Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press Review - Worth The Price?

Jet JDP 17DX Wood Drill Press Review – Worth The Price?

This Jet JDP 17DX Wood drill press is designed for precision, accuracy and long last. It is one of the drill presses that you can work with easily and comfortably. On top of that, this drill press boasts a lot of admirable features like the drill depth lock mechanism that allows you to punch several holes of same depth with a single setting.

Not to mention its extra large work-table that allows for large-scale projects and improves drilling ease and comfort too. It might have been designed specifically for the woodworker but this monster has the ability to work on a wide variety of materials.

Jet Jdp-17dx 17-Inch Wood Drill Press Features

Innovative Extra Large Worktable

It features a 14-inch x 18-inch worktable that provides adequate drilling space in case of large-scale projects. The table can tilt up to 180 degrees in any direction making the drill press versatile and fit for any angle and positioning when drilling.

This machine also has a lip-designed edge and twin T-slot grooves making mounting of drilling objects very easy. Anyone can work with this drilling machine and be able to get a great performance.

Metal Belt and Pulley Cover

Jet JDP 17DX drill press provides a through pass to the quick adjustment motor mount for easier, smooth and rapid speed changes. This wood drill press has up to 16 spindle speed change options to choose from for flexibility of drilling materials.

With a ball bearing for the spindle, you are able to turn the spindle smoothly and quietly. This makes it last pretty long.


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Dual Laser Guide

For consistent drill holes, cross point drilling and drill depths, this Jet JDP 17DX Wood drill press is a perfect choice. It has a dual laser guide property mounted to its head which acts as accuracy reference marker making your drilling lines flawless every time.

It is guaranteed that you are able to generate pinpoint accurate holes when using this machine whether you are a woodwork professional or just a handy homeowner.

Depth Lock Mechanism

For repetitive drilling, JET 17-Inch Wood Drill Press allows you to set the depth of holes with this depth-lock mechanism. With it, you are then able to make accurately same holes repeatedly and fast.

It has two nuts that you use to easily lock the depths with. This is feature is a good reason as to why Jet Wood Drill Press is so accurate.

Built-In AC Work-lights

It also has built-in AC lights for additional visibility and precision assurance. In other words, the work-light is meant to make your work more clear and visible to avoid drilling errors. That is why working with this model of JET Drill Press improves the quality level of your production.


  • Broad worktable for large-scale projects
  • High drilling precision
  • Drills with great power
  • Has depth stop settings
  • Durable


  • Heavyweight
  • This drill is pricey compared to other models
Jet JDP-17dx Wood Drill Press

Jet JDP-17dx Wood Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long is the warranty on this drilling machine?

A: Like most Jet drill presses,  I am not worried about it though since this piece is so reliable and durable.

Q: What is delivered in its package?

A: it comes in few parts that are very easy to assemble. Check out for an owner manual to assist you assemble it the right way.

Q: Can I work on metals with this Drill Press?

A: Of course you can. This Jet drill press allows for drilling of wood, metal, plastics and even glass. It has speed settings for that.

Final Verdict

Jet tools are popular for their great performance and continuous customer satisfaction. Just like the rest, JET Wood Drilling machine is a workhorse of a drill press and is capable of drilling accurate and precise holes into a great range of materials.

With a solid weight of 253 pounds, this wood drill press gives you the real feeling of a machine. Operating it is also easy and simple making it suitable for both casual woodworkers as well as professionals.


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