Best Tool Bag To Carry All Your Tools In 2020 (Reviews)

Best Tool Bag To Carry All Your Tools In 2020 (Reviews)

A good tool bag is one of those essentials that every worker needs to have. Having to scramble around in a poorly designed tool bag can be frustrating. You need a bag which is going to be able to sort out all your tools and be durable enough to take the daily punishment.

Everyone has different requirements and trying to find the best tool bag for you can be difficult. We have scoured the market to show you the 10 best tool bags out there today. Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll know how to get a bag which matches your needs.

Best Tool Bag – Comparison

Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag14-InchPolyesterCheck Latest Price
McGuire-Nicholas 2201515-InchPolyesterCheck Latest Price
WORKPRO 16-inch Wide 16-inch600D polyesterCheck Latest Price
CLC Custom Leathercraft 116516-inch600D polyesterCheck Latest Price
DEWALT DG554316- inchballistic polyCheck Latest Price
HmiL-U Tool Tote Bag14-inchpolyesterCheck Latest Price
Dickies 5703116-InchpolyesterCheck Latest Price
COVAX 16-inch Tool Bag16-inch600D PolyesterCheck Latest Price
Milwaukee Bag Heavy Duty12-inchPolyesterCheck Latest Price
Bucket Boss Gatemouth20 lt.600 denier polyCheck Latest Price

The 10 Best Tool Bags For Ultimate Usability

Here are our reviews of the 10 best tools bags to make your life easier.

1. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

    Everyone has different requirements on just how big their bag needs to be. Carhartt has been able to make a tool bag that is not only available in a number of different sizes but it also comes in two color options.

    The main zippered compartment is easy to access and will allow you to place down all of your large items. The internal metal frame that it has is doing to be able to hold a lot of weight and that is helped by its reinforced base.

    The durability of this tool bag is very impressive. That includes rugged handles and heavy-duty zippers which aren’t going to break easily. The bag can sometimes tip but overall this is a very impressive tool bag and one that will last for a long time.

    What we liked

    • Two color options
    • Multiple sizes available
    • Highly durable
    • Main zippered compartment
    • Numerous pocket options
    • Internal metal frame
    • Abrasion-resistant base
    • Rugged handles
    • Heavy-duty zippers

    What we didn’t like

    • Can tip over to one side
    • Pockets can be shallow

    2. McGuire-Nicholas 15-Inch Collapsible Tote

      The 14 exterior pockets that we see on this tool bag are going to give you plenty of options to place your items. They also come in a range of different sizes too. It’s a bag that allows you to easily organize all of your important tools.

      A foam-padded handle is going to allow you to easily carry the bag from one place to another. The handle, as well as the rest of the bag, is highly durable and should be able to last for a long time without ripping.

      One issue with that handle is that it can sometimes get in the way when you are trying to access the bag. It isn’t helped by the fact that the bag is quite narrow but this is only a minor issue. It’s a highly portable bag and is easy to take from one place to another.

      What we liked

      • Durable handle
      • 14 exterior pockets
      • Great pocket size range
      • Tapered pocket design
      • Foam-padded handle
      • Large main compartment
      • Easy to carry
      • Durable base

      What we didn’t like

      • Quite narrow in width
      • The handle can get in the way

      3. WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag

        Having a wide mouth is preferable to a lot of people as it allows you to easily access the contents inside. That ease of use is helped by the fact that the bag was 8 internal pockets as well as 13 exterior pockets to allow you to easily place your items.

        The fabric that the bag is made from is extremely thick and therefore highly durable. It’s not just the fabric that gives it that durability but it also has a great build quality, including fine stitching.

        One place that does let it down is the plastic bottom which can crack over time. That base is waterproof which is useful and the padded handles with adjustable straps make it very easy to carry.  It’s an abrasion-resistant bag and one that will last for years.

        What we liked

        • Thick fabric material
        • High durability
        • Fine stitching
        • 8 internal pockets
        • 13 exterior pockets
        • Wide open entrance
        • Double pull zipper
        • Abrasion-resistant
        • Waterproof base
        • Padded handles

        What we didn’t like

        • Loose internal pockets
        • Plastic base

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        4. CLC Custom Leathercraft Large BigMouth Bag

          CLC is another company who have been able to make one of the best tool bags with a wide range of pocket options. This model has 12 internal pockets to go along with the 10 external pockets that it has. It’s great for those who like to stay organized.

          One negative is that some of those pockets can be a little shallow, meaning tools can fall out at times. The overall durability of the tool bag is very high which includes the typical weaker areas being reinforced to prevent wear.

          The heavy-duty stitching adds to its durability, as well as the web carrying handles. Overall it’s an impressive tool bag and one that is easy to access and use with the wide entrance that it has.

          What we liked

          • Durable fabric
          • Heavy-duty stitching
          • 12 internal pockets
          • 10 external pockets
          • Web carrying handles
          • Adjustable shoulder strap
          • Weak points are reinforced
          • Large entrance

          What we didn’t like

          • Tools can fall out
          • Some pockets can be too small

          5. DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag

            DeWalt is known for making high-quality tools and this is a bag to match that quality. This bag has a pop open design which is going to allow you to easily access to contents inside.

            The heavy-duty fabric construction of the bag will enable it to get through years of use. This makes it ideal for any worker who needs a bag for everyday use. The only downside is the strap as the stitching can come loose.

