How To Choose a Drill Press – Step by Step Guide for Don’t be Misguided!

For those of you who don’t know what a “Drill Press” is, in simple terms, it is a machine used to make a hole on wooden panels. But this simple statement doesn’t do justice to the functions it carries out. Some of the really delicate and creative works involving wood depend on a good quality drill press.

If you are looking for the perfect drill press for your use, it might not be that hard to find if you keep in mind few things which will enable you to get the best drill press in the market for yourselves. Let us go into those elements in short.

how to choose a drill press

Point No. 1 – Focus on Yourselves

The trick to buying the best drill press is to keep the focus on you. The type of drill press will vary in accordance with the things you do. In other words, it is highly dependent on your work patterns. Different projects will demand different drill press machines. Such as:

  • For Home Improvement, you will need to join parts and create unique things that suit your home environment. For that basically lightweight drill presses are good. These are suitable for small-scale projects.
  • If you prefer Expert level craftsmanship occasionally, you will need drill presses of different grade. For example, consider the scenario where your friend wants your help with a project and invites you over. Bear in mind, for these projects will need a faster and heavier drill presses.
  • If you do handiwork both out of joy and as a way for living, you will need a committed machine which will make your life easier. You will do good to invest your money into a sound machine, a heavier drill press than the second category which will be with you for years. It will count as a lifelong investment to grow your wood-crafting business beyond imagination.

Point No. 2 – Look at Your Workflow Per Day

It might seem identical to the first point but it hardly is. Work volume can sometimes be intense even if you are not a seasoned pro at woodcutting. To negotiate that, you will need a heavy-duty drill press regardless of your quality.

As people will need more cutting on intense projects, a drill press which doesn’t heat up and can take the load of hours will do. For smaller and lesser duration projects, as simple as a table-top model of drill press will do the job for you.

Point Number 3 – Materials You use in Your Work have a Role To Play

This is true. One needs to pay attention to what he drills frequently before opting for a drill press for the job. Based on that, you will need several parts to go along nicely with your machine. Consider if the following parts can be attached and used with your drill press:

  • Can the drill press you are looking for use auger bits? These things work wonders with wooden furniture.
  • If you need to drill large holes, you will need to drill with spade bits. Is the drill press compatible with these?
  • If you work with thick wooden panels, there are auger bits and paddle bits which can go together to drill a hole in the panels. Check if the drill press you want to buy is compatible with these two bits or not.
  • For drilling metals, you need twist bits that come with carbide. For these types of job, a special drill press (compatible with twisted bits) is needed.
  • If you are trying to drill in bolts or nuts within metals, you will need a special drill press.

Key Point No. 4 – Consider Drill Presses that Derive Power from Different Sources

This is another crucial consideration you have to make when buying a drill press. There are different types of drill press on the basis of where they get the power from. There are belt driven drill presses which are handy if you switch speeds frequently while drilling.

If you want multi-functions done, you can buy gear-headed drill press which is good with both wood and metal. It doesn’t operate using belts and friction driven methods. It makes the process simpler and you will have easier maintenance period with this.

The third kind of drill press is the Radial Arm Drill Press. It requires a bit of space to operate. This machine is suitable for large-scale projects with heavy workload. With this machine, you won’t have to clamp the wood using something. Just move around the head of the drill to places you want to create holes.

The Last Point – Consider the Maintenance Issue

The drill press you buy needs to be maintained properly for better output. You will need to keep extra parts and other things around to supplement the machine. Some of the models in the market can be easily disintegrated and cleaned than others. Do not go for complex machines.

Keep it simple and try to buy a machine which you can clean by yourselves. It will lessen the hassle and increase the longevity of the machine too.

Few General Advises

While buying a drill press, try to consider the factors I mentioned above. Along with that, you will need to look at the brands and measure their reputations as well. Always read out the customer reviews of a certain model of drill press before opting for it. Know the pros and cons and see that you can mitigate the cons on your own. If you can’t, leave the machine and move on to the next one in the shortlist.

These are the few tips I had on offer for you guys who want to buy the perfect drill press for your home or business. These general tips should help you in deciding which machine best suits your purpose and the above criteria.

Also look into the prices and warrantee periods as well. Best things have price tags attached to them. So, when making decisions, consider your wallet.

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