The Best Tile Saw For 2020 - Quick Buying and Comparison

The Best Tile Saw For 2020 – Quick Buying and Comparison

When it comes to cutting tile, no other power tool can replicate the power and precision of an effective tile saw. Whether you’re a career contractor or a weekend warrior, you need the best tile saw to ensure that your tiling job comes out perfectly every time.

Choosing the right tile saw used to take hours of time, requiring you to travel from store to store to compare price tags and specification sheets. Those days of hassle are in your past now, thanks to this handy guide on the best tile saws in 2020.

With this guide, you’ll be able to compare tile saws from many of the top brands in no time at all. Each of these saws is designed to help you cut more tile in less time while still attaining the shape and finish that your job requires. If you have tiles to trim, then one of these tile saws is about to become your new best friend on the job site.

Best Tile Saw – Comparison

PictureNameVoltagePower SourcePrice
DeWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
Porter Cable PCC780LA 20V20BatteryCheck Latest Price
SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
Lackmond BEAST 5 Professional110Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
DeWALT DWC860W 4-3/8-Inch120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
Ridgid R4030S 7″ Tile Saw110ACCheck Latest Price
Lackmond BEAST 10 10” Wet110Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
MK Diamond 169612 10-Inch 120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price
Chicago Pneumatics 10 Inch Industrial120Corded-ElectricCheck Latest Price

10 Best Tile Saws for Contractors and Amateur Craftsmen

Based upon a wealth of industry research, here are 10 of the most popular and best-performing tile saws that you can add to your tool chest today. Be sure to read on for detail-by-detail review of these high-performing models. No matter your needs or your budget, you will certainly find a tile saw on this list that checks every “must-have” box.

1. DeWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Tile Saw

    DeWALT has become a leader in the construction and home remodeling industry thanks in large part to their reliable quality and performance. The DeWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw lives up to this honored tradition by providing both power and versatility, making it ideal for nearly any tile cutting job.

    The DeWALT D24000S’s 1.5 horsepower represents a firm industry standard, with enough force to evenly cut nearly any type of tile. With its 10-inch diamond-tipped blade, you can be sure that this model will still be cutting like new after months and months of use.

    Unlike some other tile saws, the DeWALT D24000S’s integrated miter can be set to 45 and 22.5 degrees, providing you choices when it comes to cutting angles into your finished tiles. This model’s built-in plunge-cut and bevel features go to add yet more versatility to an already multi-functional power tool.

    In terms of construction, the DeWALT D24000S is built to last. The entire rail system in this model is built from stainless steel, allowing it to stand up to corrosion and remain a mainstay on your job site. Meanwhile, the interchangeable diamond-tipped steel blade will cut through porcelain, stone, and ceramic with ease and without dulling.

    For wet cutting functionality, the DeWALT D24000S provides a spacey 5-gallon tank as well as dual water nozzles to ensure a smooth cut each time you engage the blade. With about mid-range weight for its class, this model is still easy to transport to and from the work site.

    Like many of DeWALT’s products, this tile saw is backed by a 3-year warranty. In addition, DeWALT provides 1 year of free service on this power tool, in case you run into trouble. Though this model runs on the higher end of the price range, you can be sure that this investment is well worth it because you’ll be receiving a high-powered and high-quality product in return.

    What We Like:

    • 10-inch diamond-tipped steel blade
    • 45- and 22.5-degree integrated miter
    • Stainless steel built-in rail system

    What We Didn’t Like:

    • Rail system loses smooth movements quickly
    • Moderately portable
    • Known to chip tiles on occasion

    2. QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw for Wet Cutting

      If you’re shopping on the value end of the tile saw market, then the QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw for Wet Cutting represents an excellent combination of portability and affordability. Ideal for DIY jobs at home, this model was built to maximize performance while maintaining an easy-to-transport weight and form factor overall.

      Once you get the QEP 22650Q up and running, you’ll be able to cut tile with up to 3600 rotations per minute, a figure even some larger and pricier models cannot match. Even for such a compact model, the QEP 22650Q is capable of creating up 1-1/4 inches deep cuts – a remarkable accomplishment for a value-centered model.

      The 2-gallon water tank provides you plenty of water to create smooth cuts on small-to-medium sized jobs. The interior water baffle also minimizes excess splashing, ensuring that your hands stay dry and your work environment remains safe during operation.

      As noted, the QEP 22650Q is exceptionally lightweight. You won’t need an assistant to help you move this tile saw from place to place thanks to its innovative ABS plastic frame. This model’s compact form factor also makes it easy to store among other power tools in a small shed or the bed of a pickup truck.

