Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press Review

Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press Review

The 12 inch Craftsman is a drill press that promises to keep you drilling accurately on a consistent basis. This innovation can cut flawlessly through aluminum, plastics, wood, steel, and other materials, using its high-quality components and variable settings.

This drill press works for a variety of applications, such as sanding and buffing wood, drilling bolt holes, cutting slots for metal frames, and twisting out metal shavings to name a few. So whatever your need, the Craftsman promises accurate operation for years to come.

Craftsman 12-inch Drill Press Features

So if you are interested in adding a superior power tool to your workspace, then look at the review of the 12 inch Craftsman below.

Great Accuracy

The Craftsman is popular for its great accuracy, which comes as a result of the amazing design used for the drill press.

Firstly, The press has Laser Trac crosshairs which are now becoming common features on presses, and these laser crosshairs work to increase drilling precision and alignment of drill bits. The battery-powered laser function is simple to adjust, and this makes it easy for you to move across projects.

Additionally, the drill press has a digital depth readout and a steel table fence for exceptional accuracy, as well as a horizontal quill handle that makes it easier to move your wrist when drilling.

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Quality Construction

The Craftsman drill press also excels in the area of construction, as it sports a rugged frame and post that increase its value. The rigid frame is supported by a solid steel post, as well as the cast iron table that comes with roller extensions.

When all of these features work together you have a drill press that operates smoothly and quietly. Additionally, the heavy-duty drill press has solid tools that are built to last, ensuring that you do not have to spend money on repairs and replacements.

Top Notch Performance

As you can see from the construction of the 12 inch Craftsman, this press has been built for top-notch performance. The powerful 1/2hp motor of the drill press allows you to rip through metal and wood with ease and accuracy, and the high torque and high-speed spindle with 2.44-inch travel guarantee consistent results.

This smooth and sharp drill press holds the ability to spin between 355 RPM and 3065 RPM, so that you have the opportunity of undertaking versatile tasks with complete ease. With the 12 inch Craftsman you can complete different drilling applications without a problem.

Ease of Use

Craftsman has also designed the 12-inch drill press to be user-friendly, and that is why you will find the process of operating this machine quite easy. First of all, we have the digital readout found on the pulley case, which gives you the opportunity to analyze drilling depths in decimal or metric format with supreme ease.

Apart from this intuitive readout, we have a swivel knob that allows you to control the press without a problem. Lastly, there is an LED with an articulating light, which provides visibility to the drilling area in low light conditions so that you do not mess up intricate pieces.

Simple Adjustments

The Craftsman is also outfitted with adjustable components that increase the range of functions that you can undertake with the press. For one, we have an adjustable fence with a stop for repetitively drilling holes with accuracy.

Additionally, there is a rack and pinion lever for making precise adjustments as you work. Last but not least, the Craftsman has a feature that guarantees swift swapping depth adjustment. This ensures that you experience finesses in all your work. The best part of Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press Review.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth delivery
  • Quiet operation
  • Good quality chuck
  • Laser works well
  • Quality construction


  • Can’t be used to tackle industrial-grade projects
  • Speed adjustment is difficult
Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press

Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the power output motor of this drill press?
A:The motor is 1/2hp, 3.2 amps.

Q: What is the lowest and highest speed setting of the press?
A: The lowest speed setting is 355RPM, while the highest is 3065RPM.

Q: How deep does the press bore?
A: The Craftsman 12 inch drill press has a vertical through of 2.5 inches.

Final Verdict

As you can see from the review above, the 12 inch Craftsman is definitely a welcome addition to any workspace. This adaptable, adjustable, and durable creation will guarantee precision during different applications, through its well-designed features and functions.

So if you are looking for a power tool investment that will pay you back in the years to come, then the 12 inch Craftsman should be on your radar.

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