The Best Work Gloves to Keep You Safe & Productive In 2020

The Best Work Gloves to Keep You Safe & Productive In 2020

If you work with your hands, you probably already know the importance of keeping them protected from the elements. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, in heavy snow or in the scorching heat, you need work gloves to protect your hands from impacts, burns, cuts, shock, and more.

In fact, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, states that work gloves can reduce injury to your hands by a whopping 60 percent. Why would you want to take the risk? Although it can be hard to find the right pair of gloves for your needs, the best work gloves will be suitable for any task, whether it be cooking, gardening, welding, logging, or factory work.

Consider our roundup review of the best work gloves to keep yourself safe and productive on the job.

Best Work Gloves – Comparison

Bamboo Working GlovesMediumBambooCheck Latest Price
Mechanix Wear Material4XX-LargeSynthetic LeatherCheck Latest Price
Ironclad RanchworxLargeLeatherCheck Latest Price
PIP ATG MaxiFlex 34-874 WorkAluminumCheck Latest Price
MidWest Gloves and Gear MidwestLargeGrain leatherCheck Latest Price
NoCry Cut Resistant Work GlovesMediumPolyethyleneCheck Latest Price
Hex Armor GlovesMediumPlasticCheck Latest Price
Carhartt Men’s W.B. WaterproofMultiplePolyurethaneCheck Latest Price
Wells Lamont Work GloveLargeGrain CowhideCheck Latest Price
Bionic Rose GlovesMultipleCheck Latest Price


Keep Yourself Protected and Maximize Your Productivity With These Best Work Gloves:

1. Bamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men

    If you’re a gardener or engaging in some other task where you need a considerable amount of dexterity in your hands while working, these bamboo working gloves are a great choice for you. Manufactured by Pine Tree Tools, these mitts are made from bamboo. A naturally-sourced material, bamboo is hypoallergenic, making the gloves a perfect fit for people with allergies or otherwise sensitive skin.

    In addition, bamboo is absorbent (more so than most other synthetic fabrics and especially more than cotton) so the sweat won’t build up on your hands while you work. These flexible gloves can be worn by men or women and are available in four sizes. They are flexible and grip nicely, making them a good choice for pruning trees, weeding the garden, or engaging in any other task that requires the use of your fingers.

    What We Liked:

    • Made from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic material
    • Snug fit makes it easier to grip and work with small items
    • Breathable material prevents the buildup of sweat and odors

    What We Didn’t Like:

    • Not ideal for heavier tasks or those involving sharp objects

    2. Mechanix Wear Material4X Original

      These gloves offer a looser fit and more heavy-duty construction. Made out of durable spandex and polyester fibers, these gloves offer the strength of supple leather with the moisture wicking abilities of synthetic materials. This fabric combination is known as TrekDry material, which is world-renowned for reducing perspiration and keeping conditions cool and dry.

      This pair of work gloves is perfect if you are doing home renovations such as handling wood or metal materials. They are resistant to tearing and puncture, making it unlikely that you will get a splinter or have to deal with any scratches. The material conforms to the shape of your hands and you can fasten them even more tightly by securing the included thermoplastic rubber closure.

      What We Liked:

      • Several colors available
      • Snug fit that can be adjusted to fit any hand
      • TrekDry material makes the gloves breathable and comfortable

      What We Didn’t Like:

      • Stitching in the finger area has a tendency to pull

      3. Ironclad Ranchworx

        The name says enough – these gloves are designed for tough work. Regardless of whether you are working with rocks, mowing the lawn, or getting some chores done around the ranch, these are the best work gloves for you. This glove comes in six different sizes and features an all-leather construction with reinforcements on the knuckles, tops of fingers, and fingertips.

        These reinforcements aren’t just any old polyester stitching – they are made out of Kevlar. These reinforcements are included in the most vital areas of protection. In addition. These gloves have a Velcro closure to help keep the gloves secure as you work. The back of the thumb area even has a terry cloth sweat wipe – a unique feature that you’re sure to appreciate when you’re working in hot weather.

        As if that weren’t enough, these gloves are machine washable and don’t shrink when wet. They are rated as EN388 cut level 1 and EN388 puncture level 2, making them resistant and durable to minor abrasions.

        What We Liked:

        • Machine washable
        • Retains shape after being washed or wet
        • Terry cloth sweat wipe ideal for working in hot weather

        What We Didn’t Like:

        • Not warm enough for use in cold weather

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        4. PIP ATG MaxiFlex 34-874 Work & General

          These work gloves are another type that is form fitting and secure – yet also lightweight and breathable. These are great gloves for painting or light machinery work. Made out of black Micro-Foam Nitrile 100% silicone-free fabric, these gloves can be used with light oils and are resistant to abrasion.

          The gloves are engineered with cutting-edge technology. The figures are rounded and smooth, giving you plenty of dexterity to work with your tools. The wrists are knitted so you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of dirt or other debris getting trapped inside your glove.

          Finally, if you’re working in hot weather, the PIP MaxiFlex Ultimate Work Gloves are the best work gloves to keep you cool. Because they are manufactured with 15 gauge seamless knit nylon and Lycra, they are super breathable- your hands will stay comfortable and cool at all times.

