10 Best Tool Chests & Tool Boxes 2020 – Detailed Reviews

A storage chest is a great way to organize tools and bring order to a busy workspace. Different types of workshops have different storage needs, so finding the best tool chest in 2020 for your space can make all the difference. The number of drawers, the size of the drawers and even how easy it is to access the compartments and drawers all contribute to the functionality of a storage chest. Additional features, like a locking system, the durability of the materials used to construct the unit, and even compatibility with a larger storage system, also play a significant role in the overall usefulness of a storage chest.

Best Tool Chest – Comparison

PictureProduct NameSizeColorPrice
Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-InchExcel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch26-InchBlueCheck Latest Price
Keter 5-Drawer Modular GarageKeter 5-Drawer Modular GarageRedCheck Latest Price
WEN 74606 26-Inch 6 Drawer WEN 74606 26-Inch 6 Drawer26-InchSilver/BlackCheck Latest Price
Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch PortableExcel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable20.5-InchRedCheck Latest Price
Viper Tool Storage V1804SSRViper Tool Storage V1804SSR16-InchStainless SteelCheck Latest Price
TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood ToolboxTRINITY TWM-3501 Wood ToolboxBrownCheck Latest Price
GMC Denali Road BikeTANKSTORM Magnetic Paper Towel HolderCT7076BlackCheck Latest Price
Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy DutyCraftsman 6 Drawer Heavy DutyRedCheck Latest Price
Waterloo W300 Series 26″ WideWaterloo W300 Series 26″ Wide26-inchBlackCheck Latest Price

10 Best Tool Chests – Reviews

1. Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest

Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest

Keep your workspace organized with this steel top chest from Excel. A total of five drawers create space to store and organize a wide array of tools and hardware. Each drawer features ball-bearing slides, which easily glide open and close. The drawers each support up to 50 pounds, enabling this storage chest to accommodate large and bulky items. Full-length drawer pulls make it easy to open all of the drawers. Rubber tray liners cushion items stored in the drawers while also protecting the drawer’s interior from dings and scratches. The TB2105X storage chest also features a top storage compartment to fit items too large for the drawers.

The internal locking system includes two keys and secures all of the drawers, making this storage chest ideal for use in busy shops. This storage chest can be used on its own or stacked on top of larger, compatible storage chests (not included) to provide an abundance of space to organize all of your tools and gear.

The cold rolled steel frame features a scratch-resistant powder coat finish, lending this tool chest durability. Recessed handles both sides of the unit allow for easy movement and placement of the chest.


  • The internal locking system secures all drawers and includes two keys.
  • Ball bearing slides and full-length drawer pulls make it easy to open and close the drawers.
  • Each drawer supports up to 50 pounds for added convenience.
  • Can be used on a tabletop or workbench or placed on top of compatible storage chests from Excel.


  • Drawers are shallow and unable to fit large tools and items.
  • If the chest is not stored on a level surface, the drawers may slide open when unlocked.

2. Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage

Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage

The polypropylene resin used to construct the Keter modular tool chest provides substantial durability. Five drawers create space to store a variety of items. Each drawer features full-extension ball bearing sliders for ease of access.

The top four drawers are the same size, while the bottom drawer is deeper, to accommodate larger tools and items. Easily find what you need by keeping small items, like hardware, drill bits and more organized, using the included 16 bins and dividers. The bins are removable, allowing you to create customized storage that can be adjusted to fit your needs as your needs change. The recessed top can be used to corral hardware and tools and keep items close by while in use.

A central locking system secures each drawer, so items are safe and secure when you are not around. Handles located on the sides of this modular tool chest make it easy to lift the unit. This tool chest is also equipped with casters, making it even easier to move this storage chest when it is full and weighed down with tools. The swivel casters can be locked to keep the chest in place or prevent it from rolling on the uneven ground. This storage tool chest can also be used without the casters and placed on a tabletop to best serve your needs.


  • Polypropylene resin does not rust or dent ensuring long-term durability.
  • Removable bins provide customizable storage.
  • The larger bottom drawer accommodates big items.
  • The locking system ensures items are secure.


  • The drawers do not consistently stay on the rails, making it difficult to open the close the drawers.
  • The drawers are somewhat small, and may not always fit large tools.
  • The plastic construction will not hold up well under demanding use.

3. WEN 74606 26-Inch 6 Drawer Rolling

WEN 74606 26-Inch 6 Drawer Rolling

Whether you are a professional in a commercial shop or a very dedicated hobbyist, this rolling tool cabinet from WEN can help you stay organized. The 45mm ball bearing slides on each drawer is rated to accommodate up to 100 pounds per drawer. Outfitted with six drawers, this tool chest means business. Full-width handles make it easy to open the drawer from any angle. The top three drawers are shallow, and intended for hand tools and small hardware, while the bottom three drawers are deeper, in order to take on larger power tools and supplies. The drawers are fully lockable, for peace of mind. A protective top mat prevents scratches and dents on the top of this unit, while also providing grip, so items do not roll away.

