Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press Review

Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press Review

Woodworking is a task that requires the right machines that are able to do a perfect job. If you have a carpenter’s wood shop or a home workshop, you require a drill press that is able to perform different kinds of jobs. Rikon 8 inch drill press is a great machine that is capable of performing any kind of job.

This is a machine that is ideal for both beginners and professional woodworkers and comes with amazing features that help you carry out your drilling tasks and achieve desired results. The machine is easy to set up and very efficient in drilling hard woods and other materials. Whether you are drilling heavy metals or thin pieces of wood, this machine will be a perfect solution.

Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press Features

Here is Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press Review.

1/3 HP Powerful Motor

Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill PressThe powerful motor provides you with the necessary rotating force that is required to drill through different materials.

Using this Rikon drill press makes your work smooth and efficient giving the best drills. You can easily set the drill depth using the clutch stop and this can be very beneficial particularly for repetitive drilling.

Adjustable Table Height and Table Tilt

This makes using the drill press very simple. The table adjusts with the rack and pinion gears giving you the opportunity to make different adjustments that will make working comfortably. You can easily adjust the table to the height of your choice or tilt it any degree.

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Solid Steel Cast Iron Construction

The heavy duty construction gives you free operation and reduces vibrations.

It also has comfortable iron handles that are very solid and cannot bend even after using the machine for a longer period of time. This makes the equipment very strong and durable.

5 Spindle Speeds 620-3100 RPM

The spindle speed of this drill press helps you make drillings to different types of materials. You can vary the speed depending on the type of material you are drilling or the size of the hole.

If you are drilling large holes on materials that are hard, lower speed is the best. On the other hand, making small holes on softer materials can be done at a higher speed.

Depth Stop

The machine has a clutch depth stop that helps you to set your required drilling depth. This makes your work easier and accurate and you get high-quality drilling. The depth stop is also important when you are drilling same depth holes on different materials.


  • Comes with a 5 years warranty
  • Easy Assembly and very reliable
  • It is lightweight
  • Gives you a smooth running
  • It is easy to operate


  • Not ideal for hard jobs
  • Has a thin friction latch that bend easily and regular adjustments are needed

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Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press

Rikon 30-100 Rikon 8-Inch Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the size of the motor and worktable of the drill press?

A: The drill press has a motor of 1/3 HP which makes it work perfectly and a worktable size of 8 by 8 inches. I love the drill press.

Q: Is the machine durable? What chuck size does it have?

A: Yes and this is made of high-quality materials and lasts for a longer time. It comes with a chuck size of 1/2 inch.

Q: How can I adjust the speed of the drill press?

A: Speed adjustment is not a difficult task. You have to release the tension on the motor and place the belt on any of the five wheels.

Final Verdict

Drilling is never interesting if your machine is not performing as per your expectations. Rikon 8 inch drill press saves you from such situations and has a way of turning your workshop into a lively and comfortable place.

The drill press offers quality services to both homes based and professional woodworkers with this woodworking drill press. You can count on the machine for accurate drilling in different types of materials. 

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