase. Here’s a brief look at what’s out there and a few pointers on how to select the right heated jacket for your needs.

Top 10 Heated Jackets - Comparison

Jacket Image

Jacket Name

Outer Shell



Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s 12-Volt Max

100% Polyester

3.8 pounds

Water resistant polyester

6 pounds

DEWALT DCHJ062C1 Camo Heated Jacket Kit

Water resistant Camo

6 pounds

DEWALT DCHJ068B Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

Wind Resistant Polyester

3.1 pounds

Soft shell


Water resistant Camo

4 pounds

Water resistant twill

2.8 pounds

Wind Resistant Polyester

4.1 pounds

A rugged wind and water resistant

4.2 pounds

Mini rip

2.8 pounds

Why a Heated Jacket?

The big question that needs to be answered first is why would you go the extra distance and buy a heated jacket? Wouldn’t an ordinary jacket be a better option?

For one, a heated jacket has a big advantage over their ordinary alternative: the heat factor. Wearers of unheated jackets will have to depend solely on the heat generated by their bodies. This can be pretty meager depending on how bad the weather is. It can get even worse if water has managed to seep in and wet your body.

Additionally, heated jackets are a lot more comfortable than ordinary jackets. Ordinary jackets often don’t have the additional lining and waterproofing that heated jackets have to protect their heating elements and their power source. This provides another layer of protection from the cold that outdoor lovers would be able to appreciate.

Finally, there is a certain level of convenience in heated jackets. Most of the time, to duplicate the warmth and comfort of a heated jacket, people would bundle up in multiple jackets.

This can severely affect their capacity to move and the like. With a heated jacket, you can have all that heat and yet still be able to move comfortably and easily.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Heated Jacket

Now that you’ve decided to buy a heated jacket, it’s time to think about the factors you need to consider when buying one. Here’s a short list of what I think should prioritize in terms of their importance.

Heating Ability

This is the main reason you are buying the jacket after all. You will need to check out how well the jacket will keep you warm. Determine how high a temp it can produce and how long that heating will be able to last.


Part of keeping warm is having a jacket that will keep the heat in and the cold out. The deciding component of this is the material that the jacket is made of. Some materials are a lot better than others for insulation and heating purposes.


Keeping you warm does not come out of nowhere. Heated jackets depend on electricity to provide that warmth. You’ll want to find out whether you need a charge or separate power packs for your heated jacket to keep running.


The next one is the fit. You want a jacket to be as comfortable as possible and this means picking a jacket that is one size too large. This gives you some room to move, while also providing some growing space for you in the future.


Looking good may not be a high priority, but you’ll want to look nice to others. The colors and jacket design should look decent enough to have people give you a second look.


Price is still a consideration. If you’ve got a big budget, this should not be a problem, but not everyone has deep pockets. Try to pick a jacket that provides you

With those factors in mind, here are some of the ten best heated jackets on the market right now.

10 best Heated Jackets - Review

1. Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s 12-Volt Max

Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s 12-Volt Max

The Bosch PSJ120M is a great heated jacket that should keep you warm in the coldest environments. Whether it is wind or rain, you will be able to have warmth. Very high in quality, it is powered by a 12-volt max power tool battery system.

This should get you around six hours at the lowest setting. It has three heating elements in the front and the back.

Operating it should be pretty easy. It has three simple push button settings. Before you go out in the cold set it either at low, medium, or high. You can start warming up in a few seconds. Combine that with five pockets, you have a very comfortable jacket.

The power pack doesn’t just power your heater – you can hook up most USB compatible devices to it. Made of polyester, it is resistant against wind and rain.

The jacket looks great, too. Several zippers and velcro patches ensure that you won’t have any problem in zipping up. Overall, you get a lot of value for the price that you are paying for it.


  • It warms up very quickly.
  • Six hours of heating is very good for your


  • You may prefer buttons instead of velcro.

2. DEWALT DCHJ060C1 Black Heated Jacket

DEWALT DCHJ060C1 Black Heated Jacket

This DCHJ060C1 is an interesting heating jacket that comes with a 20V MAX Battery that can deliver 7.5 hours of heating. This is directed at four different areas: left and right chest, mid-back, and the collar.

I am really loving the collar heating since that is usually where the cold starts. It even has a pre-heat function so that you can get heated the moment you put it on.

The polyester soft shell jacket is a good fit with over five pockets to fit your devices in. You can even charge them up if they are USB compatible. It does manage to shake off dirt easily thanks to the material.

Whatever sticks you will need to hand wash away to ensure that the heating elements are in good condition. The sizing is a bit off though. Fortunately, the material has 5% spandex to it so that there’s a bit of give.

The main problem with it is that it is only water resistant and not waterproof. You will also want to avoid buying the 12V version of the battery. Go for the 20V battery since it can provide six hours of heating at medium.