      Overall, the QEP 22650Q provides plenty of value in a compact package. Any DIY-er will find this tile saw to be a welcome addition to their arsenal.

      What We Like:

      • Exceptionally affordable price tag
      • Compact form factor
      • Super lightweight and portable

      What We Didn’t Like:

      • The plastic casing may degrade quickly
      • Built-in guide tends to shake loose during operation
      • Not built for contractor work

      3. Porter Cable PCC780LA 20V MAX 7″ Table Top

        Even among other tabletop tile saws, the Porter Cable PCC780LA MAX 7″ Wet Tile Saw stands out for its unique ability to combine a spacious work surface with a bevy of excellent added features. This model doesn’t even require an electric plugin! You can take the Porter Cable PCC780LA to any worksite, even those far from the electric grid.

        One of the Porter Cable PCC780LA’s most standout features is its 17-inch cutting capacity. Even if you are cutting a large, continuous piece of tile for a backsplash, this model has room to slide it effortlessly past the 7-inch steel blade. Cleanup afterward is a breeze, too, because this model’s water tank can be emptied through a removable drain plug.

        The Porter-Cable PCC780LA’s stainless steel cutting table is built from high-quality stainless steel, allowing it to resist corrosion brought on by water used in the wet cutting process. The built-in splash guard also minimizes unnecessary mess, allowing you to focus on your job instead of undesirable cleanup.

        The Porter-Cable PCC780LA also takes pride in providing extra features that many other tile saws do not include. For example, this model is exceptionally easy to transport from truck to the construction site with its built-in carry handle. In addition, the Porter Cable PCC780LA lithium-ion battery allows it to go cordless wherever you need it. You’ll always know how much juice you have left too, thanks to an easy-to-read battery indicator.

        At the end of the day, this tabletop tile saw can do what others cannot. Wherever your tile cutting needs take you, the Porter Cable PCC780LA and its built-in battery will be able to join.

        What We Like:

        • 17-inch cutting capacity
        • Built-in lithium-ion battery (cordless)
        • Removable water tank drain plug

        What We Didn’t Like:

        • Lacks a warranty or service agreement
        • Some difficulty cutting porcelain and other hard tiles
        • 20V battery is not interchangeable with other brands and power tools

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        4. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

          For updating and renovating around the home, the SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw remains a fan favorite. Lightweight and packed with just the tools needed to get the DIY job done, this tile saw will help to finish your new bathroom or kitchen with poise and speed.

          At its core, the SKIL 3550-02 revolves around its 7-inch diamond-rimmed blade. This blade (which comes standard) will make quick work of both porcelain and stone tiles, allowing you to get more creative with your interior design DIY jobs. With a maximum rip capacity of 18 inches and diagonal cut capacity of 12 inches, you can be sure that this tile saw always produces the exact cut you need.

          In terms of construction, the SKIL 3550-02 is notably durable. The rust-resistant aluminum table top highlights this quality, which enhances both the strength and weight class of this model. Even for its performance, this model remains on the lighter side of all tile saws.

          The SKIL 3550-02 won’t have you begging for more space either, especially when it comes time to cut tile for the backsplash. With a sliding table extension that builds out to 18 inches, you will easily have space to maneuver ever any size tile or stone.

          This model also comes with several added features. This includes a built-in miter guide, which helps to add precision to these most-important cuts. Overall, this is a solid tile cutter that will provide a consistent level of output for you while you complete your DIY tiling jobs. Don’t overlook this tile saw, as it may just become a new favorite.

          What We Like:

          • The proprietary water containment system
          • 7-inch diamond-rimmed blade
          • Sliding extension up to 18-inches

          What We Didn’t Like:

          • Problematic sight lines, making cutting difficult at times
          • Emptying water is difficult because the pan is not removable
          • Miter guide difficult to move

          5. Lackmond BEAST 5 Professional Wet or Dry

            The Lackmond BEAST 5 Professional Wet-Dry Masonry/Tile/Stone Saw brings versatility to the tile cutting table, a consideration many contractors can’t live without. With enough built-in features to supply a full job site, you can be sure that this tile saw will be able to power through whatever job you throw at it.

            Cutting between 1 inch and 1.25 inches on average, the Lackmond BEAST 5 provides the depth needed for professional tile cutting jobs. Even though this model functions free of a built-in table, it is still able to cut accurate 22.5- and 45-degree bevel cuts without any fuss.

            The Lackmond BEAST 5 isn’t just built for cutting tile, though. In fact, it provides best-in-class cutting potential from everything from tile to stone. Even 3cm thick granite is no match for this saw.