Made from 19-gauge steel, this tool chest was built to last. Equipped with casters that measure five inches in diameter by two inches wide for easy mobility over uneven floors, even when fully loaded with tools. The handle on the side makes it easy to steer this tool chest while moving, while also providing a handy spot to hang rags or other items. The casters can be locked to keep the tool chest in one place.


  • Steel construction provides durability.
  • Three deep drawers accommodate large tools and parts.
  • Locking system secures drawers, protecting the contents.
  • Locking casters provide easy mobility.


  • The steel construction holds up well under regular use but will dent if roughly handled.
  • The drawers can easily slide off the rails and may become jammed.

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4. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest

Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest

Take your organization to the next level with this portable top chest rolling tool storage box from Best Choice Products. This tool chest includes one top box drawer, three small drawers to accommodate hardware and other tiny items, two trays, three large drawers, and one big bottom cabinet to fit large items. Each drawer and tray features a foam lining material to soak up any spills or messes, while also protecting against dings and scratches.

The separate tool chest and cabinet can be used together for all-inclusive storage. However, both items can be used separately to best fit your needs and space. The top tool chest unit includes a locking mechanism for security.

The bottom cabinet features omnidirectional casters for easy placement any place in your shop, while the side handle allows for easy steering. The durable steel construction enables this tool chest system to handle a busy shop and regular use.


  • Multiple sizes of drawers and storage compartments to accommodate a wide variety of items.
  • Foam lining on trays and drawers protects surfaces from spills and damage.
  • Two storage units can be used together or separately.
  • The locking system on the top tool chest keeps items secure.


  • Locking the drawers on the upper unit requires sliding two metal slots into place, which takes an extra minute and can be a bit of a hassle.
  • The bottom rolling storage unit does not lock.
  • Assembling this unit is rather complicated and involved.
  • The drawer liners do not hold up well given regular use.

5. Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box

Excel TB133-Red 20.5-Inch Portable Steel Tool Box

The three full-extension drawers in this toolbox from Excel provide plenty of space to store hand tools and other small items. The larger top compartment can fit bigger items, while the built-in storage basket on the top creates additional space to prevent small items from being lost in the main compartment.

The rear activated locking system provides a high level of security. The drawers are secured when the top is closed, and when the top is locked that prevents the drawers from opening. This setup can take some getting used to because the top must be opened to gain entry to the drawers.

The compact size of this toolbox makes it useful for work on the go since it can easily be moved to different areas of your shop. A drawback of this compact design means the entire unit can easily be stolen. The powder coat finish gives this tool chest durability and helps withstand scratches and dings.


  • Three drawers along with two trays create space to store a variety of items.
  • Rear activated locking system secures items to prevent theft.
  • Powder coat finish is durable and withstands regular use.


  • The top must be unlocked and open to access the drawers, which can be a hassle if you want to quickly grab something from one of the drawers.
  • The drawers sometimes slide unevenly, making it difficult to close and secure this tool chest.
  • Overall the small size of this tool chest provides limited space.
  • Lack of side handles makes it difficult to move this tool chest when it is loaded with gear.

6. Viper Tool Storage V1804SSR 16-Inch

Viper Tool Storage V1804SSR 16-Inch

This stainless-steel rolling tool cart from Viper Tool Storage keeps everything you need within easy reach. Made from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless-steel, this tool chest holds up if exposed to water or chemicals and will not rust or corrode.

A large storage compartment on the bottom is a great spot to stash oversize items, while four drawers create additional space to organize your gear. The top is slightly recessed to prevent items from falling or rolling off the top. Each drawer is equipped with ball bearing and full-length aluminum drawer pulls to easily slide open and closed. The top drawer is deeper than the other drawers, to take on bigger tools and items with ease. Each drawer can support up to 100 pounds for durable use. Each drawer also includes a coordinating non-slip liner, to stop items from rolling, but to also prevent dings and scratches from forming on the interior. All of the drawers and the lower compartment can be secured, using the internal locking system. The included key matches the cabinet, making it easy to identify the correct key on a packed key ring.

Easily move this tool chest wherever your work takes you, thanks to the low-profile swivel casters and side handle. The locking function enables you to secure this cart in place when necessary.


  • Stainless-steel construction will not rust or corrode for long-term dependability.
  • One large top drawer and an oversize storage compartment on the bottom fit a variety of items.
  • Internal locking system provides security.


  • The low-profile casters are difficult to navigate over uneven flooring, making it hard to move this tool chest in some circumstances.
  • The narrow design may be too small for some applications.

7. TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox

TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox

This wood toolbox from Trinity is ideal for organizing small hand tools, bits, hardware, and more. An impressive eight drawers of various sizes create plenty of individualized spaces to organize gear. The top lifts to reveal more storage. All of the storage compartments are lined with felt to protect items and prevent damage to the toolbox. A bottom panel features a built-in ruler for accurate measurements on the fly. This bottom panel slides out and folds up to cover the drawers and can be latched in place to prevent drawers from sliding open while in transit.

