Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series Drill Press Review

Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series Drill Press Review

If you are working on expanding your home workshop and a reliable drill press is one of your requirements, Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series 10-Inch Drill Press will be a perfect choice for you.

This drill press has a very powerful motor that makes it stand against any other comparable drill presses on the market. With a 3.6 Amp and up to five-speed changes, this drilling machine is able to punch quality and accurate holes into any materials from wood, glass, plastic, metal and so much more.

The Rockwell Shop Series is designed to perform repetitive drilling with great accuracy and perfection. That makes it a dream tool for every workshop owner looking for efficiency and reliability in a drilling machine.

Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Drill Press Features

Read on for a comprehensive Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series 10-Inch Drill Press review below.

3.6-Amp and 1/2 HP motor

Motor strength is an important feature when selecting your drill press. That is one of things that make Rockwell RK7032 Shop Series Drill Press able to top your shopping list when looking for a convenient drilling machine.

Its 1/2HP motor is able to power it to drill holes through the toughest wood sheets of any width. This drilling machine is a task completing drill press and using it exposes you to less worries and disappointments.

5-Speed settings

With its five-speed gearbox, you are able to control how slow or fast the drilling machine punches holes on your workpiece.

It’s 3.6 Amp motor is built with the 5-speed gearbox which enables users to optimize the drilling speed in order to accommodate different working materials.

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Adjustment the table height

You are able to adjust the table height it anyone measurement you want, this improves the rate of accuracy in your work.

Adjusting the rack and pinion also makes it possible for you to be able to work on any size and shape of the material. Working with this drill press improves your level of comfort and productivity.

Table bevels up to 45 degrees

Rockwell RK7032 table bevels up to 45 degrees right and left. This feature makes it simple to determine the perfect angles for drilling your holes. These adjustments make this drilling machine an easy tool to use and depend on for any given project.


  • Provides for comfortable use
  • Precise and accurate
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable rack and pinion
  • Affordable


  • Vibrates during usage
  • Can be noisy
Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series Drill Press

Rockwell Rk7032 Shop Series Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can this drill press be mounted with a laser?

A: Am not sure about that since I have never given it a thought, but this Rockwell piece doesn’t come with laser, it is still accurate though.

Q: Where can I get replacement parts for this drilling machine?

A: I would recommend if you are looking for replacement parts and products to use this drilling machine with.

There are so much more trusted sites that you can use anyway. Just do your homework pretty well before purchase.

Q: I am specifically looking for a drill press for my metal works, would recommend any other apart from this one?

A: Rockwell RK7032 will serve you just fine for your metal projects. Just in case you want something else, it has an improved model, the RK7033 that is purely a perfection of this drill press.

Final Verdict

Rockwell RK7032 can handle any given shape, type, and size of the material you intend to work on. This is a drilling machine that doesn’t give disappointments an option. It is powerful and durable making it a great addition to your working tools.

It gives you the opportunity of working on wood, plastics, and metals with the same level of great quality. It is difficult to find such a great tool with all the amazing features that come for such an affordable price.

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