            Rather than having to lug around a space-hogging macro tile saw, the Lackmond BEAST 5 packs all of its mechanical prowess into the handle-based gearbox. As a result of this lack of anchoring table, this model is more capable than many other tile saws to complete unique and unusual cuts.

            When working as a wet saw, the Lackmond BEAST 5 provides further performance that helps it outclass its competition. With a proprietary snake-pipe water system, you will have enhanced control over the placement and volume of water applied to the tile surface as you cut. An optional “Y”-fitting can be attached to modify this already versatile water system further.

            Tile and stone contractors shouldn’t miss out on the Lackmond BEAST 5. For a modest price, this tile saw is able to bring versatility and power to a job site from the moment it is switched on.

            What We Like:

            • The proprietary snake-pipe water system
            • Table-free form factor and handle-based gearbox
            • Capable of cutting up to 3cm thick granite slabs

            What We Didn’t Like:

            • Batteries not included
            • Blade not included
            • Adjustable wingnuts are easy to damage/lose

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            6. DeWALT DWC860W 4-3/8-Inch Wet/Dry Saw

              Another excellent offering from DeWALT, the DWC860W offers even greater versatility thanks to its standalone form factor. Free of a weighty base table, this model is capable of cutting granite, porcelain, concrete and other stone tiles with an enhanced level of precision and detail.

              The DeWALT DWC860W is driven by a 10.8-amp motor, allowing it to cut through many types of stone. The premium 4-3/8-inch diamond-tipped blade (included with the device) prevents chipping, even as you slice through delicate tiles. Wet or dry, this tile saw is able to perform to maximum specifications.

              The DeWALT DWC860W is fed by a 13-foot waterline, allowing you to move a fair distance from your pressurized water source and still perform excellent wet cuts. As you cut, this model even works to cut down on user fatigue. The specialized “lock-on” button allows you to make a full series of repetitive cuts without wearing yourself down.

              As noted, this model ships with a premium blade included, so you won’t need to spend extra money from the onset to get a fresh blade. In fact, the DeWALT DWC860W is overall affordable, backed by DeWALT’s usual warranties and guarantees. This model also makes for a wise investment, as its dust-sealed casing is designed to stand up to job site wear and tear over many projects.

              With the DeWALT DWC860W, you’ll have new tile cutting possibilities open before your eyes. For its affordable price tag and specialized features, you’ll have a hard time beating this tile saw.

              What We Like:

              • 4-3/8-inch diamond-tipped blade (included)
              • specialized “lock-on” button for enhanced stability
              • Dust-sealed switches and casing

              What We Didn’t Like:

              • Cannot bevel at 22.5 degrees
              • Only cuts to a maximum 1 3/8-inch depth
              • Weaker-than-average motor compared to other similar models

              7. Ridgid R4030S 7″ Tile Saw and Foldable Stand

                Though they are lesser known in the tile saw industry, Ridgid have starter to make a name for themselves with the Ridgid R4030S 7″ Tile Saw and Foldable Stand. This model manages to mix the usability of a tabletop tile saw with the portability of a table-less tile saw. DIY-ers and contractors alike will find this combination to their liking.

                The Ridgid R4030S’ stands at around waist height, allowing it to remain at a comfortable height while in operation. If you’ve ever strained your back bending down to operate a tile saw, you’ll especially appreciate this attention to convenience. The Ridgid R4030S fold up stand also makes it mobile, allowing you to pick up and move it from job site to job site in mere minutes.

                Despite what many have come to expect of a portable tile saw, the Ridgid R4030S is in fact quite durable. This can best be seen in its die-cast aluminum table and sealed ball bearing rollers. Unique among all other tile saws, the Ridgid R4030S also features a laser adjustment system that assists the operator as they guide the 7-inch blade over the cut line.

                Ridgid’s lifetime service guarantee is an obvious front runner, helping the brand to cement itself as a leader in construction power tools. If you’re looking for a new experience that takes advantage of solid construction and unique features, then the Ridgid R4030S is certainly a great pick for you

                What We Like:

                • Laser adjustment system for improved guidance
                • Die-cast aluminum table and sealed ball bearing rollers
                • Foldable stand for enhanced portability

                What We Didn’t Like:

                • Basic-grade blade
                • Higher price tag than comparable models
                • Some assembly required

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                8. Lackmond BEAST 10 10” Wet Tile Saw

                  As Lackmond makes fully clear, the BEAST 10 is one of their most distinguished products for cutting tile. This tile saw provides the contactor-grade power you need to tackle every job thrown at your team.