            The huge range of 33 pockets is going to give you plenty of options to store your tools. The zip can be quite stiff but it’s heavy-duty and has great toughness. The rubber feet will help protect against abrasions and this is a very tough bag.

            What we liked

            • Pop open design
            • Easy access to tools
            • Heavy-duty fabric construction
            • 33 pockets for wide storage
            • Hook and loop closure
            • Abrasion-resistant rubber feet
            • Two carrying options
            • Adjustable shoulder strap

            What we didn’t like

            • Stitching can come off strap
            • Zip can be quite stiff

            6. HmiL-U Tool Tote Bag

              Style isn’t going to be the number one priority when it comes to tool bags but this is a great looking bag. It’s also very tough too as the 1680D oxford fabric cloth is going to be able to take a lot of punishment without breaking.

              It’s also a tool bag that is very easy to carry. The grip on the smaller handle is comfortable and the adjustable shoulder strap is easy to use. It means that is ranks highly in portability and ease of use.

              The bag is very compact which might be ideal for some but a little too small for others. The pockets can also be a little shallow. In general, it’s a very sturdy bag and one that is very easy to access and separate your key items.

              What we liked

              • Stylish design
              • Two size options
              • 1680D Oxford fabric
              • Large loading capacity
              • High comfort grip
              • Comfortable shoulder strap
              • Sturdy base
              • Wear-resistant

              What we didn’t like

              • Pockets can be quite shallow
              • Can be too compact

              7. Dickies Work Gear 16-Inch Work Bag

                This bag from Dickies comes in a few color options to allow you to get a bag that suits your style. It’s highly accessible which is helped by the 8 exterior pockets it has that will allow you to easily grab your key items.

                There is also an external zipper pocket to enable you to store valuable items such as your keys and wallet. The tool bag has a heavy-duty zipper that won’t break but it can be a little too stiff at times but this is only going to be a minor problem.

                The typical stress points on the bag have been riveted to give them extra durability. One negative of the durability are the pockets that can rip over time. This is a great tool bag that looks great for everyday use.

                What we liked

                • Various color options
                • Easy access
                • 8 exterior pockets
                • External zipper pocket
                • Heavy-duty zipper
                • Riveted stress points
                • Reinforced handle
                • Stylish design

                What we didn’t like

                • Bottom of the pockets can rip
                • Zippers can be stiff

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                8. COVAX 16-inch Tool Bag

                  In terms of having a large capacity, this is one of the best bags on the market. It makes it very easy to fill with your large tools but also very easy to access. It helps to make it one of the easiest to use bags that are out there today.

                  There are multiple pocket options on this best tool bag which is good in some respects but it can be difficult to determine exactly what order you should place your tools into the bag. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s only a minor issue.

                  The bag itself is able to hold a large weight but unfortunately, the strap struggles to cope with high loads. The handle is still able to hold up well but this might be an issue for those who intend to be carrying around a high weight.

                  What we liked

                  • Large capacity
                  • Easy to fill
                  • Great zipper compartment
                  • Multiple interior pockets
                  • Thick grab handles
                  • Padded adjustable strap
                  • Reinforced bottom
                  • Versatile bag

                  What we didn’t like

                  • Low-quality strap
                  • Confusing pocket options

                  9. Milwaukee Bag Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag

                    For those looking for a simple bag where you’re going to be able to simply throw your tools in, this will be a great option for you. The reinforced handles that it has as well as the strong bottom are going to allow you to easily carry around all your items.

                    It has two carrying options with the shoulder strap being removable for those who prefer to go without it. The lack of outside pockets might be a problem for some but the 6 internal pockets do allow you to store individual items.

                    The wire frame of the bag can punch through the fabric at times but this is rare. It’s a simple design and is ideal for those looking for a no-frills bag where you don’t have to worry about organizing it too much. It’s a simple bag but one which still has a great level of quality.

                    What we liked

                    • Reinforced handles
                    • Strong bottom
                    • Removable shoulder strap
                    • The strap is easily adjusted
                    • 6 internal pockets
                    • Heavy-duty zipper
                    • Easy to carry
                    • Simple design

                    What we didn’t like

                    • Lack of outside pockets
                    • The wire can punch through the canvas

                    10. Bucket Boss Gatemouth 24 Tool Bag

                      For those who have longer tools, those could well be the perfect bag for you. It does mean that it has quite a narrow opening but that’s to be expected. It does have multiple carrying options but the shoulder strap could be better.

                      The carry handle is much higher quality and will allow you to easily move the bag around. It has a stylish design but one that doesn’t sacrifice durability as it is going to be able to last you for a very long time. This is helped by the reinforced bottom that it has.

                      The fabric that it is made from is also thick and it helps to make the bag very resistant to abrasions. Overall it’s a quality bag and suited to those who prefer to have a longer bag than one which might be a little wider.

                      What we liked

                      • Very long bag
                      • Zippered opening
                      • Durable carry handles
                      • Multiple carrying options
                      • Highly padded
                      • Reinforced bottom
                      • Stylish design
                      • 16 pocket options

                      What we didn’t like

                      • Lightweight shoulder strap
                      • Narrow opening

                      Wrap up

                      A tool bag has to excel in some key areas with the most important being durability as otherwise it’s simply not going to last for a very long time at all. All of the bags that we have looked at here are very well made but they also have some other great features too that help them stand out.

                      It’s important to know exactly what you need and whether you need a long bag, one that’s a little wider or one that has numerous pockets. This list of best tool bags has a great variety of quality bags that will allow you to pick one that will be perfect for your needs.

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