Best Screwdriver Set In 2020: Complete Guide & Reviews

When it comes to tools that you can’t live without, the best screwdriver set is one of the top items to keep handy. It’s safe to say that screw-type fasteners help hold the world together, which is why it’s so important to have screwdrivers at your disposal.

However, not all screwdrivers are the same. Although the mechanics are identical no matter what kind you get, you have to be sure that you have the right tool for the job. So, with that in mind, we’re going to be looking at the best screwdriver sets.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional, finding a high-quality best screwdriver set is going to make your life and your work so much easier. Let’s see what these sets have to offer. 

Best Screwdriver Set - Comparison

10 Best Screwdriver Sets - Reviews 

1. Williams 100P-8MD 8-Piece Screwdriver Set

Williams 100P-8MD 8-Piece Screwdriver Set

Although screwdrivers are uncomplicated, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a lot of variety when picking out a set. In this case, we have eight different drivers that will allow you to work on a multitude of different jobs. With both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, you can do almost anything with this set. It even comes with insulated electricians drivers so that you can work on projects that may otherwise be dangerous.

When picking out screwdrivers, there are a few different components to pay attention to the most. First, there’s the handle. If this piece is too hard or uncomfortable to use, then it will render the whole thing worthless. What’s the point of having a screwdriver if it’s a pain?

The handles on these screwdrivers are remarkable for a couple of reasons. There’s a thumb stop on the front that enables you to get a better grip so that you can tighten the screw more easily. Not only that, but these handles also have hex bolsters so that you can use them in tandem with a wrench. Thus, if you need some additional torque, you have the option.

The next part of the screwdriver to pay attention to is the tip. As we mentioned, these are a mix of flathead and Phillips, but what makes them even better is that the tips are vapor blasted. This process strengthens them so that they don’t chip or break down too easily. For the most part, these two tips will work for almost any project, so you shouldn’t have to buy additional drivers, except for specific needs (i.e., Japanese Industrial Standard).

These drivers are made of a steel and chrome alloy, which means that they are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them down, and they’re ready to go for the next project. They’re also in a variety of lengths, so you shouldn’t have any problems making them work in a variety of situations.

What we liked:

  • Durable chrome blades
  • Three flatheads, three Philips
  • Two electricians screwdrivers
  • Thumb imprint for better grip
  • Vapor blasted tips for more durability
  • Tips are resistant to chipping
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hex bolsters on the handle allow a wrench to be used
  • Made in the USA

What we didn't like:

  • In rare cases, the blades may be slightly crooked
  • Electricians screwdrivers don’t have insulation all the way along the shaft

2. Wiha 32092 Slotted Screwdriver Set

Wiha 32092 Slotted Screwdriver Set

When working around electricity, safety is always a primary issue. If you’re an electrician and you have to start screwing various components, then the best thing to do is to shut the power down before you begin. However, if that’s not possible, then you will need a set of insulated screwdrivers.

If you’re not familiar with these kinds of models, they are remarkable because they can withstand substantial electric shocks. In this case, these screwdrivers are rated for up to 10,000 volts, making them an ideal choice for electricians everywhere.

The secret to their performance is the insulation of the handle and the shaft. What makes these drivers better than the competition is that the rubberized material is bonded to the metal directly. This means that there is almost no chance of the insulation wearing down or shifting while you work, making this one of the safest screwdriver sets you can buy.

The handles of these drivers are also incredible. They are thick and have a soft grip, making them comfortable and easy to use. In fact, they are so well made that they can offer up to 40% more torque than other models. They also have a thumb grip on the front so that you can work faster and more efficiently.

Overall, if you’re in need of some well-insulated electricians screwdrivers, this is the set to buy. While the tips are not reinforced, they should hold up in most situations, making them ideal for almost all environments. 