The compact size and side handles allow this toolbox to easily be carried where it is needed, whether that be the other side of your workshop or to a remote location. Metal corner protectors prevent damage. All of the hardware from the handles to the drawer pulls and corner protectors are nickel plated for durability. Four silicone feet on the bottom on this toolbox protect surfaces from damage. This wooden toolbox has plenty of character; although, it just does not offer the durability of a metal tool chest.


  • A variety of small compartments makes easy work of organizing hardware and small tools.
  • Felt lined drawers cushion items.
  • Built-in ruler makes it easy to measure items using the toolbox.


  • Not ideal for large tools or commercial use.
  • This toolbox does not include a locking system and cannot be secured with a separate lock.
  • The wood construction does not provide the same level of durability as metal.

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8. TANKSTORM Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart

TANKSTORM Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart

Two drawers and a bottom compartment featuring double doors provide space to store and organize your tools in this rolling cart from Tankstorm. Both of the drawers feature full-length pulls and gently glide open and closed due to the ball bearing slides. The lower compartment can be locked, protecting the contents stored inside.

Four adjustable hooks can be placed on the exterior side of the cabinet to hang items within easy reach. A top tray on the side is a great spot to drop screws or small items while working on a job, and the tray includes holes to stash screwdrivers and other tools. A lip along the outer edge of the top contains items set on top of this cabinet. The rubberized liner on the top keeps items in place, while also protecting the surface.

The sturdy steel construction features black matte paint, which is scratch-resistant, and even withstands corrosion and rust if exposed to water or chemicals. Maneuver this cart where your work takes you, using the side handle and built-in casters. Two of the casters are fixed, but the other two feature swivel and locking ability for added convenience.


  • Large bottom compartment accommodates big items.
  • Both drawers are very generous in size and can fit larger tools.
  • Adjustable side hooks and an exterior tray create specialized storage.
  • Built-in casters for improved mobility.


  • Plastic interior components are not as heavy-duty as the rest of the construction.
  • Only the large bottom compartment locks. The drawers do not lock.

9. Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest

Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest

This 6-drawer heavy-duty top tool chest from Craftsman can be used on its own, or as part of larger tool chest system (additional Craftsman units not included). The durable construction is intended to stand up to regular use while delivering dependable results.

Three full-width drawers provide space for longer items, while the bottom drawer is also a bit deeper to take on larger tools. The topmost drawer is divided into three separate drawers, creating more compartmentalized space to organize hardware and tiny items. All of the drawers feature full-length handles, as well as ball bearing slides, for easy opening. The drawers fully extend, exposing all of the contents, so nothing is lost in the back. Drawer liners keep items in place while also providing a protective layer to prevent scratches and dents. The lid lifts open to reveal additional storage space on top.

Use the key locking system to secure your tools and ward off theft. Integrated side handles make it easy to move this tool chest.


  • A top storage area plus six drawers provide space to organize tools and hardware.
  • Heavy-duty construction means this tool chest can stand up to wear and tear.
  • Lined drawers feature ball bearing slides and full-length pulls for ease of use.


  • If the unit is not on a level surface the drawers may not slide easily.
  • The lock is somewhat flimsy and is more of a deterrent than a full-fledged security measure.

10. Waterloo W300 Series 26″ Wide 2-Drawer

Waterloo W300 Series 26 Wide 2-Drawer Intermediate Tool ChestThis 2-drawer tool chest from Waterloo provides additional storage to help keep your shop organized. This unit can be used as a standalone chest on a workbench, but it is intended to be used with lower and upper tool chest cabinets to create a larger storage solution (additional tool chest components sold separately). When used on its own, the lip around the top contains items set on this tool chest.

Both drawers feature full-extension ball bearing slides that completely display the full contents, so items pushed to the back can easily be found. The drawers effortlessly slide open and closed and each drawer supports up to 85 pounds. Non-slip drawer liners hold tools and hardware in place, but also cushion the drawer to prevent damage. The full-length drawer handles make it easy to open the drawers. The internal locking system provides a high level of security and keeps items safe.


  • Full extension drawers feature ball-bearing slides for smooth opening and closing.
  • Drawer liners protect tools, as well as the drawer interior.
  • Internal locking system keeps items secure.


  • Thin gauge metal is better suited to home use and may not hold up well in a busy workshop.
  • While this tool chest works nicely as a standalone item, it is intended to be part of a larger organization system.


Final Verdict

After reviewing all of these products, the best tool chest in 2020 is the WEN 74606 26-inch 6-drawer rolling tool cabinet. Durable construction enables this tool chest to handle regular use and drawers of varying sizes can accommodate a range of tools and items. Included casters make it easy to move this tool chest where it is needed, while the locking ability ensures this rack stays put.

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