Best Portable Workbenches In 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to working on your next project, it’s imperative that you have a dedicated space in which to do what needs to get done. However, if you don’t have a workbench handy, it can make almost any job seem impossible.

Whether it’s sanding, sawing, measuring, or cutting, the best portable workbenches are going to make your life so much easier. Since they are designed to be carried to any job site, you can bring them along to ensure that you can work more efficiently.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to take a look at the top portable workbenches on the market today. Each of these models can enhance your workspace and help you complete the tasks you have on your to-do list. Let’s see what they have to offer. 

9 Best Portable Workbenches - Comparison


Product Name




X-Tra Hand 2-In-1 Portable Workbench

500 lbs

51 x 23 7/16 x 31 5/8 inches

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

600 lbs

31.5 x 27.8 x 31.5 inches

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function

300 lbs

31 x 25 x 32 inches

Disston 30140 Omnitable 4 In 1 Portable

500  lbs

37.5 x 18.2 x 4.2 inches

WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable

300 lbs

37 x 5.8 x 13 inches

Keter Folding Work Table

750 lbs

33.5 x 21.7 x 29.7 niches

HICO WIS03-B 3-In-1 Multi-Function

330 lbs 

47.1 x 24.5 x 3.7 inches

Performance Tool W54025 Portable

200 lbs

35 x 6 x 6 inches

QuikBENCH Portable Workbench

300 lbs

36 x 26.2 x 4.2 inches

9 Best Portable Workbenches - Review

1. X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench

X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench

When picking out the best portable workbenches, there are a lot of different features that you have to pay attention to so that you can be sure it will meet your needs. Fortunately, many models like this one from X-Tra Hand is designed to be as versatile and useful as possible.

The reason it’s called a 2-in-1 model is that it can be flipped around and utilized as a scaffold. In that position, it’s rated to hold up to 500 pounds. However, you can only do that when the legs aren’t extended, so keep that in mind.

On one side, there is a plastic tool tray that allows you to hold all of your loose gear so that it’s always within reach. Whether you’re keeping wrenches, hammers, or nails and screws nearby, the holders are convenient and highly accessible. This section also includes a V-groove so that you can cut piping without damaging the table or the material.

On the opposite end, there is a drill-through section. It is a size able hole that allows you drill uninterrupted. It also has a ruler and a protractor printed on the surface so that you can measure your cuts or drills precisely.

Finally, on the side with the tool caddy, there is a power strip built-in. Once you plug it in, you can attach all of your power tools and keep them running without having to get tangled in a mess of extension cords. Overall, this bench is perfect for almost any workshop.

What we liked:

  • Durable surface holds up to 500 pounds
  • Drill-through area on one side
  • Tool caddy on the opposite end
  • V-groove built-in for cutting pipe
  • Protractor and ruler printed on the surface
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • 51x23-inch surface area
  • Power strip on the side for electronic tools
  • Extendable legs for convenience
  • Reversible surface can be used as a scaffold
  • Non-skid feet for stability

What we didn't like:

  • In rare cases, the legs may jam when extending them
  • May not be able to support a full 500 pounds

2. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

When it comes to high-quality tools and accessories, Kreg is a brand synonymous with reliability and strength. In this case, the Mobile Project Center provides you with the options and capabilities you need to accomplish virtually any task. And, since it folds flat and comes with a carrying handle, you can bring it to any job site or keep it in storage if you have limited room in your workspace.

The first thing you’ll notice about this bench is the fact that it folds on either side. This allows it to be more customizable to suit your needs. You can turn it into a sawhorse or a vertical clamp area with a quick motion.

The surface of the bench is remarkable because it has holes for bench dogs. Thus, if you do a lot of clamping for your projects, you will appreciate the fact that you can utilize this device for everything. The top also comes with storage bins for anything you can imagine, from nails and screws to wrenches or measuring tape.

Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project

Another cool feature is the fact that you can combine two benches to increase your surface area. Either you can push them together to make a larger table, or you can connect them with 2x4 beams to get even more space. This versatility is what we appreciate most about the Kreg Mobile Project Center.