What we liked:

  • Full insulation for electric protection
  • Rated to withstand up to 10,000 volts
  • Insulation is permanently bonded to the blade
  • Soft grip handles for better torque and comfort
  • 40% more torque than other drivers
  • Three flatheads and three
  • Phillips tips
  • Thumb imprint on the handle for grip
  • Durable steel blades and shafts

What we didn't like:

  • In rare cases, the Phillips heads may wear down quickly
  • Tips are not hardened for durability

3. TEKTON 26759 Slotted Screwdriver Set

TEKTON 26759 Slotted Screwdriver Set

For the most part, screwdrivers are nice because they are incredibly versatile. When picking out the right driver for the job, you usually don’t have to be too precise. As long as the tip fits well into the slot, you should be able to fasten or loosen the screw without much trouble.

That being said, there is some benefit to getting a more extensive set of screwdrivers. Depending on your needs, you may need additional sizes and lengths to ensure that you can handle any situation that arises. In this case, having 16 drivers makes this a perfect set for most hobbyists and professionals alike.

One unique feature of the best screwdriver set is that they all come with a three-sided handle. This design is beneficial because it allows you to get the most grip while working. Round handles are nice because they feel more comfortable, but when you need more torque, a three-sided version is going to work much better overall.

The other part about the handles we appreciate is the fact that they have size markings on the butt. Since you will likely be searching for a screwdriver while they are upside down, these markings will be much easier to find.

Another thing that we like about these drivers, in particular, is that they come with a black oxide finish. This coating ensures that the molybdenum steel doesn’t break down or rust quickly, meaning that this set should last for years to come. The oxide coating is also bonded to the steel to ensure that it won’t rub off.

Finally, the tips of the flatheads are ribbed so that they grip better while turning. Smooth edges can cause you to slip out, especially if the screw is really tight. This feature shows Tekton’s commitment to detail and performance.

What we liked:

  • Long and stubby handles for versatility
  • Unique three-sided design for better grip
  • Durable alloy steel blade
  • Precision tips for accurate fit
  • Size marking on butt for quick assessment
  • Black oxide finish adds protection to metal
  • Cabinet flathead tips for better grip in screw

What we didn't like:

  • May feel a bit flimsy
  • Non-magnetic tips

4. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Set

Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Set

Although the shape and feel of your screwdrivers are going to be critical when picking out a set, you should also pay attention to the brand. In this case, Craftsman is one of the most well-known and respected companies out there, meaning that these screwdrivers may be better than the competition. If you’re familiar with Craftsman tools, you know that these are going to be some high-quality pieces.

Because this is a 17-piece set, you get a lot of different size options with these drivers. What’s nice is that they range from full-length models to stubby ones, and there’s even a micro-sized flathead if you ever need to work on small parts and components. This set also comes with a four-in-one keychain, allowing you to make repairs on the fly if necessary.

One feature that may be a little divisive is the material used for the handles. It’s a rugged plastic polymer, which means that it’s not going to be as soft and responsive as rubber, but it’s also not going to break down easily. The handles have straight edges to provide you with more torque, and you could potentially use them with a wrench if you were so inclined. 

What we liked:

  • Nine flathead screwdrivers
  • Seven Phillips heads
  • One multi-purpose keychain
  • Rugged plastic handles
  • Ribbed grips for more torque
  • Stubby and full-length sizes
  • Expertly balanced for comfort
  • Made in the USA

What we didn't like:

  • Not magnetized
  • Handles may feel too rigid for some users

5. Jakemy Screwdriver Set

Jakemy Screwdriver Set

Usually, when buying a set of screwdrivers, the components are designed to be useful in a variety of situations. However, this set from Jakemy is made for those who want to repair mobile devices such as smartphones. As such, it comes with a vast array of different tools, from screwdrivers to pliers to cutters, to suction devices.

Because we’re focusing today on screwdriver sets, we won’t get into too much detail regarding all of the other pieces contained in this kit. With 99 components, we could spend a whole article discussing individual parts.

When talking about the screwdriver, this set has a single handle and 50 different bits. For the most part, this is a great way to operate, although each bit is roughly the same length, so you won’t be able to work on pieces that require some extra reach in the shaft.