          What We Liked:

          • Available in a convenient 12 pack
          • Can be worn by people with sensitive skin – accredited by Oeko-Tex Association as skin safe
          • Offers great dexterity for working with small tools

          What We Didn’t Like:

          • A snug fit is not ideal for people with large hands

          5. MidWest Gloves and Gear Midwest Gloves

            The MidWest Quality Gloves Company is a well-known glove manufacturer in the United States, possessing a solid reputation for producing durable, high-quality gloves. These work gloves are made out of buffalo leather, which is said to be more rugged than any other type of leather.

            These gloves have elastic bands at the wrist to help keep them in place. These cuffs are hemmed in and reach about an inch past your wrists, preventing dirt from getting inside the glove and rubbing against your hand. The leather is soft, requiring no breaking in, with multiple sizes available.


            What We Liked:

            • Sizing available for men and women
            • Protects your hands from the elements
            • The strongest form of leather available

            What We Didn’t Like:

            • Not designed for heavy duty use as the stitching can be bulky

            6. NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves

              If you’re working with sharp objects, these are the best work gloves to keep you safe. Manufactured by NoCry, these gloves are made out of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, Spandex, and glass fibers. This combination is four times stronger than leather!

              Regardless of whether you are cutting up meat in the kitchen or working in the garden, these gloves are an excellent choice. They are certified as 100 percent safe for use around food, and can even be thrown in the washing machine when you are ready to wash them. Another interesting feature? The gloves are ambidextrous, meaning you don’t have to worry about fitting one glove to your right hand or one to your left. Each pair is available in three different sizes.

              What We Liked:

              • Made of cut-resistant material to keep your hands protected
              • Machine washable and odor-resistant
              • Ambidextrous fit makes them ideal for any hand

              What We Didn’t Like:

              • Material has a tendency to stretch and become deformed

              7. Hex Armor Gloves

                These funky-looking gloves by Hex Armor are a great choice for working in hazardous conditions. Although these gloves are not the best work gloves for use in cold weather or around open flames, they are cut level 3 and puncture level 3 resistant certified by the International Safety Equipment Association.

                Made out of neoprene, these gloves are double-stitched for increased durability. They are designed to withstand abrasion and to provide superior grip in all conditions. They are also reinforced in the thumb and around the cuff, which prevents material from slipping inside the glove. These work gloves are available in several sizes, and it’s recommended that you measure your hand before purchasing.

                What We Liked:

                • Offers superior grip in wet or oily conditions
                • Neoprene cuffs allow for breathability and comfort
                • Certified ISEA Level 3 for puncture and cut resistance

                What We Didn’t Like:

                • Not ideal for use in cold weather

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                8. Carhartt Men’s W.B. Waterproof Breathable

                  Carhartt is a well-established brand in outdoor gear, offering reliable and affordable products that hold up to tough conditions. These work gloves are no exception. They are made entirely from cowhide leather and cotton duck fabric, keeping your hands warm in all types of elements.

                  These work gloves come in six different sizes and although they are not machine washable, they are heavy duty and warm. The gloves include cowhide knuckle and palm protection along with suede patches to make them safe and durable. They are also lined with 3M Thinsulate material, helping you keep your hands warm while you work. There are also safety cuffs and side vents to make the gloves easier to take off and put back on.

                  These are the best work gloves for working outside in harsh conditions. They are comfortable and also can be used as an all-around light duty glove, making them a good choice for any task you have around your home, business, or even your farm.

                  What We Liked:

                  • Reinforced protection in palms and knuckles
                  • Lined with 3M Thinsulate material for cold-weather protection
                  • Comfortable fit tailored to six different sizes

                  What We Didn’t Like:

                  • Gloves have small cuffs that may not fit well with thick jackets or large wrists

                  9. Wells Lamont Work Glove

                    Working with hazardous materials necessitates a whole different kind of glove, and the Wells Lamont Work Glove offers the perfect solution. These gloves are made out of flexible synthetic rubber material and are reinforced with a heavy-duty PVC coating. This coating makes these gloves the best work gloves for resisting cuts, harsh chemicals, and abrasions. You’ll also enjoy a degree of protection with hot water.

                    These work gloves are lined with seamless cotton fleece and have a pre-curved design to keep your hands warm in cold weather. The gloves are waterproof and have rough areas on the fingers to give you a better grip when needed. In addition, these work gloves extend past your wrist with a 12” gauntlet cuff.

                    What We Liked:

                    • Protects your hands against chemicals and hot water
                    • Long gauntlet cuff gives you added protection
                    • Comfortable fit and easy to clean

                    What We Didn’t Like:

                    • Only one size available (extra large) so not ideal for people with small hands

                    10. Bionic Rose Gloves

                      These gloves are designed specifically for women but are ideal in that they offer a superior stretch to fit any hand. They are made out of thick Cabretta leather which is stretchy enough to fit your hands but not so stretchy that they lose shape. These are the best work gloves for gardening, as they are equipped with ergonomic pads to reduce pressure on your hands.

                      These gloves have an extra-long gauntlet cuff to cover your forearms. They are unique in that they were designed by an orthopedic hand specialist, so they are comfortable while at the same time flexible and functional. You will be able to grip tools, branches, equipment, and other materials with ease while wearing these gloves.

                      What We Liked:

                      • Come in a stylish black, white, and red design
                      • Machine-washable
                      • Allow you to maintain a solid, comfortable grip with reinforced thumb and ergonomic pads

                      What We Didn’t Like:

                      • Sizing runs somewhat small

                      Final Thoughts

                      When you have a job to get done, you don’t want to waste any time scrambling to find the best work gloves for your specific task. You need a work glove that will hold up to all conditions, from scorching heat to sharp, jagged edges.

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