What we liked:

  • Rugged plastic surface
  • Holes included for bench dogs
  • Folding sides for more versatility
  • Built-in storage trays for parts and tools
  • Bottom shelf for additional storage
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Folds flat for easy carrying
  • Works as a sawhorse as well
  • Supports up to 350 pounds

What we didn't like:

  • In rare cases, the table may not be 100% flat when opened
  • Heavier than other portable models

3. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table

Like Kreg, Worx is another high-quality brand that offers consumer and professional-grade machines and materials for both the hobbyist and the veteran. The Pegasus is a sturdy yet lightweight convertible workbench that allows you to complete almost any job with ease. At just 28 pounds, you can bring the Pegasus wherever you go, from the remote job site to the one-car garage.

Versatility is the name of the game with this model. First, both sides fold down, converting to a sawhorse in seconds. Each end also operates independently, ensuring that you can use as much or as little table surface as necessary. When both sides are up, the Pegasus can hold up to 300 pounds. As a sawhorse, it can support up to 1000 pounds without any issues.

If you require even more surface area, then you can easily join two Pegasus tables together. They come with joining locks so that you don’t have to worry about them separating while you’re working. Alternatively, you can separate them for massive pieces that require much more space. 

The table comes with both cubbies for storing your tools and supplies, as well as holes for use with bench dogs. Clamping and measuring have never been easier once you have this table by your side.

One of the best things about the Pegasus is how compact and lightweight it is. When folded, it just measures about five inches thick. As we mentioned, it’s less than 30 pounds, making it a viable solution to most problems you can face in your workshop.

What we liked:

  • Rugged plastic and steel material
  • Two folding sides for versatility
  • Converts to a sawhorse in seconds
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transport
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Sawhorse can hold up to 1000 pounds
  • Side holders for tools and supplies
  • Holes in the surface for bench dogs
  • Bottom shelf for additional storage
  • Connect two Pegasus for more surface area
  • 31 x 25-inch table top
  • Weighs less than 30 pounds

What we didn't like:

  • Clamping surface may leave some wiggle room
  • In rare cases, the top may not be completely flat

4. Disston 30140 Omnitable 4 in 1 Portable

Disston 30140 Omnitable 4 in 1 Portable

For the most part, portable workbenches are designed to stand on its feet. However, there are a lot of different things that you can do in your workshop, which means that you might want a model that’s more versatile than usual. In that case, the Disston Omnitable is a top pick.

The reason that this workbench is so unique is that it can be converted to a dolly or a creeper as well as a scaffold. Four work options make it a much better item to have at your disposal, provided that you need dollys or creepers in your line of work. If you don’t think that you’ll use this feature, then it’s not going to add much to the experience.

Other than the fact that it comes with wheels, this workbench is a standard non-folding model. The tabletop can be flipped around to provide a non-slip surface when you’re standing on it, but the reverse side is designed for working with tools. It comes with a caddy for holding your supplies, as well as a drill hole.

Other features that we like about this workbench is the fact that it has a protractor and ruler printed on the surface, as well as a power strip on the side. Not only that but when you fold it flat to take it with you, it has a soft grip handle that makes the process so much easier. Overall, this table weighs just 32 pounds, making it extra portable.

What we liked:

  • Durable and rugged steel hammer surface
  • Tabletop is reversible for different needs
  • Comes with wheels to convert to a dolly or creeper
  • Four-in-one portable workbench
  • Weighs just 32 pounds, making it easier to carry
  • Storage bins on the surface for holding supplies
  • Power strip on the side for plugging in tools
  • Extendable legs allow the table to be a scaffold
  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Easy carry handle for transportation
  • Drill hole guide for convenience
  • Cutting groove to reduce damage to surface
  • Ruler and protractor printed on the surface

What we didn't like:

  • Can be challenging to get replacement parts
  • Wheels are not as durable as other components

5. WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table

WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table

Although having a robust and durable workbench is great for a lot of reasons, sometimes you just need a compact and lightweight surface for your smaller projects. When that need arises, you will want something like the Sidekick from Worx. We’ve already seen the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that comes from this brand, and the Sidekick is no exception.

