Shop Fox W1668 Review – Bench Top Drill Press With Solid Performance

In the trending world, many people prefer having power tools that can help in doing some simple home renovations. Shop Fox W1668 is among the best drill presses in the market that suits your needs.

This is a machine that is perfect for both simple and complicated workshop tasks. It fits in your limited space and has many features that will give you value for your money. The drill press has power and capacity to perform different types of tasks giving you the best results.

As much as you may not be comfortable with the finish of the machine, this only affects the appearance and not the actual performance. The machine is capable of doing almost anything in different sorts of materials.

Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press Features

Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press Features

Read the Shop Fox W1668 bench top drill press review below, and discover what the machine has to offer.

3/4 HP Motor

The Shop Fox motor is of high capacity and helps you perform drilling on very heavy materials. It provides extra power that is required to perform different tasks effectively and achieve the desired results.

With this drill press, your work is made easier and the machine will always make you proud.

Tilting Worktable

You can easily tilt the table for an angle of your choice up to 45 degrees right and left. The height of the table can also be tilted to achieve special drilling or sanding at different angles.

This table is flexible and can also be moved away and instead use this drill press base for drilling. This helps you to make the basic adjustments that will bring about better drilling at different angles.


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12 Speed Options

You can vary the speed to perform drilling on different materials. The 12 speed that ranges from 250- 3050 RPM enables the machine to perform both as the best drill press and an oscillating sander.

The machine has more power and capacity that makes it very effective in drilling materials that are heavy.

5/8 Inch Drill Chuck

This is a great chuck for its size and it provides you with flexibility when using different types of bits. Performing drilling of the same depth in different materials is also enhanced and you are able to get very precise drills.

3- 1/4 Inch Spindle Travel

This is a great depth reach, you can easily make accurate drills up to 3 inches deep on different materials depending on the height that you want to drill. The spindle swings up to 13- 1/4 inches which is perfect for drilling.


  • Has a great Power
  • Great depth for deep holes
  • The machine is well packaged
  • It works perfectly well and it is easy to assemble
  • Heavy duty and sturdy machine


  • Does not have a work light
  • There is no lever to move the motor front and back and this makes it difficult to change belt speed
Shop Fox W1668 3/4-Hp 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press

Shop Fox W1668 3/4-Hp 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: The last machine I purchased came damaged; I don’t know about this one, how secure is its package?

A: I was impressed with its delivery package. Neatly packaged and secure from damages.

Q: My machine arrived without a manual, where can I get a manual for this drill press?

A: The manual is available online. You can visit this site to download it

Q: Can I replace its chuck?

A: Yes you can. I fixed mine with the Jacobs keyless, and it works just fine.

Final Verdict

Shop Fox W1668 top drill press is a reliable tool that will help you perform perfect drilling be it professional or home-based. The machine is widely used by many homeowners and customers due to the quality of service and output that it provides.

You can perform different tasks using this machine and end up getting the best results that satisfy you. You can adjust the speed to perform drilling on metal, wood, and plastic among other materials. 


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