Take note though that the battery is located above your lower back so if you lie down a lot when outdoors, it can be a bit uncomfortable.


  • Heated collar zone ensures that your neck stays warm.
  • It has a good fit thanks to the 5% spandex in its materials.


  • Water resistant only, which means if you’re going to get wet a lot, better find another jacket.

3. DEWALT DCHJ062C1 Camo Heated Jacket Kit

DEWALT DCHJ062C1 Camo Heated Jacket Kit

DeWalt is a popular heated jacket maker and produces some of the best out there. With four different heating zones, this should be enough to keep you warm for a satisfying 7.5 hours.

That’s a good enough time for anyone spending time outdoors. It even has a preheat function - turn it on and you will be able to wear it fully warm. With three different settings, you can choose the right amount of heating that you need.

The jacket itself feels very heavy and you should be able to feel warm and comfortable with it. It has seven pockets all through out so that you can slip in a lot of devices. It helps that you can use the USB charger to hook up other devices so that they can be charged anywhere.

As for looks, this jacket seems to be aimed hunters and other outdoorsmen. The result is that this jacket looks perfect for the outdoors, with a hood and zippers to keep you in good condition.

You also get good value for your purchase with a variety of chargers and batters. You can even buy more batteries so that you can swap them out for more run time.


  • Solid outdoorsman design makes it ideal for hunting.
  • Multiple pockets make it a convenient jacket to wear.


  • Only 1.5 hours of operations if you keep it at the highest setting.

4. DEWALT DCHJ068B Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

DEWALT DCHJ068B Bare Hooded Heated Jacket

The DCHJ068B is available in the 20V and 12V varieties and they can provide you with very good heating. This is thanks to the three core heating zones all over the chest and back area.

If I were buying, I would recommend getting the 20V variation since it can give you longer hours. The heating is combined with a polyester shell to provide you with a solid heating experience.

It is a nice-looking hoodie with two pockets for people to place their items in. It looks pretty good on most people and can keep the rain off when it’s drizzling.

With reinforced stitching, you can be sure that the cold is kept out and the warmth kept in. Another interesting feature is the fact that you can use it to charge up other USB devices, though that will eat up your reserves faster.

I enjoy the fact that there are technically four settings to the jacket: rapid heating, high, medium, and low. If I need to get warm fast I pick the rapid heat, then shift to the appropriate setting.

Battery location is also a good feature. You can place it in one of the two front pockets or in its own pocket. This allows you to shift its location so that it won’t be awkward carrying it depending on the size.


  • Rapid heat function raises your temperature quickly.
  • Alternate battery locations so that you can place it in a place that’s not awkward for you.


  • You need to buy the battery separately.

5. ORORO Men's Heated Jacket Kit With Detachable Hood

ORORO Men's Heated Jacket Kit with Detachable Hood

This is light heated jacket. I’d recommend it for joggers thanks to its 7.4V battery that can keep running for around eight hours.

That’s actually pretty impressive considering there are over seven carbon fiber heating zones all over. The thermal jacket material also helps with the heating, though it is pretty lightweight.

You can actually buy this for being a normal jacket. It’s great for running around in the early morning and you don’t even need to hook up the power. You’ll look stylish wearing this as you jog around the neighborhood.

However, it really shines when you power it up. With a pre-heat function and three separate heat levels, you should be able to keep warm despite any harsh weather. It also helps that you can charge things up using the included batter as long as it is USB compatible.


  • Seven heating zones will keep your body equally warm.
  • High power-efficiency ensures that you get a lot of hours out of it.


  • Not as durable as some people may desire.

6. DEWALT DCHJ062B Camo Heated Jacket


The DCHJ062B works great as a heating jacket thanks to the four heating zones that it offers. A single LED controller has access to all of them and you can set them to heat at three levels: low, medium, and high.

You can even get a preheating option. Using the lowest setting and th separate 20V MAX battery, you can expect to get 7.5 hours out of it.

The water-resistant shell of the jacket helps make it even warmer. There are included USB cables for cell phone charging from the jacket power source if necessary. With a removable hood and seven accessible pockets, this is an outdoorsman’s jacket.

My main problem with this product is that it only has the jacket and power source included. You will need to buy a charger and a battery separately.


  • Good heating for the price.
  • Can be easily upgraded by buying the right battery


  • Battery and charger are not included.

7. DEWALT DCHJ061C1 Hooded Heated Jacket

DEWALT DCHJ061C1 Hooded Heated Jacket

Another quality DeWalt product, the DCHJ061C1 works pretty well. At its lowest setting and using its 20V max battery, you can expect to get 7.5 hours of run time.

With three heating zones in your torso area, you will be able to be warm. With three temperature settings, you can have your choice of heating levels.