The most notable thing about this table is its size and weight. At just 14 pounds, it’s one of the lightest workbenches you can find. Also, it’s super easy to set up and get ready, making it a viable choice for both remote work sites and small shops. Not only that, but it can be deployed as a picnic table for camping as well.

The metal feet collapse and store inside the tabletop when carrying the Sidekick, thus ensuring that it can go with you anywhere. Also, the dovetail design and locking mechanisms on the corners allow you to connect multiple models together to get more surface area.

As with the other Worx Table, this one comes with holes for bench dogs. Also, there are two deep storage caddies for your tools and supplies as necessary. While we wish that the sides could fold down to give you more versatility, the design of the legs prohibits that.

Overall, if you’re looking for a simple and easy to use surface, the Sidekick is the perfect companion, especially if you have a full-size workbench already.

What we liked:

  • Rugged yet lightweight design
  • Less than 15 pounds
  • Folding legs for easy transport
  • Dovetail design allows for combining tables
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Holes in surface for bench dogs
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Tabletop detaches for convenience
  • Easy carry handle for transportation
  • Two storage caddies for supplies
  • Works as a picnic table as well

What we didn't like:

  • Legs can be a bit flimsy
  • Folding option can’t be utilized when deployed

6. Keter Folding Work Table/Bench

Keter Folding Work TableBench

Having an extra sturdy and strong portable workbench is helpful for a lot of reasons. First, you can rely on it to last longer than the competition because it’s built to be so tough. Second, it can support bigger and more powerful tools, allowing you to get the job done more efficiently.

When compared to the other workbenches we’ve seen, the Keter Folding Table is the strongest. It’s rated to hold up to 700 pounds, meaning that you can mount all kinds of power tools to the surface, from a circular saw to a sander.

One thing that we really like about this Folding Table is that it has three height adjustments. The legs extend to bring it higher, and you can fold the tabletop up to get it even closer to you. Thus, if you’re tired of stooping and bending over to get the job done, you will love the customization offered here.

However, the thing to remember is that the 700-pound rating is for when the table is on its lowest setting. Thus, if you plan on putting some heavy machinery on top, don’t risk it with the two extensions as that could spell disaster.

Overall, this table comes with standard features, including holes for bench dogs, non-slip feet for stability, and it even has two slits for working with a power saw. Most other workbenches don’t have that capability, making this one even more special. 

Video credit - the1969info

What we liked:

  • Extra thick rugged plastic construction
  • Rated to hold up to 700 pounds
  • Extendable legs for convenience
  • Folds flat (4.4 inches) for easier transportation
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Bottom shelf for additional storage
  • Weighs less than 30 pounds
  • Holes on the surface for bench dogs
  • Storage caddy on top for tools and supplies
  • Adjustable height to meet your body type

What we didn't like:

  • Aluminum legs may not be as sturdy as the table surface
    700-pound rating is only on the shortest setting, which may be too low for some users

7. HICO WIS03-B 3-in-1 Multi-Function

HICO WIS03-B 3-in-1 Multi-Function

As we’ve mentioned previously, having an extra-versatile workbench is great for a lot of reasons. Considering that you never know what kinds of challenges you can face on the job, having a table that provides extra functions is a nice bonus. In this case, the HICO 3-in-1 converts from a workbench to a scaffold to a creeper in seconds, allowing you to do more in less time.

As with most other convertible tables, the surface can be reversed to provide a sturdy work area or a non-slip stand. On the working side, you get some bonus features that make it easier to get the job done.

These add-ons include a slot for cutting with a saw (as well as cutting pipes), a storage caddy for holding tools and supplies, and a drill-through section. A protractor and ruler are also printed on this side for precise measurements.

Unique features that come with the HICO include rope ties on the sides so that you can use the table as a dolly if necessary, as well as a power strip on the side for plugging in your tools. This table also has extendable legs with non-slip feet so that you can get more without having to upgrade to something else.