                  Simply put, the Lackmond BEAST 10 is powerful. This model features a 15-amp motor for its 10-inch blade, which in turn outputs 2.4 horsepower and 4,200 RPM. Taken together, this model packs a powerful (yet precise) punch to every type of tile and stone available. Even for all of this power, this model can even do a little extra – including plunge capabilities.

                  The Lackmond BEAST 10 is built to last through many years of on-the-job handling thanks to its solid steel pipe frame. Not only is this model’s die-cast aluminum table durable, but it has also been rubberized to prevent accidental slippage as pressure is applied.

                  You’ll be able to plan your cut before you initiate the blade using the Lackmond BEAST 10’s built-in LED light indicator system. These lights help you to anticipate each curve and bevel your unique tile job requires.

                  That all being said, the Lackbon BEAST 10 costs a pretty penny. While this may dissuade some DIY-ers, full-time contractors will recognize this as the investment needed to purchase high-end power tools with purpose-built durability.

                  What We Like:

                  • Solid steel pipe frame for exceptional durability
                  • Rubberized die-cast aluminum table
                  • LED indicator lights for guidance

                  What We Didn’t Like:

                  • The very high price tag
                  • Exceptionally heavy
                  • Stand sold separately

                  9. MK Diamond 169612 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

                    Because of the high amounts of friction generated when cutting tile or stone, many tile saws run the risk of warming their blades with repeated use. While this is a concern for many models, the MK Diamond 169612 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw is not one of them. With a full assortment of blade-preserving features, you’ll be able to maximize safety and cut down on replacement blade costs all at once.

                    Of note, the MK Diamond 169612 features a fully enclosed and thermally protected 1.4 horsepower motor. This motor is specifically fan-cooled in order to ensure its long-term productivity over extended jobs.

                    When it comes to blade preservation, the MK Diamond 169612 performs best. Using a unique water distribution system, this model supplies water onto both sides of the blade as it spins. This cools the blade as it cuts, preventing long-term wear and warping from decreasing you’re the overall efficiency. As an added bonus, this water distribution also cuts down on the aerial spread of potentially harmful particles.

                    Such preservation is well worth it, too, as the MK Diamond 169612 comes with a 10-inch diamond-tipped blade. The zinc-plated frame is designed to stand up to long-term wear and corrosion. The cast aluminum guards are also of outstanding quality, speaking in general to this model’s durability.

                    In short, safety and longevity are at the heart of the MK Diamond 169612. As such, it finds itself in the upper echelon of tile saws.

                    What We Like:

                    • Fan-cooled motor
                    • Water distribution system designed to cool blade
                    • 10-inch diamond-tipped blade

                    What We Didn’t Like:

                    • High-end price tag
                    • Exceptionally heavy
                    • Generally low horsepower output

                    10. Chicago Pneumatics 10 Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw

                      The Chicago Pneumatics 10 Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw is focused on providing an exceptional sawing experience and it provides that kind of exceptional performance each time you flip it on. With a sturdy frame to hold it, this is one tile saw you can count on.

                      The Chicago Pneumatics 10 runs on a 15-amp motor capable of outputting 2.5 horsepower at peak performance. This power can be harnessed to slice through a maximum 3.5-inch slab of granite or set of pavers. This motor also features a set of dual capacitors equipped with overload protection to ensure the motor remains at peak performance during peak activity.

                      This model isn’t a burden on the arms either, as some tile cutters are. Heavy duty cast alloy cutting heads noticeably reduce vibration while in operation, which has the added bonus of preventing your tile or stone from shifting position while you cut.

                      Overall, the Chicago Pneumatics 10 is a mostly average tile saw that provides a few added features that make it unique. DYI-ers and contractors alike should consider this model to be a viable option when looking to upgrade.

                      What We Like:

                      • Dual capacitor motor equipped with overload protection
                      • Alloy cutting heads to reduce vibration
                      • More affordable than comparable models

                      What We Didn’t Like:

                      • The oversized steel frame is cumbersome
                      • Blade sold separately
                      • Stand attachment is notably flimsy


                      In review, there is a wide selection of tile saws available for your selection. Each model provides a unique palette of added features that may be precisely tuned to fit your needs. With ongoing competition among many of these leading brands, you can be sure that you’ll always be getting the best price on your chosen tile saw.

                      Whether you’re a contractor or a weekend DIY-er, you’ll certainly find a million new opportunities to put a tile saw to use. It’s difficult to choose just one model as the best tile saw for 2020, so I highly encourage you to take time and use these reviews to determine which model fits your needs and budget. Soon enough, you’ll be cutting tile and stone like a pro.

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