What’s nice about these bits though is that they come with a variety of tips. You get bits for all kinds of fasteners, not just flathead and Phillips. Again, they’re designed to work for mobile device repair, but you can utilize them in other situations as well.

We also like that these bits are magnetic. Since you may be dealing with some tiny screws, it’s imperative that you don’t lose them while working. Having magnetic bits ensures that you can keep your work area neat and organized and that you won’t have to spend hours searching for lost parts.

Finally, this kit also comes with a canvas carrying bag for everything. When you have so many pieces with which to work, it helps to be able to hold it all together.

What we liked:

  • Expansive set with 99 pieces
  • Durable chrome-vanadium steel components
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic options
  • Angled screwdrivers for more versatility
  • Carrying bag for all pieces
  • 50 interchangeable bits
  • Ribbed soft grip handle
  • Flathead, Phillips, and specialty tips for all occasions

What we didn't like:

  • May be too much for some users
  • In some cases, the kit may be missing pieces

6. Beginshop JEGS Performance 80755 69-pc 

If you’re looking for a complete set of different screwdrivers for your next project, then you may prefer something like this unit from Beginshop. While the Jakemy set above was designed for a particular purpose, this one is great for all kinds of situations.

Looking at the construction of these screwdrivers, they are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel. This metal is resistant to corrosion, and it ensures that you get better performance overall. Each driver also comes with a soft rubber grip that has square edges so that you get maximum torque.

What we also like about these screwdrivers is that most of them are magnetized. Usually, we prefer magnetic tips to the alternative because it’s much easier to work quickly and efficiently. Speaking of tips, you get a lot of variety with this set.

In addition to the standard flathead and Phillips tips, this set also comes with Torx heads. These days, Torx screws are becoming more prevalent, so having access to that kind of screwdriver is essential for many different applications. Also, this set has four angled screwdrivers, which allow you to work in tighter spaces.

Overall, if you need a screwdriver for any and every occasion, then this is the set to get.

What we liked:

  • Durable chrome vanadium shafts
  • Rubberized grips for comfort and handling
  • Square sides add more torque
  • Magnetized tips are more convenient
  • Three kinds of tips - flathead, Phillips, Torx
  • Four mini awls included as well
  • Full-length and stubby sizes
  • Interchangeable bits 
  • Four angled screwdrivers
  • Ratcheting screwdriver provided

What we didn't like:

  • No box or carrying case for all pieces
  • Some components can feel flimsy

7. Craftsman 9-31798 Phillips Slotted Screwdriver Set

Craftsman 9-31798 Phillips Slotted Screwdriver Set

We’ve already seen the level of quality and reliability that you can get from Craftsman, but if you’re looking for a set that has more versatility, then this is a much better option. With 41 pieces, you can do a lot more with this.

As with other Craftsman screwdrivers, these come with hard plastic handles. They also have alloy steel tips and shafts, making them a rugged choice for most situations. While we prefer rubber grips because they feel more comfortable, the nice thing about the plastic is that you can use it with a wrench and they won’t slip or break.

What’s nice about this set is that it comes with flathead, Phillips, and Torx tips. It also comes with one offset screwdriver so that you can get into tight spaces or around corners with ease. There is a set of 10 interchangeable magnetic tips as well so that you can get even more mileage from this set. Finally, each driver has a satin nickel finish so that they will last longer, and the handles are color-coded to help you find what you need faster. 

What we liked:

  • Durable alloy steel blades and shafts
  • Full-length and stubby sizes
  • Flathead, Phillips, and Torx heads
  • Rugged plastic handles
  • Ribbed edges work with wrenches
  • Four-in-one keychain included
  • Interchangeable magnetic tips and handle
  • One offset screwdriver included
  • Satin nickel finish for longer life
  • Color-coded set for easier access

What we didn't like:

  • Plastic handles are not as comfortable as rubber ones
  • May not be made in the US

8. Wiha 30295 Screwdriver Set

Wiha 30295 Screwdriver Set

In some cases, you may not need the best screwdriver set with a lot of variety. Depending on your needs, you may get along fine with just a handful of drivers that can help you out with the bulk of your work. If that sounds like you, then this set from Wiha is going to be an excellent choice.