What we liked:

  • Three-in-one design
  • Workbench, scaffold, and creeper
  • Side slot for saws and cutting pipes
  • Storage caddy for tools and supplies
  • Drill through area for versatility
  • Reversible tabletop provides non-slip standing surface
  • Protractor and ruler printed on
  • Power strip on the side for convenience
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Extendable legs
  • Holds up to 330 pounds
  • Creeper wheels come with brakes
  • Rope connect holes on the sides
  • Scaffold can hold up to 650 pounds

What we didn't like:

  • Heavier than other models
  • In rare cases, the hinges may not be tight upon arrival

8. Performance Tool W54025 Portable 

Performance Tool W54025 Portable

So far, we’ve been looking at portable workbenches that can either convert to different objects (i.e., a creeper) or fold down on either side to become a sawhorse. In this case, however, the Performance Tool Multipurpose Workbench has a trick up its sleeve that no other unit does: it also acts as a vice.

Although the vice action is not as rugged as a tool designed for that specific purpose, it does help you if you’re trying to work on different pieces. Four built-in bench dogs help hold your material in place, allowing you to either cut or drill into it with impunity.

The vice action is the primary function of this table (beyond being an extra surface), although it does come with a variety of holes for additional bench dogs. Also, the braces on the bottom are open so that you can place tools such as screwdrivers inside. 

Overall, this workbench is ideal for small projects that don’t need a ton of surface area or strength. It’s not as heavy duty as other models we’ve seen, particularly when you know that it can only carry up to 200 pounds. Nonetheless, the vice capability and the lightweight design make it a great choice for smaller workshops.

What we liked:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Table slides open in the middle
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Grid, ruler, and protractor on the surface
  • One handed clamp system
  • Can be used as a vice if necessary
  • Rotating handles make it easy to open and close
  • Holes in the surface for bench dogs
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Higher than other units for comfort
  • Bottom braces have holes for tools (i.e., screwdrivers)
  • Four bench dogs built-in

What we didn't like:

  • No storage caddy included
  • Cranks can feel a bit flimsy

9. QuikBENCH Portable Workbench

QuikBENCH Portable Workbench

Our final model is another lightweight and extra-portable model. This workbench from QuickBench is designed to provide you with a lot of different features, although it’s not built to be as rugged and durable as other models we’ve seen.

When it comes to functionality, this bench has a lot to offer. The one side is a vice clamp, making woodworking and gluing easy. The surface has a lot of holes so that you can combine the table with bench dogs. The sides fold down independently so that you can get as much surface area as you need. There is a bottom shelf for storage, along with a caddy on top.

Overall, this workbench is less than 20 pounds, but it can support up to 300. It’s not the most durable model we’ve seen, but it’s perfect for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

What we liked:

  • Rugged plastic and aluminum construction
  • Folds flat for easy storage 
  • Bottom shelf for holding items
  • Top storage caddy for tools and supplies
  • Each side folds down for convenience
  • Converts to a sawhorse in seconds
  • Side piece is a vice
  • Holes in surface for bench dogs
  • Power strip for plugging in tools
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Non-slip feet for stability
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds

What we didn't like:

  • Some parts feel flimsy
  • Repairing it is challenging, and some components cannot be replaced

Final Verdict 

Since the best portable workbench is the one that suits your needs the most, it’s impossible to say that one of these units is objectively better than the rest. Thus, we want to break down our top picks based on what they are capable of and how they can help you. 

  • Most Versatile: We love the fact that the Disston Omnitable provides you with wheels so that you can convert it to a dolly or a creeper on command. Also, the design and functionality of the bench itself are top-notch, making it a winner in our book. 
  • Strongest: With a 700-pound weight capacity, the Keter Folding Work Table is by far the most rugged and dependable model we’ve seen. Also, the abundance of features doesn’t hurt either.
  • Most Portable: since we’re looking at the best portable workbenches, we want to discuss the model that’s easiest to carry and bring along. In this case, the Worx Sidekick is the lightest and most compact workbench available, making it a prime choice for additional surface area when your workspace is limited. 
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