With a twill outer shell, this jacket is pretty water-resistant. There are also three pockets and an adjustable hood. You can even charge up your devices via USB compatible ports.

The fit for the jacket is pretty good and it also looks very good. The design looks great for anyone walking out or jogging. It is not as constrictive as other models, so you can have good freedom of movement.

Plus, the price for the entire package is pretty good. You get a charger, the jacket, and the battery for a reasonable price.


  • It fits very well.
  • It has a decent run time of six hour in its medium setting.


  • The battery is pretty bulky and is located in an awkward place

8. DEWALT DCHJ067B MAX Bare Hooded


This particular DeWalt jacket is a part of the series that sells separate batteries. It’s actually a pretty good move since it allows you to first get the jacket, then you can progress to actual heating.

The heating system is actual pretty standard for DeWalt, with two in front and one in the back. The great thing about it is that it works with a wide variety of batteries which you can buy off the shelf.

You can even buy a non-DeWalt battery, but that is risking it.

Made of polyester, the jacket has a hood, collar, and two pockets that can fit your purchased batteries. The hood has a built-in controller for temperature and you can set it to preheat the jacket so that you can get a solidly warm jacket before you head out. The other settings are low, medium, and high.

It looks good enough and it is pretty affordable, though the price goes up a bit since you will need to buy the battery and the charger.


  • Flexibility when it comes to the power source. You can actually buy non-DeWalt batteries and they would work fine.
  • The temperature control is in the hoodie, allowing easy access.


  • The batteries are sold separately.



The M12 Heated Jacket is a rather interesting package. This jacket has five carbon fiber heating elements separated into two zones. Thanks to the independent control, you can focus on one are or the other.

This ensures that you’re warm where you want to be. The material also helps with that, the thermal fleece lining being a prime example.

With the included M12 REDLITHIUM battery, you can be sure to get 6 hours of continuous heat. If you ever run out, you just pop in a new one and get another six hours.

Plus, you’ll always know how much power you have left thanks to the power gauge include. The great thing about it is that you can upgrade it even further by buying more powerful batteries. I would go for the M18 batteries as the best bang for your buck.

This jacket also looks great and has a great fit for most sizes. It also happens to be heavy-duty so expect yours to go through a lot of punishment. I would recommend this one to anyone who has to work in the outdoors a lot.


  • Has two separate heating elements that you can adjust temperatures independently.
  • Low heating gets you six hours on the 20V battery.


  • It can get a bit expensive.

10. Gerbing Heated Puffer Jacket

Gerbing Heated Puffer Jacket

If you’re a woman, it can be hard to find the right heated jacket. Though a lot of jackets are unisex, you may want something that works well with your figure. Heated Puffer Jacket from Gerbing is specifically designed for women though.

It has a styling look and a lot women are going to like it. This heated jacket can provide heating of 135 degrees at its highest setting.

This should be a reassuring heat for anyone going out. Unfortunately, it will only last two hours. If you set it up to heat at its lowest setting, you can get up to 8 hours of heating.

Combined with a mini-rip shell and polyester lining, you should be able to feel warm and comfortable. It helps that it is 800-fill down. It is also water resistant which helps a lot in keeping the warmth in.

It charges very quickly though. It can charge up in just a short time so that you can leave it to charge when you get home. You can even buy an extra car charger that can let you charge up while in your car.


  • Very nice-looking, it is a pretty stylish jacket.
  • It charges quickly and heats very well.


  • It is not fully waterproof so you will need to take care while traveling in the rain.

Maintenance Tips For Best Heated Jacket

Now that you’ve picked out a heated jacket, you’re going to need to maintain it in good condition. Heated jackets go through.

Your main worry should be about cleaning the jacket. It will get dirty wherever you go, whether it’s just from sweat or from dirt. The first step should be the removal of the power pack or battery. Take it out and put it somewhere safe.

Video Credit:- Mobile Warming

For the jacket itself, just bundle it into the washing machine and pour in minimal detergent. You should then set it to the lightest and gentlest setting. When done, air-dry it - putting it in the dryer will damage the wires greatly.

Repairs are also another matter. Most of the time, heated jackets are bought by hikers and outdoorsmen. This can mean that the jackets can face some wear and tear while on the trail. If they do get torn up, check the vicinity of the damage.

If none of the wires or heating elements are exposed, it should be easy enough to patch things up. However, if either of the two are damaged, you may need to call the manufacturer for help.

Keep Warm

Whether it’s for those cold motorcycle rides or hiking up the trail, having the best heated jacket possible is to your advantage.

With these tips, pointers, and initial reviews, you should have a definite idea of what you should be looking for in your heated jacket. Buy one that fits your needs best so that you’ll be warm wherever you go.

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