Although you only get five screwdrivers, that may be more than enough for you. The size ranges are sufficient for many different applications, meaning that you may not have to upgrade to a more comprehensive set later on. We appreciate the efficiency and reliability offered by these drivers.

When it comes to durability, these screwdrivers are made of polished chrome vanadium steel. They also have reinforced tips that ensure that they don’t break down easily, even when working on high-torque jobs. The shafts are coated to help prevent corrosion as well.

The handles on these screwdrivers are soft molded rubber, which means that they are both comfortable and easy to use. They have a curved lip at the top, which allows you to get a better grip with your thumb, ensuring more torque while you turn. Overall, as long as the sizes are sufficient for your needs, this set will last you a long time.

What we liked:

  • Hard chromed finish
  • High-quality corrosion resistance
  • Soft molded outer cushion for comfort
  • Precision tips for accurate sizing
  • Angled grips for better holding and more torque
  • Reinforced tips last longer

What we didn't like:

  • Size range is limited

9. Facom Protwist Screwdriver Set

Facom Protwist Screwdriver Set

Next, we have a simplistic set of 10 screwdrivers from Facom. This is a mixed set that included both flathead and Phillips tips, so you should be able to use it for most jobs you come across.

The first thing you’ll notice about this best screwdriver set is that they have a unique handle. It is designed to conform better to your hand, and it uses hardened plastic to ensure that you get a significant grip while turning. There is also a hex bolster on the end so that you can use a wrench for even more torque.

The handles are also color-coded to make it easier to pick out the right one. They show the sizes and the tip on the end so you can work faster and more efficiently. The shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel, and the tips are reinforced so that they won’t break down quickly. 

What we liked:

  • Five Phillips heads
  • Five flatheads
  • Unique handle construction for better grip
  • Molded plastic contours to your hand
  • Hex collar works with wrenches
  • Reinforced tips won’t break
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Color-coded handles for convenience
  • Extra small tips for versatility

What we didn't like:

  • Non-magnetized
  • Handle may feel weird for some users

10. SK Hand Tools 86007 9-Piece Screwdriver Set


Our final set is a mixture of both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers from SK Hand Tools. What’s interesting about this model is that you get a range of standard, full-length, and extra long shafts. Thus, if you need additional reach when working on your next project, these screwdrivers will make it easier for you.

As with other units we’ve seen, the shafts are made of chrome vanadium steel. They also have vapor blasted tips that add longevity and durability to them so that they won’t chip or break easily. Finally, they have a corrosion-resistant coating so that rust won’t be an issue either.

With regards to the handles, they are square shaped to add more torque, but they are a blend of hard plastic and rubber grips. The edges are soft to make them comfortable, but the sides are square. Also, there is a hex bolster on the end so that you can use them with a wrench for even more power. Finally, these handles are larger than average, enabling you to work faster because you don’t have to turn them as much.

What we liked:

  • Full-length and extra-long shafts
  • Square handles for added torque
  • Soft grip material for comfort
  • Vapor blasted tips last longer
  • Plastic storage tray included
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Hex bolster for wrench turning
  • Larger handles for easier grip
  • Five flatheads, four Phillips drivers

What we didn't like:

  • In some cases, the tips may chip easily
  • Not magnetized

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Final Verdict 

When it comes to best screwdriver set, more variety is almost always better. Thus, if you want the ultimate set that can handle practically any job, then we highly recommend either the Jakemy or Beginshop sets. With over 60 pieces in each one, you’re sure to find the right driver for any situation.

However, if you don’t need that level of versatility, then we suggest the Craftsman 41-piece set instead. While it’s still a lot of parts, it comes with all head types (including Torx), and it offers a magnetized version as well. Overall, the durability and customization you get are better than most other sets out there.

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