JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press Review

The JET JDP-17 Drill Press is the perfect industrial-style drill press for woodworker’s, offering top notch construction and amazing features that will make you giggle with joy.

This 16.5 inches drill press has a myriad of features, such as 16 versatile speeds for any job, a work light for better visibility, and a powerful motor for smooth operations.

JET JDP-17 Drill Press Features

Now, if you are a serious woodworker who is looking to take your woodworking to the next level via a professional press, then read the informative review below.

Powerful Motor

JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill PressOne of the first things you will notice about the Jet JDP-17 press is its powerful 3/4hp induction motor, which drives the belts that run the machine. This smooth operating motor runs on 115/230 volt outlets, though it has been prewired for 155-volt sources.

When you want to access the motor mount a hinged belt and pulley cover will provide easy access, so that you can make quick spindle speed changes.

Variable Speeds

Another awesome feature of the JDP-17press is its multiple speeds, which allow you to undertake a variety of projects. There are 16 speeds on this press, which range from 200 RPM to 3630 RPM as well as a drilling capacity of 5/8 inches.

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The Jet JDP-17 press has cast-iron construction and is made up of heavy-duty steel components for great performance and durability. This drill press has several user-friendly features, which work to make your time woodworking easier and more enjoyable.

Firstly, the press has an inbuilt work light for increased visibility in low light conditions. Secondly, the 200 lb press has a lockout start button that protects the press from being accidentally started in your absence, making it a great safety feature for everyone with small children. These personalized features are just two of many that Jet has implemented to improve your peace of mind and comfort.

Speeds And Depth Stop

The Jet JDP-17 boasts of a well-built depth stop with a quick set bolt, which has an inch/mm display for quick and accurate depth stop adjustments.

Additionally, the spindle with 4 3/8 inches of travel is composed of top quality ball bearings, and this increases the performance and life span of the spindle. You also have the opportunity to adjust the tension of the spindle, and with the return spring on the spindle you can drill to the same depth repetitively.

Adjustable table

The JDP-17 16.5 inch drill press has a large 13.75 inch worktable, which is crank-operated for smooth and simple performance. This quick-release worktable has height adjustments, and can be tilted 45 degrees both left and right for increased versatility as you work. This tilting function is operated via a rack and pinion lever system, allowing for all of your woodworking needs to be accommodated.

Additionally, the table of the Jet JDP-17 has X-pattern mountain grooves, which gives you the chance to mount a fence when the worktable is in a reverse position. All in all, the Jet JDP-17 boasts of a functional worktable that makes even the toughest work pieces easy to tackle. Here is Best part of JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press Review


  • Motor is powerful
  • Operation is quiet
  • On/off buttons are large
  • Tools are solid
  • Assembly is quick
  • Fit and finish is good
  • Depth stop is easy to read


  • Vibration is felt at some speeds
  • Table lifting rack lacks support in the middle
JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press

JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do I get when I buy the Jet JDP-17 package?

A: You get a 16.5 inch drill press, a drill chuck and key, and an assembly and operation manual.

Q: What type of spindle comes with this drill press?

A: The drill press has 4 3/8 inch travel, and measures 29.125 inches to the table.

Q: How big is the Jet JDP-17 drill press?

A: The JDP-17 press measures 23.5 inches by 12.8 inches by 54.5 inches in dimension, and weighs 200 pounds.

Final Verdict

For over 50 years Jet tools has dedicated itself to manufacturing and supplying the most reliable, superior quality, and innovative products for the market. The Jet JDP-17 is therefore the epitome of everything that is great about this company, from the smooth operation and sturdy construction of this drill press, to its multiple speeds and top notch finishing.

So if you are a professional woodworker who has been searching for the perfect power tool, the Jet JDP-17 might be the solution for your problems.

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